03 Jul 2014

Effortless Law of Attraction

03 Jul 2014

how to make law of attraction workSick of fighting and struggling to make things happen for yourself? Would it annoy you too much to realise it’s less effort than you believe? Here’s a superb way to kill the struggle and start allowing the best for yourself.

Before we begin…

Our minds are powerful creators. Everything we have, are or do right now is a result of our past thoughts and beliefs. This means that in order to get something different tomorrow we need to change the thoughts or beliefs.

Sometimes that can be one hell of a struggle, particularly if you’ve been thinking the same way for years. So, to at least get back to neutral from where all new things can be created, we need to stop the old thoughts and beliefs. This is a whole lot easier than painting new thoughts and beliefs over the top.

We need to clean up before we start painting with new colours – if you know what I mean.

The best way to do that is to bring our mind to the present moment and get in the habit of living there.

No memories No judgement

No memories – lose the whole back story of why your life is the way it is. Just stop it whenever you notice your mind is doing this. For me, over the past couple of days, it’s been AMAZING how much I do this.

I look at this entity called Annabelle and where she is in life and then justify everything that’s happened to her and why she is in this position, looking like this, with this much money, doing these activities, with these friends, with…. blah blah blah.

When you lose the back story you are like an actor just arrived at the theatre. The director can now add makeup, a costume and give you a script for whatever you are to be today. You start off neutral.

No Judgement – When you allow yourself to drift off to the “wouldn’t it be nice?” fantasy, wanting something you don’t have, you confirm in your mind you currently don’t have it and that having it would be better than not having it. This is judgement.

By losing that fantasy and not reaching for anything, you can be more stable in sitting exactly where you are in without judgement.

Stopping your mind from straying into memories or judgement allows you to be more present. To have presence.

When you live with presence your mind is completely open to the queues the Universe is continually giving you. Then you can live with purpose and allow in all the stuff you’ve already asked for.

Ready to give it a go?

Step One

Be the angel looking down on yourself. Who is this character the actor is playing?

The character looks like this, has this much money, these family characters around them, these friends, this job, this living space. This is their life at the moment. No judgement. Accept the character in the play as it is.

Step Two

Now, be in your body. Feel the heart beating. Feel the blood circulating. Know the capabilities of this body.

The first time I did this, I thought “Gee, maybe I should get this body in better shape so it can handle bigger roles.”

hmm – interesting insight.

Now go about your daily business noticing everything around you. Really experience living as this character with detachment. No judgement. This is as it is.

See how it changes what actually happens during the day.

For me, it’s now Thursday and I’ve had this exercise for 3 days now. There is still some stress when I forget to be present but, I appreciate each experience in great detail now, plus I see opportunities that didn’t appear to be there before. I understand that’s because I couldn’t see them or refused to let them in.

I still catch myself out a million times a day either fantasising with judgement or running the memory stories. Hey, it’s a habit. I’ll not judge that either, just continue to tell myself to stop and come back to neutral.

Let’s see where it can take us…

Here is the Mercredan transcript as a reference if you want to get it from the horse’s mouth. It starts with the big picture and brings it down to the exercise mentioned above.

There’s also a great piece in there about how people hold onto one traumatic memory to paint the rest of their entire lives and how you can let go of that. I’ve added a ** to that line so you can find it easily.

Part Transcript 140701
Francis Evans channelling Mercredan
Interviewed by Annabelle Drumm
1 July 2014

A: OK. I would like to continue the thread of conversation from our last session (#140624) if possible, where we had spoken about stopping, taking stock and winding up one identity in order to create a composite for a new identity.

M: Let us then begin with that challenge because the difficulty of Human experience, Human incarnation is that One begins it as a specific identity. Let us look at the wider parameters. Let us explore, shall we begin, with the overall unitary Force.

The Void

In the beginning is what is called “the void”. The void is all potential without any movement whatsoever. There is no limits nor definition in what you would call the void. The void is “at one” and at the same time it is nothing at all. It is the emptiness from which all things emerge before what you would call your “big bang”. So then, in it’s state, nothing can occur. Nothing at all. There is if you like no Consciousness at all because it is prior even to that. Then, if you like, in the randomness of all nothing, a single concept begins. The concept begins with a movement and the movement defines Consciousness itself. In that place then, while all potential is still active, the container is now alive, is now mobile. You understand?

The Vastness

And that which is Consciousness is called “the Vastness”. Greater and with it begins the greatest law of all. That is when a Oneness becomes a Twoness and still is a Oneness. You understand?

A: Yes

M: There is no separation. It is still a Unit and one element of it contains the other.

