06 May 2014

Human Evolution: Our Latest Neurological Re-wiring

06 May 2014

World shift in collective consciousnessHere’s the Mercredan session from yesterday with the latest news on how we are going with our Human Evolution. It discusses why you may have temporary dizziness, tiredness, sight problems or an unexplained lack of motivation. Don’t worry! Just nurture yourself for a few days and, if it’s part of this upgrade process, it will pass and you’ll come out the other end feeling a whole lot better. I’ve also included at the end a personal question about a friend which may help those of you who have unexplained pain.

Mercredan channelled by Francis Evans interviewed by Annabelle Drumm

5 May 2014

Topics: ascension, DNA, chakras, evolution,  changing neurology, animal whispering, walking meditation, walking pains


M: Good morning. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. Give me a moment.

A: ok

M: We have spoken previously regarding the new species that is emerging in the population. What one could see as the next race of humanity. And within this, a whole different approach to life. Then, in your period of time, as you were warned, the transitionary group as the new emerges. So, then One has to have had a spiritual education in order to be willing, shall we say, to host the new root race.

A: Right

M: So the new order is in place. Then let us begin.

A: OK. I have two possible things we can talk about today. The first one is an example of myself over the last two days feeling rather dizzy and needing to lie down even though I don’t appear to be ill. I’ve had this before where I just lie down and settle for a day or two and then I get up and I’m feeling happy and seeing brighter colours and clearer. Is that part of our upgrading process?

M: Let us say as one begins the transition there is a new need for – shall we call it – rewiring the neurology. So it is important to rest while certain connections are replaced with more pertinent ones. Ones more valid in the new system. Because as humanity moves forward there is more direct communication occurring. So, it is then necessary if One is preparing for the new world as it unfolds. Certain people then require time on their own and others might simply find themselves rather unmotivated as the changes and new connections are added. You understand? There has been a lot of reference to an upgrade in what you call your DNA threads. Often One sort of understands that in ways that must mean “extras” rather than a new way linking in ways that will affect consciousness, not necessarily the physical structure. The physical nature of Human kind has evolved over many periods of time and as the Human thinking – and I want to point out that “thinking” is not the same as experience, understand – so, the thinking is as Humans evolve their brain capacity has to increase. Therefore the size of the cavity will increase and so on. Then you have references to alien lifeforms.

A: (laughs) with big heads, yes.

M: However, in the rewiring system you are not increasing the capacity, but the alignment so that the neurology is connecting to other zones in the body. That is specifically the heart and the deeper operational centres. Understand? Then what would be called your chakra nature is increasing in it’s performance. Much like your upgrading of your software in your computer system. You understand, your computer systems have got smaller as the capacity for processing has increased many fold.

A: So, if we have a doctor who looks at somebody who’s had significant rewiring, can they see a physical difference?

M: Not specifically unless there has been neurological mapping at the degree that would be required. You understand?


M: Because, so often in your less sophisticated equipment all you can see is when certain points, certain neurons, in the system are activated. Then one would see perhaps slightly more active zones and more specifically activity happening in a neurological sense on the surface of the heart itself.

A: Right. So if a doctor probably doesn’t have the technology, how is it for the person who has rewired? How can they see the difference within themselves that they have now been rewired?

M: One thing will become more clear. That is they will be more open to communication from seemingly external sources. That is a closer connection to the environment, to the ground – that is the earth – and trees and so on, including of course, what you possibly would call animal whispering. You understand? Being able to communicate at some rather sophisticated level starting particularly with the extension that will become more obvious as time progresses. That is, through connection with the eyes. You understand? Much like, as I have pointed out, technology is a metaphor for what is occurring naturally. Then, one should see that optical connections are similar to ocular. That is, then One would be able to understand another simply by looking in their eyes. Often one has already experienced that within the past.

A: Yes yes

M: One might sit in a room and capture the eyes of another and immediately understand much about their process. You understand?

A: Yes I do. And I wonder if here again if I look back on my own journey when there have been times when my eyes have been completely blurred when I look at something. I really cannot see it, whether it’s near or far. And then, when I look later it’s fine. Is that anything to do with it?

M: That is part of the rewiring. The ocular nerve is a major part of this reorientation. You understand, I want to come back to my first statement. One must have had a spiritual education. It is not going to happen on a whole scale across Humanity while certain other arenas in this body are activated.

A: What arenas are those?

M: Let us say then, the power centre will not be able to be accessed when the heart is already in its phases. That is, so that it is until the heart has become integrated that one can access one’s true psychic power. You understand, that is the power to completely influence and direct energy systems. So one might interfere with electronics and military intervention if one were able to access that degree. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Very vaguely. The spiritual education, I’m assuming, must be voluntary. People must be actually interested in looking for more information on that.

