03 Sep 2013

Disruptive behavior

03 Sep 2013

disruptive behaviorI’ve been looking into what is required for each of us to make change in our lives and had a conversation with Mercredan through the Channeller, Francis Evans, I used to work with regularly.

Mercredan said, when you think of a child who is uncomfortable with the situation, they will often resort to disruptive behaviour. Not because they want to be frowned upon, but because they want the situation to change.

This is the way we all make change, whether it’s picking a fight, causing an accident, shouting and waving our arms or more internally disrupting our thought patterns and beliefs in order to create new ones, then following that up with a changed course of action.

Those who see Law of Attraction as something you can change by meditating, smiling at every one and saying it’s going to be alright, are usually very disappointed that nothing changes at all. Then they question whether or not Law of Attraction works at all.

It is.

It’s attracting in everything you’ve already set in place – more of the same.

In coaching sessions managing Change took a lot of getting used to at the beginning. I hated seeing my clients squirming, their eyes dropping to the floor, the heat rising in their cheeks.

I get it now and offer lots of support to get through those squirmy times because once you pass through it and the answers you need rise to the top, only then can you make the big changes you’ve been struggling to achieve for years before.

Sometimes the changes you make are things you never expected needed changing at all.

That’s another big problem.

Living by Default.

There are SO many things we do in life that we do simply because they match our identity.

I do and say and behave this way because…

  • I am a woman
  • a parent
  • a neighbour
  • I live in this suburb
  • this country
  • this is my career
  • my skin is this colour
  • this is my religion
  • these are the people I hang out with
  • I drive this car
  • I wear this label of clothing
  • I earn this much – or little – money
  • I live under this government
  • I respond to the marketing by this corporation
  • this the identity laid out for me
  • I abide by the rules
  • I am a “good” citizen

So many things that we currently don’t bother to question. So many things that ultimately make us feel fearful, powerless, prejudiced, angry, bored, resentful and just not ourselves.

It seems rather exhausting looking at how many things in life could be changed and most of us do not change them.

We dream of making changes but, quite frankly, it seems like too much energy to do anything about.

So we leave them as dreams, leave them there in fairy land, and continue without change as victims of our own reality.

What are you willing to disrupt?

What are you willing to make a stand for?

The saying is well used that If you want to change the world you must first change yourself.

And, that is where all change starts. It doesn’t have to be massive.

Identify what doesn’t feel good, reach for a solution even if you don’t know what the answer is, trust the answer will come to you (it will) and, in changing yourself, you affect everyone around you.

Their change affects everyone around them.

And away you go – changing the world without much effort at all.

Mercredan, said it’s also important to be disruptive without being destructive.

Do it Gandhi style, not with a knife or a gun.

Certainly question how the old way of doing things doesn’t work and draw attention to it, but don’t cause destruction of innocent people or good stuff in the process.

Start the change within yourself and you’ll be amazed where it leads.

Want help making big change in your life? Do it with Kitegirl by your side.

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