17 Sep 2012

Improving customer relationships in sales

17 Sep 2012

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Here’s another reason why it’s worth making stress management top priority for your staff.

Each of us has the 5 senses we talk about most often – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. But we also have the 6th sense. The one where you get an innate “feeling” of what is being communicated. It’s you getting in touch with your intuition.

So, for example, you may be talking with someone who is saying one thing quite plainly but you get “the feeling” they are lying or their emotions don’t match their words. Their heart is not in what they are saying.

Now, when you’re stressed, this more sophisticated 6th sense tends to shut down leaving you only with your more basic 5 senses to try and figure out what’s going on. This limits the extent of your communication skills very dramatically.

When your staff are under stress two things can go wrong when they are meeting with your customers.

1) Their 6th sense has shut down so they often miss the unspoken messages that could help them identify the true needs or desires of the customer. They may miss the pointers that tell them when to re-assure, when to change the subject or even when to close the sale. If they miss these more subtle indicators then they are far more likely to lose the client or the sale altogether.

2) Customers ALSO have 6th sense. So they can pick up on the unspoken messages your staff are broadcasting. Your staff may be working their butts off doing the best presentation they possibly can but, the customer will be picking up the exhaustion and what feels like a lack of passion for product or service your staff are trying to sell.

Have you ever been sold something where the salesperson looks droopy and has no enthusiasm left for what they are promoting? It would have to be a bloody amazing product if you bought it after such a lack lustre presentation.

And, there are subtle shades of grey on this. When you staff do a presentation they may honestly be giving it all they’ve got but the client still “feels” something is wrong, which raises their suspicion and discourages them from going ahead with the purchase.

So if you find your staff are not the epitome of exuberant and passionate representatives you’d like them to be, don’t turn it against them. Think what you can do in terms of stress management training to get their Mojo back so they can start closing the sales again.

Kitegirl has her Stress Management course due to launch in the next few weeks. It’s in video format online so your staff can do it at a time that suits them best – no need to take a whole day off work. SUBSCRIBE to get the pre-launch discount on this course.

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