15 Oct 2012

How to be a genius

15 Oct 2012

Below is a wonderful video by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love for Elizabeth talks about, when you have one artistic success, how many people expect you will never again be able to come up with an equally successful piece of work.

She mentions how the ancient Greeks and Romans always saw “genius” not being inside us but being accessible by us.

This matches all the leading edge material I’ve learnt so perfectly. There is an unlimited supply of ideas out there to be accessed and new ones waiting to be created. These ideas come to you as your intuition. They’re not ideas you thought out and came to a conclusion on. They are your hunches, your gut feeling, your “aha” moments, like a lightbulb that comes on over your head. You have these many times a day and they are wise decisions that match what you expect or what you’re looking for. They keep you safe, creative and constantly drawing you towards the opportunities that match your thoughts. They are your “luck”.

When you’re under a lot of stress, under the influence of alcohol/drugs/substances or not looking after yourself properly; your gateway access to that whopping supply of ideas diminishes. So if your scrabbling for an answer or a decision, what comes out is often not wise. You can end up making many more mistakes on what to say or do when you’re trying to force an answer without the support of this supply of wisdom.

By reducing your stress, looking after your body and giving your mind time to rest, you open that gateway up allowing your intuition to flow those wise ideas back into your mind again.

Watch the video and see what you think. Leave your comments down below.


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