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Trials begun on Universal Basic Income

A while back I wrote about the incredible benefits of providing a Universal Basic Income. Read the article here. At the time Switzerland had done a national Referendum on 6 issues and the Basic Income was one of them receiving a 20% vote to pursue. Not enough to do anything about it at the time but certainly a big enough vote for the rest of the world to see it as an idea whose time may be coming sooner than we think.

More recently Finland and and Ontario, Canada have begun real-time trials with groups living below the poverty line to test the results.


In Finland the group conducting the trial is Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland which is a government department.  Their experiment will run over 2 years with 2000 random people selected and no interviews or results collected until the end of the trial period. They have said they are not collecting data on health and well being – which is odd to me because this would have a ripple effect on the Healthcare costs for government, domestic violence, general crime… all sorts of implications. Kela are more interested in the employment rates to see if those receiving the benefit can or will go back into the workforce.

It’s not a lot of money, I don’t know how it compares with living costs in the areas of where they live, but to have that backstop no matter whether or not they are working – it’s unconditional – will be interesting to see what behaviour patterns emerge.

They are also addressing how much the government will save by offering a social security benefit that is not means tested. Every government has massive man power costs in constantly testing to see whether a beneficiary matches the criteria to receive a benefit. In Australia they are Newstart (unemployment benefit), Child Support, Solo Parenting Benefit, Family Tax Benefit, Veterans, Sickness benefits, Pensioners, Study grants, Day Care allowances etc.  By giving one benefit that is the same amount for everyone – adding a bit more per dependent or child the beneficiary cares for – means all those extra government personnel would not be needed in constant assessment and testing. It simplifies the process of distributing the benefits.

More information is on the Kela website on Universal Basic Income here.

Ontario Canada

A couple of weeks ago the Premier of Ontario announced a similar “Basic Income Pilot” trial in Canada involving 4000 beneficiaries from 3 different specific geographical areas over a 3 year period. This is great way to see the community and neighbourhood benefits that might result.

It’s not as cut and dried as the Finnish version. If the beneficiaries are a couple they receive less than two individuals – that immediately adds a means test for the ever changing scene of relationships for a start = more government staffing costs. If the beneficiary does get work the benefit cuts 50c for every dollar earned so it’s more of a soft experiment.

One thing that is important though is that they will get the benefit whether or not they are looking for work, if they work a lot or a little.

In Australia I know our Unemployment benefit – maybe other benefits as well – have a test that you can receive it providing you can prove you’ve applied for something like 5 jobs a week. Major disaster! Not only is the government now farming out the job to independent agencies at great cost to follow up on this test every 2-4 weeks for EVERY beneficiary, but for the local businesses it becomes a huge headache. Every time they put out a job vacancy ad they have literally hundreds more job applicants sending in CVs that have no relevance to the job at all just to keep up with the test. Each business needs to send a receipt of application which becomes proof the beneficiary applied so I believe the amount of time, expense and frustration this must add to the process of recruitment will run up a cost for local business well beyond the benefits of means testing. For a business that has heavy recruitment needs this adds to their costs considerably.

Ontario has only just announced their trial which will start fairly soon. They are looking from a slightly different point of view, not just about bridging the gap for those who are hard to employ but also gauging the effects on health and education… a much more rounded view.

More information from the office of the Premier in Ontario about Basic Universal Income Pilot here.

So both countries are offering support but they’ve stated their goal is to get more people employed. They aren’t addressing what Yanis Varoufakis talked about in his interview. According to him Futurists around the world expect 40-50% of jobs will be overtaken by technology in the next 10-15 years. That puts the need to support “unemployed” in a very different light. No point making people more employable if we don’t actually need them to work to provide the community with the goods and services needed.

I know that’s a totally Socialist view but one worth thinking about. When Australia’s government makes those who are unemployed feel humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed and not worth spit, the effect on wellbeing and confidence of each individual costs money! It does. It adds to the Medicare bill. It boosts addiction numbers. In some cases causes violence and crime, accidents… there are many things they never seem to consider.

