21 Jan 2014

Creativity and Sexuality

21 Jan 2014

Creativity in BusinessHow funny it is that in the business world we are so prudent and refuse to speak of sex or sexuality citing it as “inappropriate”. Yet the connection between sexual energy and the creative ideas is bigger than you think. Ask any Rock Star. It’s not something to be ignored if you really want to expand your flow of creative ideas and become a Rock Star in your own industry.

In Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” he points out that of the 500 massively successful business and political people he interviewed for the book, very few were without a personal partner. He believed you only reach extreme heights of success when you can combine love, sex and faith that it is possible for you to achieve your ultimate desires or purpose.

“The mixing, or blending, of these three emotions has the effect of opening a direct line of communication between the finite, thinking mind of man, and Infinite Intelligence.”

In other words they are a potent combination which puts you in a high vibe, the most creative mind space, allowing in all the most unique, fantastic ideas to put you miles ahead of the others.

(I would want to add having one other person lying beside you each night who completely believes in you and what you are trying to achieve would make a difference too.)

There are three emotions there. Not two. Sex and faith ain’t going to cut it and doing it “Wolf of Wall Street” style won’t lead you down the same path. Adding the facet of love, not just for your partner but in the way you deal with everyone around you, makes the difference. Not just love for people but for the work you choose to do as well. Finding your passions.

Kindness and compassion sounds all a bit meaningful but makes for an altogether up-to-date leader in this new age.

Leadership is changing dramatically and rightly so. You have to admit, we’ve got this world in a real pickle with the way our leaders have been handling it up till now. It’s time for a big change in leadership style.

Woman Chosen to Lead Central African Republic Out of Mayhem – New York Times Jan 20, 2014

I had an amazing channelling session yesterday with Mercredan via Master Channeller Francis Evans on this subject. I give you the first part of it transcribed from the recording. The second part of the session was on a different subject.

I share it with you as there will be things in here he says which relates directly to you, maybe in ways that relate differently to me. We each take from it what is appropriate and interpret it for ourselves.


Transcript of the Channeling session

20 January 2014
Annabelle Drumm interviewing Mercredan via Master Channeller Francis Evans
Sydney Australia and Northland New Zealand


M: Good morning. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spent these few moments of your time. I want to begin by making it clear that this year, as you start to understand, it is “Charging ahead”. I want to say that, even though it appears as if you were still stagnating. Let us then begin by a little lesson. Everything that arises in human consciousness has relevancy and while you have been passing through what is known in your system, that is the Chinese system, as what was The Year of the Snake. That is the past year is one of the Snake. And the reason that it has been called that is because the Snake leaves behind it’s external. The skin that it sheds brings forth a new pattern. A new structure. A new exposure. A new person. So as you arise into the new system, the new quality, then you are a new Being. You understand?

A: Yes

M: So this focal year has yet to begin. Yet to begin and yet, at the end you are, shall we say, sitting in a pile of shavings of the past. Skins of the past. It looks as if everything around you is dried and dead. Do you follow what I mean?

A: I do, yes.

M: Then one first of all has to emerge. And emerging is of course looking from within. What is it that you truly have to offer? What are your passions? What is your inclination? Because this image then, that is the snake like image, is not only one of transformation, but it is also one of “arising” to the highest degree. That is, it holds with it that of the King, that of the crown. You understand? There is an inclination to rise from one’s sleeping state. That one might have been complacent as yet, not willing to, shall we say, stick one’s head out. And look at what is in front. Do you follow what I mean?

A: Yes, very much.

M: So then, not only that, but the snake indeed arises and comes from it’s own egg. Then one has to “break through the shells” that hold one in check. One has to crack through the shell before one can arise.

A: Yes

M: Not only that, but one has to use the incessant energy that is sitting within. Do you follow that as well? Then, what was so obvious, coiled in your common understanding from its Indian roots, from it’s Sanskrit roots, the “Kundalini” that arises. Do you understand?

A: How do you spell that so I can look it up?

M: Let us say spelled with the K

A: K-U-N-D-A-L-I-N-I?

M: That is good enough.

