27 Jun 2014

Efficient Personal Energy

27 Jun 2014

workplace and job stressThe news has plenty about conserving national and global energy, finding more efficient ways to create it or distribute it but, what about our own personal energy? When you allow energy to leak all day and all night you can feel “low on gas” most of the time which limits your productivity, libido, focus and great ideas.  Let’s look at how to plug some of the leaks.

I add libido to that list because, let’s remember, your sexual and creative energy are one in the same. When one dwindles, so does the other. Keeping this unified energy happy and healthy adds vitality to all areas of your life and cannot be under-estimated.

So, you’re tired a lot of the time? That’s a damn hard way to live and sucks out all likelihood of you coming up with the solutions you need to get over obstacles holding you back. Sometimes you’re so tired you don’t even have the energy to dream up what you’d prefer from the hell you’re living or working.

By plugging the energy leaks you can start to feel vital again and those good ideas start flowing back.

Worry and Fear

We all know the basics in stress relief about caring for your body making sure you get enough sleep, deep breathing, laughter, exercise, fresh air, water and nutritious food. When any of these are depleted life is going to be harder. What about our minds though? MUCH energy can be lost in how we choose to use our minds and what we choose to think about.

Sure there are things to do throughout the day but there are literally hours of time between those activities where we can choose to stew on whatever we want.

What do you stew on?

What turns up over and over again for you to think about?

Here’s a Law of Attraction reminder:

As you add your conscious thought to a topic, you add strength to it.

Consciousness adds energy to what it is directed towards.

(Is it any wonder that cyclones the international news channels advertise for days before they hit land in front of millions of people grow in size?)

If the thing you’ve chosen to stew about is a worry, then you will grow that worry into something bigger and more solid. You may even create it all by yourself when it wasn’t there before.

Check the words you’re using when you worry. Generally a worry is a fear of what might happen in the future. You might worry about something that happened in the past but you’re basically fearing the consequences of that action so its pretty much the same thing.

Take a look at your attitude to the way things could turn out. Are you focussed completely on the worst possible outcome? If so, is it any mystery as to how Murphy’s Law works? No.

How about looking at ALL of the possibilities, knowing what you can cope with and what you’d need to alter if you got a less than desirable outcome. Then trust that no matter option comes to pass, you’ll at least have some sort of plan and know how to handle it.

Then let it go. If you think of it at all, imagine how good it would be if it worked out the way you wanted.

When you get practiced at doing this without being attached to having your own way or dying, things will move to your advantage more often than not.


People struggle every day against things. Their competition, poverty, success, the need to be someone, disease, a safe environment, their mother-in-law…

Whatever it is that you “struggle” against in your mind also makes it a bigger, more plausible problem.

What if you saw that there is nothing to struggle against until you think about it that way?

What if you could see there is no competition, just opportunities to collaborate along your own path to success?

There is no poverty when you give up struggling against it and start to look around seeing how many ways you are offered help?

There is no struggle for or against success, fame or recognition. These things can naturally emerge when you are in the flow of life and career.

You don’t need to struggle against disease when you fully understand how quickly cells can re-generate back to their normal state of health when they communicate with each other.

You need no protection from an unsafe environment when you open your mind to intuition which always leads you to where you are safe.

There is no struggle with the mother-in-law once you’ve seen and understood the world through her eyes.

We live in a world where we all talk and continually agree that we are sick, unsafe and struggling because every one else is. This is what is known as a Virus of the Mind. Something we spread to each other and accept as normal when it doesn’t have to be that way.

When everyone around you continues to struggle and be exhausted all the time, yes, you will probably look very airy fairy when you float around being optimistic. I’m happy to accept that criticism when I see the results I get compared to those who continue with the struggle for the rest of their lives.

It’s your choice. It’s always your choice.

Give up struggling! Just stop and resign.

It has to be the biggest leak of personal energy we have. I know it has been for me under various topics through my life. Now, when I feel my mind getting busy with all that negative stuff I yell at myself “STOP! Just stop.” and it feels like such a relief.

By plugging the leaks and drawing that energy back inside, you can build your inner resources back up which grows your inner strength. This will give you the juice you need to generate great ideas and solutions.

Then, once it’s bright enough and dense enough like a fireball, it can be thrown at something worth aiming for.

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