08 Nov 2012

Climate change linked to Human Consciousness

08 Nov 2012

I’ve had great feedback through the many places I distributed the last article on worldwide predictions. Most were fascinated but didn’t understand all of what was said. That’s completely understandable. Now you see why every time I get to the end of a Mercredan session I have to scoop my jaw out of my lap. It’s extraordinary stuff and I often feel the urge to sleep straight afterwards to process what I’ve learnt. I feel hugely privileged to have access to such an amazing source though and am grateful for each and every session.

Here’s some extra explanation to Part One of the Prediction session. If you need more explanation let me know.

Part One

1) US Elections: Obama vs. Romney

I had been reading much on sites such as (go and do a site search there on “Obama” to see what I mean) which is an excellent collection of well vetted Channeling sessions. The spiritual community sees Obama as an incredibly wise and ancient soul (though he probably doesn’t know it himself). He is the choice of those who choose to move the world forward in a positive way.

In Part one of the predictions session Mercredan explains that one (Romney) stands for Self Protection and the other (Obama) is for Unification. Complete polar opposites. Mercredan points out how closely split the USA is and indeed the whole world on tossing up between looking after oneself and unifying for a new way of living.

So how much of a difference does the Americans’ vote make to the world future as a whole? The2012Scenario site even goes so far as to say it’s the make or break for the planet. I’m sure they were pleased with the result yesterday.

2) Climate change is linked to Human Consciousness

Have Humans woken up to their influence?

This is the stunner. You’ll see throughout the text I ask how on earth I can show people that this is the case. Scientists with their arsenal of measuring equipment look elsewhere for their explanations. Pollution, fossil fuels, hairspray, fridges, sheep farts, the position of the solar system in it’s 26,000 year cycle. They all contribute, of course, but what Mercredan is saying is that our own changing consciousness of looking out for ourselves and separating from our fellow man is the main cause.

We have never been quite so self absorbed before in history. It’s our internal assessment. Also there’s never been quite so many of us. Where there is a conglomerate of self absorbed minds, that’s where the planet expresses the mismatch (ie – bloody great storms). We’ve seen the wrath of Hurricane Sandy so far and from that we’ve seen the best in humanity come out and care for others but, unfortunately, not enough people have moved to the caring point of view. So more is on the way to “help” with that.

3) Denying care of the planet has it’s consequences just like denying care of your own body

We all know when we get a tooth ache and ignore it, sometimes it fixes itself and other times it gets worse. If you continue to ignore it you can end up with a much worse problem and the natural consequences are dreadful. If you eat bad quality food, a lot of it, you may notice your waist line expanding. If you ignore it and keep eating the rubbish, again the natural consequences can be disastrous. Pretty simple theory.

The problem is that for too long we’ve done just the same thing with our planet. Proposals have been put through all levels from local councils to national governments allowing what is obviously harmful to our planet to go ahead based on some other advantage to a limited amount of people.

It’s time for the natural consequences to make themselves seen, felt and heard. Those consequences are going to be dramatic and this time we can’t fail to notice.

What can you do in the meantime? Plenty.

Look for what you can do in your own community to heal the planet. There are so many initiatives and great ideas here on the internet on what you can do.

Will it make a difference? Yes it will! Each one of us contributes to the Collective Consciousness as it’s called. Each one of us who turns our thoughts and efforts towards mending, tidying, improving the environment and caring for those who need help lessens the consequences. How? Because moving your focus from internal to external is precisely the move each one of us needs to make inside to get the World through to the next stage. You’ll know it’s working because it feels so good to take action, to give and to care.

If you can get it started one day earlier you are improving the situation for each and every one of us.

4) There is no separation

I’ve heard this saying from so many sources and I always pictured it to mean Humans linked to each other. Here’s some examples:
– In a low vibe example if one person yells in anger, even if it’s not at anyone in particular, everyone around them lowers their own vibe, feels bad in one way or the other.
– In contrast when you experience someone laughing themselves silly, it generally lifts the vibe of all around them.
– Another example of connection is when you think of someone, even if they’re on the other side of the world and within a couple of days they drop you an email or call on the phone because they were “just thinking of you”.

What Mercredan is saying here is that it’s not just connection between each of us in the Human race, it’s connection with everything including the planet. As each of us spends more hours in the day stressed, angry, feeling powerless, depressed or fearful and puts our attention on less than caring thoughts, it reflects in our home appliances breaking down, our car breaking down, a power cut, plants that won’t grow and more importantly, our weather.

Everything is reflecting our stresses and strains. Once we learn to give those up, be more mindful and caring it will reflect in everything around us and above us.

5) Some believe they are more advanced. Yet in reality when the chips are down, they turn back to self protection.

I think this is talking about those who consider themselves more spiritually advanced than the rest of us. Those within religion or with skills like psychic or clairvoyance. It’s a general statement of course, and doesn’t apply to all of them, but the proof will be in the pudding of who really is advanced when the Earth decides to physically challenge us later in the year. Then you will see who reacts with looking after themselves and looking after others. I think we’ll be in for a surprise as to who is truly advanced then.

That’s enough writing for today! I’ll continue with Part Two of the predictions tomorrow. 🙂

Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm

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