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Mercredan: Comparing World Economy with Ecology

Francis Evans Mercredan spirit medium psychic channeller channelingThis looked like it was going to be a great conversation but our session got interrupted. I’ll give you the link at the bottom of the transcript from when we get to complete the conversation.

Mercredan session

Interrupted so, to be continued.
14 December 2015
Channelled by Francis Evans
Interviewed by Annabelle Drumm


Who is Mercredan?


Financial imbalance, economy, life cycles, ecology links.



M: Good morning, once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. Everything runs in cycles. Everything emerges from a centre. It reaches its Apex and returns once again to its originality, its original point of emergence. And so it is then, as consciousness awakens, all of the very many theoretical approaches begin to find a universality. They begin to come back together seeing rather more as diversity, rather more as a many faceted diamond of which the originating flame is still only One. So that is enough to begin a conversation.

A: OK, there’s a couple of things I could stem from there. Our dear friend (Francis Evans the Channeller) and I have been feeling like the Economy is right on the brink of falling down and ready to start something new. Would that be a good place to start?

M: Let us say, in many ways what we have talked in the past is, when you talk about “Economy” is a misnomer. Economy means, by its very nature, bringing things into the home. Economy is making the most of what one has. Economy is not something that necessarily is growing, rather it is managing what one has to the best of its abilities. Economy then, in balance, is good for the ecology. There is nothing that is harmful in true nature of what is centred around the home. The Financial system however, is a currency and as such, it is a current that flows and in doing so can be used to do work with, to take the natural energy from the river and turn it into something more, simply because it is the nature of the cycle of life. 

Ecology and Economy Life cycle Flow

In other words it is a necessary part that your sea remains at a constant acidity so that life upon it and within it remains consistent and confirmed. That means then, that the sea is capable, provided it is in balance, of releasing moisture to the air which builds up and returns to the ground with the rains which feed the rivers which cause the flow, which cause the currency to continue. You understand, it is a cyclic thing. When you take out and put nothing back then you kill the very cycles of life and that is why you have polluted your environment to such a degree. In doing so you are endlessly killing it off at an ever escalating rate. Do you follow what I mean?

A: So you’re saying that the flow of ecology is more of a concern than the financial currents?

M: I am saying the financial currency is the important thing. In other words if you want to get your flow returning then one has to extract from that which is locked up and return it into the system. In other words you cannot simply create more money by printing it, by diffusing and pretending you have a river. You cannot get energy from a pretend river.

A: Mm

M: You have to use what you have with economy and that is the point. You have not had any economy at all. You have simply wanted to make money from out of thin air. You want rainfall to come without putting any moisture into the air. Of course that is not a possibility. You have to grow the trees and you have grow, more importantly than anything else, what is called the plankton because it is the breathing nature of the greatest portion of your planet. You have destroyed it because you have wanted to remove without giving back. That is what is the difficulty and it should in greater terms, one needs to discover where the economy is lost. That is where greed locks up the flow of currency and return that back into the endless flow.

A: Yes yes,

M: So life has to continue in its natural cycles and that is what of course the leaders of your planet have resisted for so long.

A: Are they heading in the right direction now? They’ve just had meetings in Paris.

M: Not at all because they are not dealing with the problem. They are dealing with the result of the problem rather than addressing the problem of the currency.

A: So what is it going to take for them to look at that?

M: There is a new financial structure on the horizon. A new global approach to the trading of assets and energy. Once that takes hold, much of what was called “wealth” will evaporate to where it came from. Out of imagination.

A: (laughs) So I know you can’t give us exact timeline estimates here but you said it’s on the horizon.  Do you think this is going to take generations or years… how long before this starts to evaporate?

M: The question is only how long can those in power keep the nonsense alive? You understand, there is so much involved in supporting conflict. Conflict is what sets apart those that have accumulated and those who have been drained. Of course when you do that you set in motion the very principals that cause escalating conflict and so on it goes. So much of what seems to be the problem is ultimately the result of the single shutting down of the cycle of life.

A: But in all the possibilities that you can see in front of us, are they all generations away that this will happen?

M: Not at all. When one is confronted with an escalation. .. Shall we say this. If one is held underwater for a period of time, first of all, one can hold one’s breath. Nothing too bad is happening. Many people can hold their breath for a long time, can dive under the water and swim for a long period. However, if you are held underwater longer than your breath then you will struggle and flail. You will try to escape your tormenter. You will continue to fight with an ever escalating degree of panic until death occurs. You understand what I am saying?

A: Yes

M: So if you suppress something for a long period, eventually it will begin to fight back an ever increasing rate. Better to die fighting than never to have struggled at all.

A: So is that what the majority of the population is doing at the moment? Struggling, about to die?

M: Only those that have been suppressed.

