02 Nov 2013

Jobs for Actors interview with Bruce Hopkins of Action Actors Temp HR

02 Nov 2013

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I had the privilege of interviewing New Zealand professional Actor Bruce Hopkins the other day. In this interview he talks of how building a career as an Actor can be a constant challenge in finding new work. Each time you get Acting jobs you withdraw from the “day job” and once the Acting job is over, you’re starting again looking for a way to pay the rent.

Bruce’s new agency is designed to use, not only the performing skills of Actors but all their day job skills such as labouring, administration, promotions, hospitality and retail with the aim of opening up a flow of temporary work that will fit around the Actor’s career.

My apologies for the quality of the video in this interview. It looks as though either the broadband traffic or my Mac was not coping with the higher quality recording I demanded. The audio is complete though and filled with great information.


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Visit Bruce Hopkins Action Actors website in New Zealand and in Australia.

Learn more about the Acting Career ebook featured at the end of this video.

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