Here’s the interview with Yanis Varoufakis about the benefits of UBI here.

There are other countries such as Spain, Italy and the Netherlands considering starting their trials but are still scrapping over the conditions of receiving it which pretty much nullifies many of the positive effects.

There is some excellent research and reporting on the website if you want to keep up to date with progress around the world in more detail.

San Francisco

Financial Times reported last week that the techies in Silicon Valley are also mindful of how their technology replaces human jobs. An organisation called “Y Combinator” didn’t even bother for the government to give them the go-ahead. They privately collected the money, chose 100 people, started giving them $2000 a month and are gauging their own results. They plan to expand this to 1000 people.

In the article they also mention eBay founder Pierre Omidyar contributed to the foundation GiveDirectly which gives cash to 26,000 Kenyans due to being aware of geographical areas in the world which have less opportunity for manufacturing or new industry due to globalisation.

Lawrence Quill, a political-science professor at San Jose State University has said “a basic income transforms the working poor into entrepreneurs in the making…” which I also wrote in my last article (link at the top of this post). Once you remove the stress of survival, each person’s stress drops dramatically and their mind is free to bring in new innovative ideas for improvements, creativity and inventions.

Imagine a world where every one has their needs met and is free to create what comes naturally to them. That’s when we will see real progress!

Here’s the Financial Times article.

So it looks like the movement towards Universal Basic Income is finally kicking into action. Like all good movements there will be the trail blazers who discover and point out all the benefits nobody thought to consider, then the early adopters. Then everybody else will look like bloody losers if they don’t pull their finger out and implement it as quickly as possible.

Will that be America and Australia? Very possibly.


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2017 Predictions with Clif High

Many of the posts I add here are based around Spiritual Channellers who give guidance for personal development. This source is quite different. Originally starting out in the 1990’s looking for lateral thinking solutions to finding good stocks on the stock market, Clif High (his real name?) started to learn about movements and facts around Antartica and our Solar Sun – I expect he also picked up on the knowledge our larger Galactic Central sun from which the Milky Way is one arm and revolves around. This knowledge almost completely distracted him away from his original topic of interest.

20 years on, Clif now puts out reports which cover all sorts of topics from the practical 3D elements of life to the spiritual and unexplainable making a unique perspective from which we can all learn. In this interview below they start out with more “earthly” topics of 2017 stock market predictions, global economy, property devaluing, global reset of the banks which might include a period of being closed this year as they implement the new system (yet another reason to have your personal stocks of food, water and alternate power supplies on hand just as it was first suggested on this blog in 2011/2012) Bitcoin, China and the dollar value.

I love how Clif links much of what happens in finance and property to our emotional wellbeing. The broadcast media and social media sites have this well down pat. They can pump out material which upsets, creates anger, fear, prejudice and offence to get every one talking. This lowers collective emotional wellbeing which alters our behaviour and gives the media something to report the next day.

When you are in a negative frame of mind you are not in tune with your intuition and your “bullshit”-ometer is not working so well. Working this way, the media can divulge some truths along with whatever lies suit their agenda and the audience will take all of it as gospel.

People are so quick now to accept a few truths along with a whole bunch of disinformation and immediately spit it back out to everyone else. This way #fakenews can be spread around the world very quickly which causes confusion.