M: Of course. Like every education one is attracted to a particular line of thought or investigation. If one has an artistic bent one will find art easy to perform. If one is scientifically attracted, than the doorways to that world will open up. If one is interested in the spiritual and metaphysical arena, then those skills will open up.

A: Right. And considering there are more than just me listening in to this conversation now, is there any way to direct that education? Any way that we can improve on it?

M: I want to come back to how often people think that the study of anything is learning the philosophy. Learning the facts rather than applying…

A: Practicing, yes.

M: and practice. You understand. If you want to be a great yogi, you have to practice yoga. If you want to be a king, shall we say, and I mean a king of yoga of the mind, then practice must begin at an early stage. One must apply at the beginner’s stage first of all. And, we have given exercises in the realm often before. Our teaching, as such, is as practical as it is philosophical.

A: Yes it is.

M: Being in the present time – that is to identify with the body – is a useful technique. Then if one were to identify with the neurology of ones system, one of course would be aware of a vast network. It is not as simple as the cellular structure of the brain – that is the processing centre – but one has to take in information from all of the body. That one has to process it and discover its motivations. You understand? So then touching the world and being present to the touch is indeed beginning to strengthen the neurological connection to the sense organs. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Yes I do.

M: So let us then begin what was so often called The Walking Meditation. Then one is being fully aware of how the foot touches the earth. That is, how the foot is engaging in the planet. How the sense of the shift of distribution of the weight from toe to heel or heel to toe – either way is necessary to understand – and how that shifts as you move forward, as you are propelled, how that re-moves the balance between every part of the body as one moves forward. Do you understand? It is an important meditation to bring one into the absolute present.

A: mm

M: For many people alive there is a sequence of what you would call pains involved with that transporting. The pain of course is developed specifically to draw attention to the present moment and specifically to the body as it alters its position. Do you follow what I mean?

A: Does that mean the pain needs to stay there? I still don’t understand why that pain would be there.

M: Let us say the pain then brings you into the present. When you are in the present the pain is no longer needed or necessary for you to begin to dig into its source, to find out where one is out of alignment with the process of propelling oneself forward. Do you follow? The very act of moving is not simply one of spacial orientation as it is in terms of the alignment of time and space as we have talked about, the movement of energy.

A: Mmm. I have a lady who I have known for a few months now. She loves to walk everywhere. As I talk about her now I’m sure you will be able to pick up who it is I am speaking of. Her neck and shoulders are often in so much pain that she’s awake at night and struggles to walk, then she says she can’t walk any further, then she HAS to walk again. Its difficult for me to follow. I don’t know how to help her with all these pains.

M: First of all, the head and the heart are out of alignment. So what she says and what action she takes are not on the same alignment. The very act of moving forward and reaching out is in disagreement with her whole sense of self. Do you follow?

A: Um, not quite. Are you saying she does not want to reach out?

M: Let us say the very thoughts that she has taken are ones designed as what we have just discussed a philosophical idea. But it is separate, it is constricted through the neck and into the body. So the body is trying to move the head, and the head is trying the move the body. Do you understand? So during the day she wants to move the body. During the night the head wants to move the body. Do you follow the difference where one is more active?

A: This is why she is exhausted all the time.

M: Of course.

A: Because when I look at her, the feeling that I have when she constantly tells me that she has no energy is I feel she actually has a huge amount of energy that she is not willing to recognise.

M: That is the case. And, partly like so many people, your energy system is aligned at the lower centres. Do you follow? So the very basis of movement is in the pelvis and if one has negative ideas about your pelvic movements then of course it will constrict. It will particularly constrict when one is out of alignment and then when one is out of alignment one does not wish to speak. So the throat energy movement is blocked as well and that will cause constrictions at the neck. Of course the neck is then in rigidity and that is held in place by the shoulders and so on. Everything is in place. There is nothing that is out of order.

A: Mm. So what can I suggest to help her with this?

M: Only when she begins to become honest. You understand? Honesty always cascades. It is not whether you are uptight, whether you are constricted, only whether you are willing to admit that. Because admission, once again, brings into place the idea one has a purpose. If one recognises one has a purpose, then what gets in the way of the purpose? Only Self.

A: Only Self. Indeed. OK, thank you.

M: Is that enough for our time?

A: I think so. We can talk about the second thing next time. I think that will be plenty and I will pass that on to our dear friends. Thank you.

M: I want to say this. Now we are beginning to get down to what I will call the nitty gritty.

A: (laughs) nitty gritty

M: The nitty gritty. That is the activity. Because activities are what will make the difference. Then thank you for your time and your patience. Good morning.


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Excellent article channelled by Celia Fenn on time travel, re-wiring and learning to cope with the new frequencies. 7 May 2014

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