10 Jan 2014

Effortless Law of Attraction

10 Jan 2014

how to make law of attraction workI’ve been thinking about a friend who last year seemed to fall almost effortlessly into the most perfect Dream Job. I quizzed him about it and looked at all the conditions and opportunities that dropped him into the right place at the right time.

I wondered, how does this stuff work? The door was opened right there in front of him. All he had to do was say yes, he was interested and walk right through it. Why are there things I am aiming for that continue to keep the door closed? I expect them and visualise them, yet they remain elusive.

Then yesterday, I came across this channeling session by Shelly Dressel who’s work I’d not seen before. It was a New Year’s message for 2014 recorded 1st January. There was a point in there that really struck me. (Read more below the video…)

She pointed out that people who don’t know about Law of Attraction, but are completely in the flow of life without any resistance to what they desire, can effortlessly draw in what they want. On the other hand, when you know how Law of Attraction works and you analyse each thought through the day questioning whether or not it is serving you well, you can build a strong resistance to what you want.

How does that work? Here’s an example of the thought pattern…

I want to be thin. 
That woman is thin and she doesn’t even look as though she works out.
That’s not fair.
I want to be thin.
Wait a minute! That’s a resistant thought.
OK, turn it around.
I am thin. I am thin.
Oh shit. Let’s face it I’m not thin. Look at me.
STOP. That’s not helpful.
Um. Think of something else.
Think of something else.
Thinking…. thinking…
I am doing OK.
There are other people out there fatter than me
I am reasonably healthy for my weight
SHIT I mentioned weight again
Start again…
I am working my way towards being thin
I like the idea of being thin
One day I’ll be thin
NO! It has to be in the present
I am…
I am…
Happy that under all this friggin’ blubber I am thin!

You see this mind chatter has clearly brought into focus not only the desire for something you don’t have (thoughts become reality) but the constant beating yourself up for thinking the wrong thing makes it a bigger focus again. The more effort you put into “thinking positive thoughts” on this subject every day and night in order to bring it in, the more you confirm you don’t yet have it . Get what I mean?

This is the problem with Law of Attraction. It’s so simple, it’s scary.

If you are finding yourself putting in the extra effort to visualise what you want and are constantly, consciously turning your thoughts around on the subject, this is building a big, hairy, smelly wall of resistance between you and what you want.


Give up thinking about it. That’s what the people who don’t know about Law of Attraction are doing.

Don’t focus on it at all.
Trust it will come about. (Even this step might not be necessary.)
Detach from the need to have it.
Focus on enjoying the moment. Where you are right now.

As Shelly’s channelled entity in the video says Go with the Flow!

Enjoy the weather. Stop and smell the roses. Smile and say good morning. Enjoy the flow of traffic. Enjoy the red light so you have time to look at the people and view around you. Get busy doing things you like to do. Dance and sing in your work breaks – even in the bathroom if you’re not comfortable doing it in front of other people. Do more creative stuff. Ring an old friend or your mum with the intention of sharing a laugh with them. (Yes, you can do that. It works.)

And, whenever you think of that thing you most desire, SMILE and KNOW that it’s on it’s way. Won’t it be fun to see how it shows up?

Flowing with life means you are keeping a positive attitude = high vibration.
Being in a high vibration on a consistent basis brings EVERY GOOD THING you want closer to you.
That is your priority.

Getting out there, getting busy and flowing with life also gives the Universe multiple opportunities to drop the opportunity, the right person or the thing itself right in front of you.

Give it a try and see how effortlessly you can draw it in.

Have fun!

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