For your own sanity

  1. Take each individual piece of information and run it through your intuition – your heart, your gut instinct, however you like to test it. Truth and lies can come from the same source. “This bit feels right. This bit doesn’t sit well with me.” I also like watching videos with the sound off which often tells me much.
  2. Test a person, organisation or source of information the same way. Don’t assume all info from one source is trustworthy or not. Things are not as black and white as you think. Even me! I am just as susceptible and may get stuff wrong along the way as well.
  3. Don’t jump on the band wagon and adopt the opinion of others by default. If you look at my Facebook page you’ll see I don’t often share what everyone else is sharing or comment on what we “think” is happening, particularly in the political environment. So much is going on in the background that things are not what they appear to be. It’s become a trend to diss Trump as being this-ist or that-ist. This video below points out that those -ist words were put out by the media so people will quote them.You have no idea what he is up against and, as more facts come out in years to come, his erratic behaviour may make more sense. Even looking at his first dance at the inauguration with Melania, people were raving about his lack of care for her. To me it looked like the assassination threat had already been delivered and the two of them were not even sure if they’d make it to the end of the dance. He had that “everything’s cool, I’m in control” but-not-really look on his face and she could not hide her anxiety.
  4. Check your emotions – like often!  As you listen to an interview, newscast, article or watch a video, how does it make you feel. Yes, of course there are things to clean up in this world. So much to clean up. But does it affect you and your family right now? Can you do anything about it? Rather than choose to be angry, desperate or join in the gossip, if there is no direct action you can take then focus on the ideal outcome in a positive way. Not “wouldn’t it be great to get rid of this person?” No. More like “Wouldn’t it be great if the world was this way instead?”
  5. Be what you want the world to be. Regular practice of being generous, thoughtful, compassionate, taking positive action to improve something in your own neighbourhood does send powerful waves of positivity out which affect our Collective consciousness. Don’t be a hypocrite saying a politician should not behave a certain way and then find yourself doing exactly that to some other group of people. Practice what you preach… then preach less.

Another mention in this report talks about finally divulging to the world audience about the aliens that have been living here for thousands of years, also about the discovery of what Mercredan talked about as the city of Atl down in Antartica (Atl not Atlantis which I believe was a continent from which the Hawaiian Islands were the highest mountains). They’ve been excavating down there for about 20 years and only in the past couple of months all sorts of world leaders have suddenly needed to “take a sight seeing tour” of Antartica. Clif says there is technology down there which will make the majority of humanity wealthy for several hundred years. Not with resources such as gold or oil but in terms of highly advanced technology which will make life SO much easier for us all.

Bring it on.

There is plenty on youtube about these Antartica visits from World leaders, take a look. Again I say, be discerning about people who claim personal involvement.

Enjoy the video and do take a look at his website He has a more detailed report you can buy there in Bitcoin which is the equivalent of about USD 15.

Only one extra thing I want to add. Clif is not the only one that predicts the financial system is long overdue to fall apart with disastrous consequences. I am going to be optimistic – a bit like the three fairies undoing Malificent’s  curse to kill Sleeping Beauty/Aurora – and say that the world’s economists are well aware of the fragile state the economy is in. It is possible whatever is artificially propping it all up these past years will stay in place until they set up the new system. Nobody wants the banks to close and people to starve to death. No one wants the chaos. We all definitely need a new system and it is possible to create a smooth transition to get there. Have faith.

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Bashar: World Changing Event in Fall 2016

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar

Darryl Anka channeling Bashar

Wow, I’m fascinated to see how so many bloggers and vloggers have picked up on the Bashar (channelled by Darryl Anka) prediction that there will be “a moment where everything will change” due to come up in the Northern Hemisphere Fall, September to November of 2016. What could it be? Speculation seems to be heading towards high profile events but is this field of thinking too narrow? Let’s take a look.

Click here to see video reference of Bashar’s speech mentioning this moment.

Large Scale Moment

Our media feed us material that tends to remain on our minds and so many people fall for media news prompting, particularly if it satisfies their addiction to fear. What’s the worst that could happen? Some of the more obvious topics that might make a world changing moment would be