Law of Paradox

That then begins the great Law of Paradox. That is a thing is and is not. It is called then, in old terms, from the instigator – that is from the Father – emerges the great sea of the Mother. And, out of that movement, out of that greatness, emerges a single potential that is called, shall we say, the Unit, or the Force or the Source or the moment of explosion. That is what is certainly your “Big Bang” and from it emerges the first distinction called the Child. You understand what I am saying? In that “light” – that is the first expression that is determined – in the light is still the Oneness. The Law of Paradox still contained. And that process is not a single process but a continuum process. Everything at every moment is emerging from that creative force. Does that make sense?

A: Yes

M: So “time”, that is a span in which something can exist, begins at that moment. So, shall we say, the “I” is born. The “I” that is beyond identity. One is then at the moment of One’s centre, the heart, the singularity that is One’s emergence. Do you understand? The principle then, is One emerges endlessly from such a place. As One emerges, after One has identified self as “Self”, then One begins to set about the creative dilemma.

First of all One has choices, One has content and contexts.

One chooses One’s gender,

One chooses One’s location on your planet, that is or … not shall we say in any other form, but in the specific to Humankind,

One chooses One’s location,

One chooses One’s life path,

One chooses One’s destiny,

One chooses One’s parents

and so it goes on down the track ever densifying.

Ever collecting units, threads and ideas, and manufacturing and manifesting until a solid context arises from which to apply certain experimentation. Does that make sense?

A: Yes

M: One has, shall we say, accumulated an idea of who One is and from that idea One collects together sequences of experiences called “Memories” that determine ever more One’s experience in terms of life. The solid reality then emerges like all emergences. You understand? It emerges from all of the proceedings until One finds oneself in what One would call the limited world of experience. If then, One wants to alter any experience you would have to return along the same path of experience back through time, back in the thread of emergences until you arrive at the point of definition. That is what you would call your “choice point” and choosing a different track opens up a different approach, a different sequence of attractions and experiences that lead to a different form of outcome. Practically that is less difficult than is often thought.

A: And the memories that have been in place before that moment, moving back along the timeline, is it that you… that they… I guess it depends how dramatically you want to change as to whether you keep those memories or whether you create new ones along a new path.

M: Let us say memories, as you draw them back are recognised not as memories but as evidences of One’s ideas, beliefs, values and creations. You understand? There are no memories as such. They are simply the accompanying criteria that One uses to maintain a stability.

A: I find personally that my memories seem to be a lot less revisited now. Whether that’s finding my way to living in the present moment or for some other reason, is this what is happening to everybody?

M: Let us say, not all. Because you are taking a different tack on your memories, seeing them as unstable and unreliable. So why would you then put attention on an unreliable thought that you have been holding on to? Because you have labelled it as unreliable, then it holds no power to determine the present experience.

A: So that is useful in my case in order for me to make a new identity.

M: In everyone’s case it is useful to undermine distinctive memories that hold limiting ideas.

A: Yes

M: So you can see that as soon as you maintain a memory as unreliable it has little power over your assumptions. Then One has a choice of revisiting memory and choosing which are reliable and which are unreliable.

A: Right

M So the world then, begins to re-evaluate itself in terms of the new information. Does that make sense?

A: It does.

M: Because in the end, as the new epoch begins to take shape, Humankind is beginning to learn that experience follows the ideas that perpetrate it and many of those are conditioned without thinking. They are not chosen as valuable.

** So while One can experience a negative past, as such, a memory that holds negative patterns, One can put a label on it that says “This is an unusual experience that relates to nothing else in life”. In other words, One makes it less potent in terms of how it is used to predict the future and then One can return and see that any future that indeed was similar, was created as a result of that prediction. So you immediately unwind much of your identity.

In the end however, as we have pointed out, having no internal dialogue – that is as soon as One stops making distinctions and stops deciding on the value of events – One drops judgement. And in dropping judgement One brings Oneself up to evaluate life on a daily concern. Stop, then, the inner dialogue.

A: Which opens the potentials as well, right?

M: Of course. And, offers a greater degree of freedom to explore. After all, Human life is an exploratory experience. For example, One truly conceives of the physicality in a physical world. The question – and it always the greatest question – is How to apply such power? For many people power is an “anathema”.  Do you know what I mean?

A: Anathema?

M: That is, power is frightening.

A: Right

M: So often, those with the greatest degree of power do not assert it. Because we are not talking about power over other people or power over the Universe but, we are talking about alignment of power with the Force. In other words, as the great teacher counselled, The Father’s will, not mine. The alignment with the greater Force. Then you become the emissary for the Divine. You are the Divine’s servant and as such, handsomely paid. You understand? Paid in handsome kind to the degree you are willing to accept what it will deliver.

A: Yes. I’ve been trying to open myself up to that idea where, as you said last week, I don’t need to be able to do everything. I can do my part and let the others do their parts. Even to maybe have you conduct the ideas and not have to bring those in or make them up myself.