A: Right

M: Only those in poor countries are fighting for a bit of the action, as it were. In such a way they are increasing their amount of power together. They are becoming more and more willing to become aggressive in that notion. In the end you can kill them but you cannot kill without killing yourself even deeper, because when life dies it leaves behind a damage to the environment that is worse than ever.

A: So we have options then to reorganise so we can free the suppressed ones? Is there any plan amongst any of our leaders to work towards that means?

M: Not at all because it is all seen as financial advantage. Currency.

A: So we talk about depressions and stock crashes that have happened in the past, and yet it feels way overdue to me…

M: I want to stop for a minute


END – People are arriving at the Channeller’s house and we could not continue.

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If You Had The Power

New World Epoch ParliamentIf we followed Iceland’s model, all of Parliament was disbanded and you, along with a small group of individuals representing the People, were given the power to change anything you liked about how the country was run, what would you do?

As I pondered this question I came up with a few radical but timely ideas if it was me. I know we couldn’t force other countries to follow suit but we could certainly model a “New Epoch” mindset.

No Parties

There would no longer be Parties within any level of Parliament. Each individual MP stands on their own, voted in by their constituent because of who they are and not what colour tie they wear. All policy votes they make would be conscience votes and there would be no judgement on their choices. Integrity and transparency would be complete.

With advanced technology so accessible now, Referendums would become common in getting to truly hear the People’s voice. Anyone could vote once they had read about the pros and cons of a new policy.

World View

I would ask that all policy and mission statements be changed to reflect that this country is part of the whole world. We are the Temporary Carers of a piece of the Planet rather than seeing ourselves as Our Country versus Everyone Else. This would alter areas such as our Foreign Relations, Trading, Immigration and sharing of Intellectual Property.


  1. Planet – The highest priority in all areas of life, government and commerce must be the preservation of Planet Earth. It’s oceans, continents, land masses, air, stratosphere, climate change, ozone layer etc. If mining, logging or oil refining are drawing on resources which are not renewable, we must move to an alternate resource in the fastest time possible – no negotiation. The alternatives have already been researched and offered up but then stymied by big business. With the Planet as the highest priority, this will change.
  2. Contribution – How can this country contribute to the rest of the Planet? Well, amongst many gifts, Australia has lots of sunshine. Imagine giving priority to these kinds of roadways shown in the video below to supply power for ourselves and for neighbouring countries? What about growing hemp for natural pharmaceuticals, building materials, long life textiles and super foods? It doesn’t need much water. Both these ideas would create a lot of jobs in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Design and Exports.

  1. Humanity – Yes, this one is not the top priority. Earth was doing just fine before we got here and could continue without us if we don’t blow it up in the meantime. First we make a liveable environment, then we live in it. We strive to create policy which supports our part of Humanity and not Australians ahead of others.


It’s time we started seeing ourselves as a single Human Species. We encourage all to appreciate diversity but not separate one group from the next. We are all made of flesh and blood. We all have similar needs. So I would be aiming for no prejudice. That means all Government Departments and Agencies that separate out groups of people would need a serious audit.

Government groups such as Gender Equality, Defence Families and Indigenous affairs would need to be looked at plus we would put into question privately run groups such as Gay Rights. Although they were set up with the best of intentions, Law of Attraction shows that so long as they run, they will continue the reality of separation.

What do I mean by that? For example, so long as you have a Gender Equality group – i.e.. sticking up for women – you continue the story that women need a helping hand compared with their male counterparts. This creates separation and will never fully bring unity while that Governing group exists.

Is a name change all they need? We would need to look into what they are trying to achieve. In essence though, men and women are not equal. Each has gifts and talents which, when put together create the Balance we need in the workplace as well as the community. In addition to that, each of us has masculine and feminine traits and our individual dominant leaning doesn’t always match our gender. e.g. – some women are damn fine negotiators, sales people and creatives. Some men are superb nurturers, developers and customer service staff.

So gender needs to be completely put aside and we look for the balance between staff who use their masculine and feminine traits to run big and small organisations. Over the past couple of thousand years we’ve been biaised towards the masculine without an equal balance in feminine. Too much emphasis on the masculine is how we ended up in power struggles, war, lining one’s own pocket and prematurely launching ideology which is not yet fully developed.

I’ve got off on a tangent here but you get the idea. Coming back to the Governing bodies, so long as we identify one group of people not being as capable of looking after themselves as the next, they will continue to be separate from the others.

Individual Potential

Our current right wing government seems to see “the workers” as the only assets to this country and every one else – pensioners, sick people, children, criminals, child raisers and unemployed – as just a boil on their bum.

By changing all policy to reflect the view that each individual has potential, gifts, talent and ideas that could contribute to a better way of living would dramatically change how we see ourselves and the members of our community.

Don’t you think that would change the way we view asylum seekers too?

What if one of them has THE brilliant idea that would make the world a better place, how we live, how we care for each other, a new technology, product or service we can offer the rest of the world (read that as exports). Would you really want to turn them away?