  • USA 2016 Presidential Elections: An assassination, an arrest, evidence the whole thing is rigged, parties pulling away from their candidates or other movements which would make the system of voting fall apart. Or it might be one of them winning and their radical decisions, once in power, makes a marked difference to the future of the world.
  • Divulging of information: What is hidden? So much! There is plenty to divulge to the world and I think much of it would make people feel quite sick. Would this make “a moment”? Possibly. Let’s look for some examples. It might be something that decides to reveal itself in a way even the media can’t hide it, whether it’s someone caught with their hand in the cookie jar, an ET UFO flyover – as several bloggers have contemplated – or proof of what the Secret Space Program talks about as cities built inside the Earth. It may also be divulging of past crimes on a large scale e.g. – 9/11 setup as an excuse to start a war, the truth about what’s in the vaccinations; viruses such as HIV or Ebola discovered to be man made, tsunamis (Fukushima and Indonesia) and cyclones proven to be man made. Who knows?
  • Currency change: To expose the Federal Reserve, IMF or World Bank’s hidden agenda or how they manipulate on a large scale would make an impression on us all and certainly change everything. I think the world economy is such a house of cards, held up by so little, that it really would only take a sneeze to bring the whole thing down. Rather than put the world through the chaos of all the banks closing leaving the hoards struggling and fighting for food (think about Greece), the world economists are more likely to create a new global or at least USA currency that overnight goes into everyone’s bank account as a dollar for dollar swap.
  • Climate disaster: In my circle we’ve all been discussing that huge volcano in Iceland which is slowly collapsing. Nothing man made is going to stop that. A few years back Mercredan had mentioned the possibility of a mass migration from Northern Hemisphere to the South. Mind you, sometimes our interpretations of what he says get a bit extreme. For example, he also talked about the power needing to be cut for an upgrade as the frequencies around the Earth were raising. I was expecting a mass worldwide power outage for everyone but, in the end, everyone got their power cut at different times. For some areas it was several days/weeks and for others, like us in Sydney, it was only a few hours. So mention of a mass migration may not refer to the entire top half of the world, just a large chunk of it and not necessarily for ever.

Small Scale Moment

Now we’ve looked at a few disaster possibilities we can take off our Chicken Little hat and think about the possibility of it being something a whole lot smaller. A good example of this is the December 21, 2012 turning point. The “end of the World” the media gleefully projected, yet it was also the beginning of the new World. This was a tipping point, like passing over the highest point of a large curved apex. When you’re on that curve you barely notice your weight shift, yet, Mercredan tells us that we’ll get 2-300 years down the track, look back and say “Oh yeah, that was the tipping point.” (Actually a bit later in December but we won’t split hairs on a once-every-25,000-year moment.)

So this “moment where everything will change” might be something that we never hear about until much later. It might be the discovery of new evidence, the cure for cancer – or indeed all illness – a scientific breakthrough, an arrest that was never publicised, an invention, a confession, a death, a birth, the change of a law or regulation or a simple decision where the butterfly effect ripples out and takes our World along a whole new path into the future.

These tipping points and movements the astrologists mention can be energetic and therefore only manifest in 3D reality much later. So if we get to the end of November and nothing obvious showed up we can rest assured knowing SOMETHING definitely happened.

Call for Calm

This may be unrelated to the moment Bashar is talking about but is definitely worth keeping in mind.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the messages of Channellers throughout this year is the Call for Calm. Many of them have mentioned that the divulging of information or realisation as people awaken to the Truth will cause a lot of anger. I’m assuming that will be divulging of hidden agendas, manipulation or crimes against humanity.

If you are a follower of Channellers or even this blog and are interested in the evolution of our World and species, you will be one of the group these messages are speaking to directly. No matter what information you are given, be it from the media, social networks or where ever it comes from, no matter how outrageous, cruel, conniving or evil; find calmness in yourself and encourage others to find their calmness too. Getting angry will harm the people, objects, animals and property around the angry person. We really can do without that right now.

The people who were involved in whatever nasty business is revealed, many of them would not have had a choice or felt they could not choose another path, or even thought they were doing what was best. You cannot judge someone unless you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. You just cannot. You have no idea how they were brought up, what influenced them through their life, who threatened them, who provided obscure reasoning, who bribed and corrupted. There are an untold array of reasons for why and how that person got caught up in the crime.

The Greatest Show in the Universe

All of this experience and the glorious awakening of Humanity is the show we are living, like Reality TV, with a massive Universal audience watching each individual to see how we react. We each chose to come into the World to make this shift so, how do you want to be seen by the audience? Are you going to follow the sheep and get angry? Or are you going to find your calm, give up judging and simply take action to put things right? That does not include revenge, violence or even nasty words against an individual or a group of people who caused the wrong. It’s about positive, forward thinking.

