10 Feb 2011

Define a goal based strategy in my life

10 Feb 2011

Name: Matt
Location: Australia
Occupation: Production Editor

Matt Dale Annabelle Drumm executive coaching and career coaches“We all know the adage: “Fail to plan = plan to fail”.
If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you’ll find the word “fail” is vehemently absent from Annabelle’s Drumm’s vocabulary. She won’t even say it! This career/life coach is a powerful force of real world positivity.
Annabelle is shedding light on the one element of my life I too often neglect: myself. Working several jobs & building my own brand while doing the corporate dance – doing it all to support a young & growing family: my personal goals had slipped into the background.
But like the illustration on the aeroplane safety card: Annabelle would have me “fit my own oxygen mask before helping others” – and she is right.
What a fantastic opportunity it is to work with such an empathetic and intelligent person to define a goal-based strategy in my life.
Thank you Annabelle.”

Matt Dale

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