Individual Responsibility

Altering policy and law to reflect complete personal accountability and responsibility would be important to me. Want to smoke cigarettes? Get drunk every week? Eat McDonalds till you’re the size of a Sumo wrestler? Stress yourself out till you are a nervous wreck?

Sure you have the freedom to do that, but you pay the full cost of your health expenses and they are not covered by any form of insurance.

Come to think of it, how about all insurance only covers happenings beyond your own control? Would that make you more attentive when you drive?

How about we remove all litigation cases suing for trauma or stress? Your reaction to what happens to you is solely your responsibility. While you are given all the help you need to help you initially after the event, you cannot sue if you choose to continue to carry it as baggage.

Crime will no longer be judged with any bias based on the reaction or affect it’s had on the victim. It will solely be judged on the weight of the crime.

Being offended by other people’s opinions or insults will also carry no weight. Only then will we have complete Freedom of Speech. If someone says something racist or sexist or anything-ist, we will look upon them as needing their thinking re-balanced, but we won’t judge them and get our own knickers in a twist about it.

Child Welfare

I’ve learnt that in an evolved society they raise their children in a similar way to how Russia and China used to. The parents bare the children but the grandparents raise them. The parents are young and physically strong. They make the best workers. The grandparents have years more experience, are generally wiser and more patient. They make the best child raisers.

The idea of possessing a child will also change. Now we’ve passed through the December 2012 gateway the world’s population growth will naturally start to subside. Soon a child will be more rare and there will be 3 or 4 couples plus a few “aunties” and “uncles” to care for each one. “It takes a village to raise a child” is the old saying. Doing it this way means a child has plenty of attention, is always cared for by someone and finding the child’s unique talents to contribute to the world is the priority for all.

How beautiful would it be to have children raised this way rather than neglected by overworked, exhausted parents and detached child care workers?

As child carers, this also gives the pensioners a greater sense of self worth as they are truly contributing to the world rather than sitting around, ignored by their adult children and waiting to die.

Phew! That’s my 2 cents worth to get us started. What ideas would you add if you had the power?

Video Interview: Mary Clear on sharing food

Mary Clear Annabelle Drumm interviewI saw a keynote speech Mary Clear had made in Poland on YouTube and was inspired to call her for my own interview. The Incredible Edible project started around 6 years ago in Todmorden, England and has grown to over a hundred projects around the world. Creativity sublime!

Mary talks about how her town has changed for the better, including the people in it, how a town with very little money has become a major tourist destination and how you can get a project started in your own neighbourhood.

Video is 11 minutes.

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The need for food as sustenance

Photo credit

I did an article on how diets work or don’t work depending on your expectations and how you think about them.

I thought today it would be fun to stretch this Law of Attraction theory to the max. You’ll need an open mind to read on…

Consider this.

How important is food at all? Sure, we’ve eaten it for thousands of years because we believe it is necessary. And many a person has died when they were starving or thirsty.

Let’s take a look at this rare example of a man who doesn’t need food or water. He hasn’t eaten or drunk since he was a child and, in this video from last year he was 82 years old and happy as Larry.



I actually read about this man a wee while ago. The article I read said that the US Army took him to their own secure compound and studied him for several weeks because they wanted to teach their soldiers to survive without food or water in the countries where they were sent.

I thought that was rather hilarious. After all, if they measured the vibrational frequency of this Yogi, which is likely to be extraordinarily high, and then taught their soldiers to vibrate at the same blissful rate, it’s very unlikely any of them would pick up a gun.

Here’s another case of a boy who was 15 at the time and had been meditating for 11 months without the sustenance of food and water.

This one is more an example of judgemental journalism. The documentary makers are determined to look for something sinister, looking for the scam. They have completely skipped over the full spiritual benefits the pilgrims have experienced who come to visit him which may have given them the clue they were looking for. High vibrational frequency.

I love how they use CGI to paint decaying skin on his arms for how he “should” look. haha

Never mind. The fact is here in just two examples – and goodness knows how many undocumented examples – are humans living without food and water.

They are human. So what if we could all do it ourselves?

What if we only got hungry because of we were in the habit of eating food?
What if it was possible that we died only because we expected to?
Because we believed we would die without food and water.
Because we got ourselves into a highly stressed state which, as you know, is never good for your health.

People wither away “from a broken heart” or when they “give up the fight”. What if dying from starvation was the same thing?

I’m not about to try anything crazy and starve myself to test it out and I certainly don’t advise you to do so, either. The vast majority of us are not at a high enough vibration or able to let go of those beliefs in food and water just yet.

It’s possible as we pass through this World Shift in Consciousness (the Mayans pointed to December 21, 2012 to be the turning point), that more of us will vibrate at a higher rate more often thus, no longer needing food, water and maybe even oxygen to live.

It’s certainly food for thought…


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