“Here’s the mess that was created. They will be made accountable. Now let’s focus on cleaning it up.”

Find your evolved self. As more information comes to the surface, all secrets revealed, all people made accountable for their thoughts, words and actions, start with self and how you can make the world a better place in your own sphere of influence.



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A Shift That Will Change Everything

Apple tax haven royal commissionBashar, channelled by Darryl Anka said a few months back that in the Fall (Autumn) of the Northern Hemisphere there “will be a moment where everything will change”. Ever since then, I continued to wonder what that would be. A major meteorological catastrophe? Wall St crash? Euro crash? What would affect all the world at once?

Of course, from a higher perspective these channelled entities often see a tipping point which, once reached, allows us to start moving in a very different direction relatively quickly. For us little perspectives down here on Earth that tipping point may seem pretty insignificant at the time and we only notice the different direction as it becomes apparent later.

So, I’ve been keeping my eye on the news, scooting over the propaganda, to dig out what that shift might be and this might be it.

In this article from yesterday$20b/7801970 it is reported that the Royal Commission has demanded Apple Computers pay back taxes of $20 billion (reported today as being $14 billion but hey, whatever, it’s still a hell of a lot of tax). Further down the article you will see a simplified diagram of how Apple have so far got away with it. I’m very sure there are many other multi-nationals to use the same principal.

In the diagram it shows “Apple Sales International” was set up in Ireland to house all the sales income from Europe. The meagre funds Apple decided to keep there were taxed by the Irish government at 1 percent initially, then by 2013 it was down to a tax rate of 0.005 percent. The rest of the funds would be allocated to “Apple Head Office” which does not actually exist. It has no physical premises and no staff so is not taxed at all.

When Mercredan talks about the world currency being like the current of a river in this article, he says it is stopped by too many corporate damns along the way, there is barely a drop left for the populace to water their plants with downstream. Finding a way to remove some of those damns so the current can flow again is what we need to prevent a future worldwide revolution of starving people.

What could the Irish government do with $20 billion extra dollars? I assume it would be expected they would have to redistribute to the countries where the sales were actually made for a start. How many other big companies could be hit that way?

I read an article a while back about the Australian Tax Department pinpointing Media (Murdoch and Packer) and Mining (e.g. – Reinhart) being major players in allocating funds elsewhere as well. No matter what the Department Tax Auditors did the Corporate accountants would find a way to use the Tax Department’s own rules against them to make sure little or no tax is paid to the Australian Government. Curious no one would bother to close the loop holes for all these years, don’t you think?

Yet, it’s not just about each individual country cleaning its act up. Funds really can be shot around the world in the flash of a moment so to bring all governments together and make a global policy which means there are no places (e.g. – Panama, Nevada, Swiss banks or a Head Office like Apple’s which is nowhere) where funds can be allocated for tax avoidance would get the currents flowing a lot more abundantly. A big injection of funds back to any local government can be used to improve what we’ve all been jumping up and down about forever – hospitals, education and infrastructure.

Full transparency and accountability is where the world is heading. How fast we get there is dependant on how loud your protest is that Government and Court officials will be ousted if they hold back on making those decisions.

Here is a piece of the longer Bashar lecture mentioned above

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Euro Collapse Yanis Varoufakis Noam Chomsky

This is a fantastic conversation between former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and American social critic/historian Noam Chomsky in New York. They run through some great history on how many of the current world political and fiscal structures were set up, the power play that goes on behind closed doors and who makes the decisions.

It’s demonstrates perfectly how politicians have pretty much nothing to do with the decisions that run the world politics and economy regardless of which way you vote.

Yanis Varoufakis considers himself a politician by necessity, not by choice. An economist and academic by training, he became finance minister for Greece amidst the country’s financial crisis, creating an image for himself both beloved and reviled. He discusses his complicated role in his new book, “And the Weak Suffer What They Must?: Europe’s Crisis and America’s Economic Future”, and on the LIVE stage alongside renowned academic and theorist Noam Chomsky.

Click here to see another video of Yanis Varoufakis on the Universal Basic Income.

Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


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