19 Sep 2011

I now feel positive and confident

19 Sep 2011

Name: Gael
Location: Australia
Occupation: Writer, Content Curator and Digital Producer

Gael was working with ad agencies and publishing companies. Having multiple interests, she felt she had lost focus in her career and wasn’t sure what her next step should be. She was also looking for a way to achieve her career goals without suffering from burnout and accommodating her long-held desire to have a family.

Over 8 months working with Kitegirl, Gael was able to pinpoint her passion and the career to match, broadened her career planning into multiple streams of potential income, found a vastly improved peace of mind and finally got pregnant!

“When I met Annabelle, I was deeply overwhelmed. I felt like I didn’t know where my career was headed and what I should focus on. There were too many choices and I didn’t know where to begin.

I’ve learnt many important things from the sessions I did with Annabelle.

Annabelle helped me to focus on what I want out of life and how my career can help me to achieve overall life goals. She’s also helped me to understand the power of positivity and how making small changes to your approach or perspective on life can make all the difference. Annabelle’s experiences in the creative industry also ensured that she understood that careers don’t always have to follow a straight line.

Throughout the 12 week** coaching program, Annabelle patiently helped me to lift myself out of the detail to figure out my purpose and plan. I now feel positive and confident about my ability to implement the plan and that it is the right one. Thank you Annabelle – I hope we get to work again together some day soon!”

Gael Damianakis

** This was 12 coaching sessions over a 7 month period.

Do you want to find your true career direction? Contact Kitegirl about One to One Coaching.

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