20 Feb 2014

In a 5D World History Can Change

20 Feb 2014

Gerrit Gielen Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist NetherlandsThere’s a great essay on 5D World theory by Gerrit Gielen, a Regression Hypno-therapist in the Netherlands on his experiences helping clients through fears and unexplained trauma. He doesn’t specifically call it 5D Theory but as you read it you will see how similar it is to earlier articles here in the Kitegirl blog.

If the beginning starts out a little too scientific for you, you’ll understand better as it moves into the examples further down the essay page so persist if you can!

Here is the link to his essay.

His discoveries match beautifully with all we’ve been learning about our Human Shift in Consciousness becoming more aware of broader possibilities beyond the 3D World we are used to living in. His explanations fit in with my Mercredan sessions on what it’s like to live in a 5D world.

Here’s a few points I want to comment on…

Time is not linear

Mercredan had said once before that although all lives appear to be dotted along a linear time line, they all in fact exist at the same time. This means that as you live right now in this life, you live and exist in the other lives right now. The choices you make and how you react to experiences in this life affect the other resonant lives simultaneously. (I’m using the word “resonant” here, as Mercredan has, because it doesn’t affect ALL the other lives, only the ones that are about the same life lessons.)

An example of this is my own humble experience. About 6 years ago I was told by a medium of a life I had as a Royal. Of course, I couldn’t resist looking her up to and checking her out. I spotted many personality traits in the Historic descriptions that definitely matched me – some strong traits, some weak – but what bugged me most was the Historians from multiple sources talking about her with disdain. They looked down on her partying, penchant for a bigger and bigger wardrobe, putting off paperwork/duties and, heaven forbid, card playing. I thought, even if she wasn’t me, that was very judgemental! I began to feel defensive for this woman. She had done some very good things in her 20 year reign as well, after all.

Several years past and I had started my rather intensive self development journey. I thought I would check back up again on what was written about her. To my surprise, the disdainful attitude had completely disappeared, both on digital documentation (like Wikipedia) and in printed books, including a book in my own library published in 1974.

Woh! How did that happen? Was it my imagination? Maybe just my skewed perspectives between then and now at the time I was reading?

Perhaps not.

Following this 5d World theory, as I had improved my current self, boosted my self worth, strengthened my ethics and found value in who I was, people around me reflect that back in this lifetime. But, somehow in doing that now I had simultaneously improved the previous royal life and possibly other lives I have as well.

This is mind blowing stuff. It opens up the idea that Time is indeed fluid and constantly changes.

Mercredan has said, once we more fully understand this 5D theory and how we can change things in the past, present and future; there will be no use for History books as history will constantly change. (Sorry History teachers. You’ll need to start studying another subject to teach.)

Accumulating Baggage

We’ve talked extensively in this blog about the number one Law of Attraction rule. Your thoughts become reality. This applies to things that benefit you and things that don’t benefit you.

You spend all your time worrying that your car will get stolen, you increase the chances of attracting a suitable car thief.

You spend a lot of time imagining what success in your career feels like, you’ll increase the chances to drawing in all the opportunities for that success to become your reality.

HOWEVER, looking at the broader scope of Gerrit’s essay, it looks at the baggage we accumulate through life (don’t forget that is always a choice – you can choose to keep that baggage or lose it).

Psychological baggage can affect, not only the life it was in, but other lives as well. This is how you can end up with fears, worries, illnesses and anxiety over things for no “apparent” reason.

Using someone like Gerrit in Regression Hypnotherapy he can help a client find, not only the original real experience (e.g. – falling off a cliff in a past life bringing on a fear of heights in the current life), but also go back a bit further to the source of the thoughts in that life which made the falling off a cliff a reality.

That way you are less likely to fall of the cliff in the past life and you lose your current day fear of heights.


The Consequences are bigger than we expect

I like his idea of healing the past life and being your own angel. That would certainly feel good. However, as we shift into a better understanding of how 5D works, apparently we will not become obsessed with undoing everything from the past we’d prefer to finish another way. We will simply see them as lessons learnt so that we can better understand how we created our current reality and how crucial our current thoughts, beliefs and baggage are in shaping the future we lay out ahead of ourselves.

React to events or experiences with hate, revenge, fear, bitterness, prejudice or even disapproval and that baggage with not only disturb your current life but more lifetimes to come.

Big consequences!

Keep optimistic, more focussed on the present moment and conscious about losing the psychological baggage and you will clear the way to allow in the best possible opportunities to make all the good stuff you desire become your reality instead.

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