13 Jun 2014

Financial Freedom

13 Jun 2014

drop it meditation techniqueLaw of Attraction followers often find themselves brilliant at attracting the little things in life but what’s the secret to drawing in the big stuff? Here’s a clue.

I was talking with a client about Financial Freedom. The goal could have been to simply have a million dollars but, what does it mean to be a Millionaire? It means you can buy stuff, you can travel more, all the material things in life become more available. Millionaire clients I’ve had tell me that just doesn’t cut the mustard in the end. It’s a short term thrill. It gets boring after a while collecting more stuff.

As we talked about Financial Freedom being the ideal I asked what the client saw that to mean. They found it very hard to put their finger on it. Very hard to describe it literally.

There is no benchmark because each person’s version of Financial Freedom is different. If you’re a dude who loves to surf, live in a small house on the coast, have BBQs and smoke weed you don’t need a lot of money to be financially free. If you love castles and get off on owning the latest Ferrari each year you’re going to need more. Most of us are in between the two.

I got my client pondering it a bit further and thought I’d do the exercise myself. What would it be like to BE financially free? Not just HAVE stuff which equates to being rich, but to BE it?

This is the Law of Attraction secret many people seem to forget. They focus on the stuff they want to HAVE but never raise their own vibration to the kind of person they would BE.

Look at the BE DO HAVE exercise to understand this better.

Here’s my version.

I didn’t think too hard. Made no judgement. Just tuned into that feeling of BEING a person with Financial Freedom. What came out on paper was a mixture of being it and having it without adding any dollar value.

I wake up in the morning knowing…

  • all the bills are paid
  • there’s plenty to pay any new bills I clock up today and for the rest of my life
  • I don’t have to work
  • I am free to do what inspires me: play, explore, dance, sing, work on projects that take my fancy
  • My wardrobe has options for all occasions and I love every piece
  • My children are well provided for in terms of clothes, tech gear, school and hobbies
  • We like to plan at least 2 international trips a year in the school holidays
  • I can go to the opera/theatre/arena when I wish
  • I can get expert personal tuition on anything I want to learn
  • I feel confident, always at ease
  • I have no stress and live in the present moment.
  • I have cleaners, gardeners, accountants, admin support, a masseuse on call, top beautician… whatever people I need
  • I love paying people extra for their services when they do a good job (THIS is when I felt my vibe really started to raise.)
  • I like to fund other people’s projects that are aligned with my values
  • I like to give expensive presents
  • If I feel like eating out at a silver service restaurant I just go. I’ll leave a big tip in appreciation.
  • I like to challenge myself more physically now
  • I go to bed knowing all is well and will be fine tomorrow too
  • I can handle anything

Hmm. An interesting list. Not anything you need to copy, of course. Find your own list on what it is to have Financial Freedom. What would you BE if you were?

As you run this exercise and put yourself in the shoes of someone who is financially free, you will definitely feel different. That yummy, warm change you feel is your vibration raising.

THIS is the key to Law of Attraction. By raising your vibe on a regular basis and spending as many seconds of the day tuned to that higher level, you attract in all that you’ve focussed on.

If you run the exercise, then immediately fall back into telling the story in your head or to other people about how limited money is and you can’t pay for this or that; you REPEL the good stuff because your point of attraction shifts to more lack.

The longer you spend dwelling on what you lack, the more lack you will attract in the near future.

Do we want that? NO!

So spend more time BEING what you intend for yourself. That doesn’t mean spending every dollar in the bank account. It means keeping your mindset in one that is prosperous. Finding gratitude for all that you already have and how good it’s going to feel when financial freedom is yours.

Use this Present Moment exercise to help you with that.

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