01 May 2013

Funny Cat video!

01 May 2013

Causes of Burnout tipsI just had to share this with you. There’s a cat who lives down the road from me who visited during the shooting of my award winning Brendon Burchard video (I’m sure the cat had something to do with my winning). He would occasionally grace us with his presence when he felt we were worthy and one Spring day, while I was shooting the content from my Kitegirl Stress Relief course, he arrived again, slipped in through a window and demanded to be part of the show.

Just look at him. How could I resist?

I had started filming the Nine Causes of Professional Burnout. I hadn’t got far and thought, what the heck? I’m a professional. I can handle animals, right?

Video is approx 3 minutes.

Seriously though, if you find the job you used to love has become an exhausting chore then it’s possible you’re suffering from Professional Burnout.

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