19 Feb 2012

Every Woman’s Dream

19 Feb 2012

Name: Petra
Location: Australia
Occupation: Senior Corporate Executive and enthusiastic Author

She came to Kitegirl wanting to open herself to the full potential for personal and business relationships, work on a novel and generally experience more joy and peace in her life.

Over a 6 month series of creative coaching with Annabelle Drumm she covered an incredible personal journey and was able to improve how others treated her as well as how she felt about them. This reflected into all areas of life allowing her to finish her series with an explosion of confidence, long term family rifts mended and work life far more enjoyable.

“I thought I knew how to set goals and achieve them but Annabelle has introduced me to new and powerful practices relating to goal setting –with extraordinary results. I thought I was a fairly positive person too but Annabelle showed me how easily and regularly I was sabotaging myself just by the way I thought. Her consistent focus was on the future – what can we do today to bring about the future you want tomorrow? And her consistent assistance in framing situations in the positive brought about amazing results.

For example – one of my goals was to find the man! I had been alone for long enough I thought and wanted to get serious about the journey back into love. I’m sorry I can’t tell you the details of this story – but I had a truly magical experience, every woman’s dream really, that has totally changed me and readied me for love- totally because of the life coaching process.

Even though I began working with Annabelle more for personal than career related reasons I found myself regularly challenged by Annabelle to apply what I was learning to all areas of my life – public and private -especially the tricky areas that were really not on my agenda. I was so resistant at one stage that I took two weeks to apply new thinking to one area of family conflict that I had no desire to address – and within 3 days of practising a new approach a breakthrough came which I can confirm has now, after five months become established.

It’s so easy to let ourselves ‘off the hook’ so to speak – to let that dream go – to put off the practical endeavour which would bring about the outcomes we’re looking for- to look after that other project first and put our own dreams aside. Annabelle’s process helped me become accountable for the first time to my own self. It held me gently to my own agendas.

I so appreciated her non- judgemental encouragement, her insight, wisdom and courage in asking the questions, teasing back the covers to find the thinking that might be the block- and then designing the most inspired homework! For example 10 TV free days she suggested at one stage, broke my addiction to careless channel flicking and returned me to the writing desk!

Thank you so much Annabelle for a wonderful liberating experience. I feel as if the process has given me back to myself – with great joy and great tenderness. Truly anything is possible.”

Petra Kelly

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