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Staff turnover is the highest it’s ever been in history right now. Long hours and increased stress reduce employees productivity, communication and innovation.

A competitive nature prevents them from truly aligning with the team to create something outstanding and they are left drowning in the detail of their jobs.

Annabelle Drumm Facilitator Executive Coaching Sydney AustraliaWorking with Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm as your Trainer or Facilitator can have a long term impact on your staff resilience, productivity and positivity.

An expert at lifting them out of the detail so they can align with your big picture, Kitegirl works with truly unique processes, tools and coaching models tailored to match the outcomes you are looking for. Solid implementation on the day, backed with follow up sessions, ensures the new concepts are integrated into staff behaviour, culture and working rhythms for long term results.

What format options are there?

Training programs

This is the most structured of the formats drawing on the outcomes you want to achieve. The day is chunked down to introducing each new concept along with tools and processes to implement the learning. Mixed media and participant interaction keeps engagement high throughout the learning. Follow up sessions vastly improve deep integration of the new concepts and smooth away any unforeseen obstacles that arise. This improves staff confidence and surety so they can cope with the Change Management now and in the future.

You’ll find many courses on the market contain the same old re-packaged material that offer minimal results designed for your ongoing dependancy. Kitegirl’s satisfaction in her own work means she is aiming to give you the highest possible results within a minimum time frame so your staff can get back on the job using their new skills.


This is a more fluid process with high amounts of interaction. Kitegirl works from your objectives for the day, starting with an outline and customising as she goes to match the dynamic of the group, the level of their capabilities and openness to new ideas. This way they are always offered the best fit for their stage of development, encourages their exploration in the subject and increases their key take-aways at the end of the day.

Setting up a series of workshops improves engagement as they come back to a familiar working environment/structure/trainer and allows for more powerful growth in development.

Facilitator or Moderator

Use Kitegirl for Facilitation or Moderating to get the most out of your team management meetings when you have the big picture to sculpt and solidify. Kitegirl keeps the conversation on track and ensures all participants have input which increases their enthusiasm and relatedness to the final decisions.

As Kitegirl is brought in from the outside you avoid any internal politics or bias which can sully the debate. She can also offer an alternative perspective when your viewpoint is clouded by the obstacles blocking your progress.

Some ways you can use Kitegirl as your Facilitator:

  • Open communication between management and the team
  • Draw the whole group in to common goals
  • Address what is stifling the workflow
  • Build trust and stronger relationships amongst the team members
  • Brain storm new ideas
  • Encourage an ongoing commitment towards a smoother running, collaborative and productive team. 

Individual Executive Coaching

When you have a prize employee who’s performance is waning it’s often less expensive to help them get back on track than to replace them. Draw Kitegirl in by their side to support them through the tough patch and fine tuning their performance skills so they can cope better, improve communication and leadership skills and work better than they’ve ever worked before.

What’s the process for booking Kitegirl?

  1. Contact Kitegirl via the contact page including your contact details, company, city, number of attendees, suggested dates and training budget. She’ll get back to you over the next few business days to set up an initial meeting.
  2. Initial meeting face to face or via Skype/FaceTime video. In this meeting you can give further background and context to the purpose and discuss what outcomes you’d like to achieve.
  3. After the meeting, Kitegirl will send you a draft outline for the Coaching / Training program or Facilitation based on your desired outcomes plus some package options for how you could go about it. She will also be aiming for some form of Assessment so you can both check the results are measurable.  At this point you can further refine the ideas, topics, processes and decide on the final program/facilitation outline.
  4. Book the training or Facilitation after checking over the Terms and Conditions. Kitegirl offices will send through your invoicing so you can arrange payment.
  5. After training and facilitation is complete you can set a new meeting with Kitegirl to discuss participant feedback, gauge response and effectiveness. From here you can decide if you prefer to book a regular refresher at set intervals or to get in touch again in a few months for further feedback and planning.

Contact Kitegirl and set up your initial meeting here.

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