A: (Laughs)

M: Because you understand one is translating from another language, another alphabet.

A: Yes

M: Yet we could put that also in it’s nature, the “Rainbow Serpent”. So in you indigenous culture in Australia the Rainbow Serpent, that is that of all colours that arises from one’s insistency, that is, also associated with the sexual energy. You understand? Because in so much time one thinks of sexuality as some pro-creative force. Not likely to be the inherent natural energetic forces that are creative and pro-creative. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Mmm, that is something I would like to explore further at some stage.

M: Let us say then, that you have to be available. Do you understand? In terms of one’s sexuality has to be available otherwise you are resistant to it. And, so many humans are resistant to sex that they are cutting off the life force that is the creative potential necessary to create or re-create existence as such. While we say everything in this coming phase is manifestation, one cannot manifest without access to the inherent sexual Serpent energy. Do you follow what I mean? So that energy, the creative potential, arises from one’s passion. You understand?

A: Mmm

M: It arises from one’s passion. It is focussing the lens of one’s determination. It is brought into the will of love. That is, that one is doing service to the world in such a fashion that leaves behind no harm. Then of course one has to express oneself. One has to be clear about one’s intentions. In such a way there is no doubt because it is the doubt that undermines, that locks down, the creative, shall we say. The tongue (?) that vibrates, that spits out that which will form. Do you understand?

A: I do. I feel I’ve had some conflicting advice along the way about… By putting energy into sexuality, it distracts the energy away from what it is you are trying to create in your career, for example. Is that not the case?

M: Let us say one has to tap into that energetic force. One cannot shut down the sexual energy and open up the creative energy. They are one in the same forces. So you are being advised as if one or the other, rather than, it is the same energy allowing to be focussed in whatever way. And the more it is used the greater there is available.

A: I thought so, yes. So it sounds as though the authors had a disapproval of carnal desire.

M: Let us say all creation is carnal desire.

A: (laughs)

M: You understand? Otherwise you would not be manifesting in the physical world. You would not be bringing children into the physical world. And I want to put it this way. Your new direction is your child. Do you follow?

A: No…

M: It is your “baby”.

A: Oh, I see.

M: Of course it is the same except that the physical child is not quite the same as the mental constructs of your creative force.

A: Yes. I had a dream about a week ago of a very large baby on my lap that was very very plump and calm and peaceful and trusting of me. I thought it had something to do with my career. Like a new idea.

M: A new idea and a new willingness to nurture it.

A: Yes, indeed.

M: To feed it. And, of course, from the heart one feeds. One feeds from one’s chest as such.

A: Yes

M: Everything is in place. Everything is in order. Everything is ready, but you have to engage. I want to say this. Often you think that it is within the mind that one first of all has to generate the idea. Yet, when you look at it in it’s more common form, sex as such takes place without the mind. The baby is conceived without the mind. The baby is conceived when ones’ energies mix. Do you follow?

A: Mmm.

M: So that when one is engaged with one’s Serpent nature, that is with one’s Kundalini Rainbow, then of course, out of it arises power and with that power comes form. The idea then takes shape as the Snake serpent arises up because this new epoch is determined by such flavours as we are describing. In the past, use of such power was often not promoted, even amongst the spiritual people’s philosophies because the danger was of burning one’s centres. In the new epoch that is no longer necessary nor no longer the case.

A: Can you explain what burning one’s centre means?

M: Let us say one could lose oneself to what is often seen as the “dark forces”. That is life becomes overly addictive to creations, to power, to sexuality and money.

A: Maybe that is what these previous authors were talking about. Maybe it wasn’t appropriate for the last epoch.

M: That is certainly being wise, yet as the turning cycle, the wheel of time, turns, new legislation, that is new laws, take greater form. So it is then one has to engage. Do you understand what I mean when I say engage with the world? That is, become potentised in the present. We have been guiding along this way for some time. Do you understand? Being present to the Presence. That is taking a stand. Being certain of yourself. That is then also becoming self evident. I want to say confidence is important. Confidence is lacking in doubt.

A: Yes, I understand.


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