M: Of course, and that is how it can only occur because, as you can see, as an entity, that is a Being with a physical body, I do not have. Therefore I must rely on those and work in tandem with them. That is, not that I take over someone’s body, but that I encourage them to work in consent.

A: So there’s more than one you speak through now?

M: Let us say this. It has always been available to the many. We are not a unit. The name that I use with my Dear Friend (Francis Evans the Channeller) is simply a mechanism by which he can attune. But many others use many different processes for touching the edge of the Divine. I call it “the edge” because One would soon be lost within the great Divinity.

A: Well, as you have said, we are fairly basic Beings on this planet. (laughs) The edge is enough for us.

M: So you see how One can apply. And that is the point. To what degree is the willingness to apply the lesson? We have given enough information for a significant shift even if One were to apply the process that brings you into the present moment. That is without identifying with the circumstances. You understand what I mean?

When One arrives at the experience of the heart – that is centred – One can view the physical world,

One can experience the physical body,

One can even experience the processes occurring within the physical body,

yet one is still separate from it.

One is recognising that the physical body and all of its organs and operations are indeed part of a co-creative form needed to interact. Do you follow what I mean?

A: Yes

M: But it is still not who you are. So the events you are caught up in are also not who you are.

A: No

M: You understand? So you are sitting inside of yourself. You are sitting there watching and being present to the moment of experience. You are applying yourself with a degree of power. Does that make sense? You are powerfully applying yourself into that position. Do you follow?

A: Mm

M: As you identify with that power, as you see yourself, be yourself in that body, as yet not applying for any change in circumstances but distancing yourself from them, then One applies One’s power. The result then, is a shift in the experience of presence. Do you understand what I mean? Instead of just being in your body, just being in the physical location, then you become in the physical location, with the physical vehicle and a degree of presence. That is the magnetic attraction that is the Self. Do you understand? This is not what you would call an emotion. This is power itself manifesting in presence.

A: I’m trying to picture how that would feel to apply power to the present moment in order to cause a shift.

M: I will say this. There will not be any judgement of anything or anyone.

A: Yes I understand that.

M: One is not trying to influence anybody. It is not trying to make events and circumstances different. One is being and living in presence. The result is what you will call the Law of Attraction. That is where it emerges from. The alignment of the Force in a specific location causing presence.

A: I’m a little confused here. So to be completely present and it changes the Law of Attraction as to what you attract in, without focussing or without judgement, not focussing on anything in particular.

M: That is correct.

A: So how do you end up attracting in something different without there being… no, there is a shift isn’t there… What is it that causes the shift when all you are doing is being present?

M: The presence draws in that which is necessary out of the responsive environment. That means you will attract those that can bring what is needed.

A: It will attract?

M: Because presence is the figurative energy of attraction it will draw those who have the ability to experience and perceive their presence. That is what makes, shall we say, a great teacher.

A: By drawing those kind of people?

M: Because One is sitting in presence. One is more than just present. One has presence. You understand? That makes, shall we say in your terms, a great Entertainer.

A: Yes, I understand that.

M: They move with presence. What makes them stand out above those who might indeed have more talent, is simply presence.

A: And to practice presence is to be completely present?

M: That is correct and to cease to have judgement on everything. You understand. Because for so many people, what they want, what they are trying to attract, is indeed the opposite of what they dislike out of judgement.

A: Out of judgement. Right.

M: So they see their world as it is with judgement.

A: Yes! I get that.

M: And so they cannot escape. Even if you were to ignore the presence that is there and attempt to attract something else, there is still a judgement. The judgement is “This is better.” If One is simply in presence then One is using the power of the Divine. One has then aligned with Divinity. One has become the servant of Divinity. Do you understand what I mean?

A: I think this is coming clearer, yes.


M: So I am going to suggest that the two of you (Francis and Annabelle) begin to spend some time together generating presence.

A: OK. Do you have any suggestions as to how we get that started between the two of us?

M: First of all, stop

A: Stop (laughs) yes.

M: Stop the inner search.

A: Right

M: So often one is searching for the right process, the right program, the right thoughts. And right, paradoxically, under the Great Law is also wrong. Right is wrong.

A: Hm! So are we better then to spend our time simply being present to each other without judgement and without memories…

M: That is correct.


M: So that you are learning simply to attract. Then the feedback can be when you notice presence.

A: Right

M: You understand then you might be able to share that. Because now you are moving into a different perspective, even your work is all about generating presence. You understand? Nobody can stay inert from presence.

A: OK. This feels very profound today.

M Shall we say always a good start out of a hiatus.

A: Yes indeed!

M: So that is enough for today.

A: Yes it is.

M: So once again we look forward to our next conversation. Thank you and good afternoon.

A: Good afternoon, thank you.

END of 140701

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