24 Oct 2012

Documentary: The Forgotten Dream

24 Oct 2012

Here’s a fascinating documentary (55 minutes long) drawing together a prophecy of the world’s greatest empires, the more personal story of a German soldier during World War II based in Russia and the final part of the prophecy which, to me, relates to this great Shift in Consciousness we are getting so much information about and experiencing now.

The doco is mostly based on the prophecy written about in the book of Daniel from the Old Testament. There had been questions about when this was written but it has been discovered listed in the Dead Sea Scrolls proving it was indeed at least 2300 years old and telling of the future.

Here is the book mentioned in the documentary about the German Soldier who, while in Hitler’s Army, dared to tell his commanding officer they would not win. “A Thousand Shall Fall” by Susi Hasel Mundy and Maylan Schurch.





Kindle version

One of the experts interviewed in the documentary believed the final clash in the prophecy was a symbol of the second coming of Christ. The word coming through today’s channels is that that won’t happen. “He feels there is no need for him to visit you again. You have evolved in a way that no longer requires it” apparently.

However, we do know something very big is coming up. It’s already happening. Something that will remove all separation between us. One that will show us clearly how connected we are, not only to each other (regardless of political leanings, race, colour, creed, sexuality… even left handed blondes like myself) but to all Matter on this planet and beyond.

Sounds pretty mind blowing.

Enjoy the doco though, if you have the time. I really really enjoyed it.

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