03 Sep 2013

Customer buying behaviour

03 Sep 2013

Simon Sinek customer buying behaviourWhy is it that some people have a truly ground breaking awesome product, song or service and can’t make it a success, while others that are not as good are a huge success? Here below, speaker and author Simon Sinek speaks about what it is that inspires customers to buy from you. Also how to get loyal employees that would give their blood, sweat and tears to help you achieve your vision.

There are many different ways to look at the analytical versus the instinctual way of making decisions. Simon talks about them being the WHAT versus the WHY. Some talk about left versus right brain. Logical versus spiritual. Pre-front cortex versus the limbic parts of the brain. Thinking versus feeling. Go with your brain versus follow your heart/gut.

To me, it’s all about whether you’re going to be logical and “sensible” or whether you listen inside and find your inspiration.

I often talk about what FEELS good with my coaching clients which links the answer to their emotions. They know it’s going to be the right decision because they can feel it. They can trust it. There is no risk in making that decision so there is no doubt, no stress.

It feels good.

In business, when you’re thinking, thinking, thinking till you’re blue in the face trying to find exactly the right words so your marketing improves or you can convince someone to do what you want – be it a customer or an employee – sometimes you’ve just got to stop what you’re doing.

Then, go back to the absolute basic question.

Why the hell am I doing this?

(Simon talks about the Why? question as being the crucial difference between winners and losers.)

If it’s for money, power, fame, admiration, popularity, new possessions or respect, you’re not going to be much different from the majority.

Being an Performing Artists’ Agent for 15 years I can safely say no matter how talented you are you WILL NOT STAND OUT.

To be a superstar, a true artist, an inspiration who moves people, you need a deeper reason than ego driven things such as money and fame.

To me this is one of the big reasons Ad agency personnel burn out. They’re struggling to find a fabulous new way to market this toilet paper over that toilet paper. The client can’t give a good reason which will inspire the creatives other than “to make money”. How can the creatives sell it to the public if they aren’t inspired?

We end up with unconvincing advertisements by the truckload which makes the public think less of advertising as a whole. The public describe it all as BS and I know there are plenty working in the Ad Media world who agree with them.

Let’s get back to you though. Your product. Your service. Your song.

How do we get customers lining up for what you have to offer?

Take Simon’s advice and look deeper into the WHY.

Give up for a while. Throw your arms up in the air, take a walk amongst the trees, touch the leaves, smell the grass, maybe go for a swim or a run, empty your mind, get grounded.

Contemplation time!

Why are you offering this?
Does it fit in with your larger vision?
Have you put your vision into words?

A vision is what you’re about. Why you’re here on the planet. Your main purpose in life.

If you got to the end of your life, what would you want people saying about you?

“By golly, that he/she really made a difference. They changed the way people do this… They opened up this new idea… They moved people with this work they did… I’m so glad I was around to witness it… I’m so glad I could be a part of what they were doing.”

What is that thing you would like them to be talking about?

Once you have that vision in place, it’s much easier to see how your business or career fits in to the vision as part of the bigger picture. Your work / career is only a part of life, after all. There’s a lot more to it – or can be if you care to look up from your desk.

Once your purpose behind your Business /Career is in place then every step you take within it becomes aligned with that purpose and feels inspired.

Once you are inspired and are happy to talk about your larger Vision, you inspire everyone around you as well. Employees and customers alike.

Then you are really cooking!

Hmm… I’m inspiring myself now. I think I’ll head off and take a closer look at my own vision and business purpose again. It’s always good to address it a few times a year, I find.

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