25 Nov 2012

Comparison with 144 Cubits lessons

25 Nov 2012 websiteCheck out this fascinating site about the upcoming World shift in consciousness. I’ve just begun reading the beginning of it today.

The writing is a bit sensational at the start. Like, maybe there is no truth you will find elsewhere like you’ll find on this site, but I’ll give the author some license for excitement due to the nature of their discoveries.

The writing is also very heavy reading to start with, like a raving lunatic, probably due to the author having their nose in the books for 50 years. But, it gets more understandable as you go into the pages, contains remarkable, deep and broad research from many sources of information (from ancient texts around the world to Nostradamus and modern quantum physics) used to make it’s conclusions so I highly recommend it to those who can handle it.

For those that can’t be stuffed, I’ll give you in a nutshell what I’ve noticed so far.

Agreements with Mercredan, my usual teacher

  • The world is about to go through a very dramatic shift starting December 2012
  • The world’s electricity can all be turned off simultaneously without warning
  • The “Second coming of Christ” is not Jesus returning. Mercredan says Jesus has decided there’s no need for him to personally return because we are doing so well. The word “Christ” is more meaning the light within each of us. So the second coming is us discovering we have all that great power within each person.

Discrepancies with Mercredan

  • 144Cubits talks about aliens coming to remove the human race to safety while the earth does her big (violent) shift. This is also frequently talked about through the channellers on http://the  Mercredan says the future is not set and is constantly changing. The World shift itself is inevitable but how we get there changes from moment to moment. Currently we are doing very well and may not need “rescuing” as such. That, of course, could change again. We’ll just have to wait and see.
  • 144Cubits says the Earth’s change will take 100 years before we are sent home. Mercredan says it could potentially be instantaneous with us sitting right where we are or it could take “some months”.

All the way through reading the Cubits site, I was wondering “So what? When do we get to the good part where you tell us all your secrets?” I’ll have to keep reading for those and will keep you up to date but in the meantime there is some very good advice.

No matter what crazy things happen here on Earth over the coming months

  1. A human soul, every human soul regardless of race, creed or colour, is more important to care for than any material object.
  2. You always have a choice in how you react. Remember that. Reacting with terror, numbness, denial or anger are choices that will not serve you well. When you make the choice to simply observe what’s going on without putting yourself under extreme stress, you can keep in touch with your ever-wise intuition to give you the best instructions of what to do. (This is what I am pleased to say I already covered in my online Stress Relief course. It seems I’m more up with the play than I expected.)
  3. If you’ve unconsciously decided you’re done with this life, nothing can prevent that from happening. If you’ve unconsciously decided to stay, you’ll be given every helping hand possible. Because none of us know what we’ve unconsciously chosen, the best thing to do is enjoy every moment of every day. Give up stressing the small stuff. Mend your relationships. Care for yourself and those around you.  Let go of any judgements, grudges, criticisms and prejudice you’ve had or been taught in the past. They are out of date and no longer valid.

Let’s start appreciating all we can and as you let go of the negative feelings, more good stuff tends to come your way in the form of opportunities, people and events. Even money!

So chill, man.

Peace on Earth and seriously, good will to all mankind.

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