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Gregg Braden: Losing Judgement

I love this interview by Gregg Braden. He’s the one that really brought attention to the ancient calendars all around the world pointing to 21 December 2012 being the turning point of the end of the old world and the beginning of another, not just in a 5,000 year cycle but a bigger movement (a new Epoch as Mercredan calls it) of a 25,000 year cycle which will create a totally different way of living.

In this video he talks about his Cherokee heritage teaching of the Single Eye of the Heart which sees without judgement or thought.

Some more points covered:

  • Many older races on the planet can physically manipulate matter and form through aligning thought, feeling and emotion so they are One.
  • When something hurts you, acknowledge the feeling, ask what the feeling is telling you without judging the cause, then bless it as an experience to bring up the feeling (= opportunity to release the baggage).
  • Base the prayer for peace on a feeling you live all through life rather than something you just do for a moment.
  • Compassion aligns us with the matrix that holds the Universe together.
  • The language of Science is only about 400 years old whereas ancient languages can be 7,000 years old. Science has spent much time trying to prove everything is connected. The ancient languages already know this and have used the time to explore how.
  • Emotions in the heart can heal the body – even cancer
  • No need to go from workshop to workshop. Just spend your time integrating what you’ve already learnt.



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Being Worthy

law of attraction love advice tips mentor teacherThere are many times in life when you feel like you are treated badly, overlooked, shunned, ignored and just straight up insulted. Yet, the world only reflects back what you feel about yourself. If it’s throwing at you something that you don’t feel then you’ll usually miss it. It will go over your head and not affect you.

The path to evolving and healing comes when you can take up the habit of seeing these happenings around you to be reflections. Then, rather than reacting and taking offence or being hurt you can say “Hey, check that out. That person said this to me and I felt low (sad, mad, injured, small, offended …) Therefore there is some element of truth I found in what they said. What was the element I considered to be truth that hurt the most in what they said?

If you look at it more objectively without getting swamped in the emotions, you can then pick out the words, or interpretation which needs a bit of work to remove from your psyche. Once you’ve removed it, you will see similar words or actions happening less because there is no reason to reflect it back at you anymore. You no longer have that belief about yourself in your vibe which is broadcast out to the world so you no longer get the same “ping back”.

Being Not Worthy

Many of the things that hurt us stem from how worthy we feel. There are plenty of self development gurus and experts who will yell at you “You’re a God/Goddess, you’re a super star, you’re special! See it, believe it and your life will change.”

So we go “Oh, ok. I’m a Goddess. Whoo! Yeh! How exciting. No, not really.” We can say a million affirmations, put on a nice dress, push out our chest and strut about but it really just feels like we are kidding ourselves. Like playing fancy dress.

If you find this is the case, how about simply being as worthy as everyone else?

Learning to be Worthy Again

Pinpoint the thing you have stuck in your psyche and reason with yourself in a new way. Let’s look at an example.

One I see which is very common amongst those I help is whether or not they are worthy of love or admiration.  How can we see this differently? Try whichever affirmations are most useful to you or make you’re own ones up in a similar fashion.

There are others who are older than me and younger than me who are deeply loved by their partner. I am just as worthy as them.

There are others who are thinner or fatter than me who are deeply loved by a partner. I am just as worthy as them.

There are others who are poorer or richer than me who are deeply loved by a partner. I am just as worthy as them.

There are others who are brighter or dumber than me who are deeply loved by a partner. I am just as worthy as them.

There are others who are more talented or less talented than me who are deeply loved by their partner. I am just as worthy as them.

There are others who are more successful or less successful than me who are deeply loved by their partner. I am just as worthy as them.

There are others who are more extrovert or more shy than me who are deeply loved by a partner. I am just as worthy as them.

I am just as worthy as that person and that person and that person.

You see? You can pick whatever the main criticism is that you have of yourself and prove there is no evidence to suggest you are less worthy than anyone else.

As an exercise, just like the Beautiful exercise we’ve done before, popping this thought into your mind on a frequent basis, even for a week, can dramatically turn your mindset around. You don’t have to be a super star or a God/Goddess. Just accepting that you are as worthy as the next is enough to knock out the resistance and start to bring you a different, more positive sort of reflection from the world that you can be, do or have whatever you are reaching for.


Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Mercredan: Protecting victimhood

Moving from 3d to 5d worldI find when I read back over transcripts of my own and other people’s sessions with Mercredan that each gets a different style of delivery. Mercredan once said that his name is really just a reference point so we know what we’re talking about. The entity never existed on Earth as a person. But he (and I call him a “him” simply because the entity speaks through a male channeler) has also said that when you speak to Source through a channeller you are basically speaking to your higher self. So, for people really going through a hard time, the voice is quiet, comforting and encouraging. For those who need a kick up the bum, the voice speaks far more plainly which can be a bit of a shock at the time, much like a kick up the bum, but gets the message across when you are strong enough to absorb the effect and make use of the message rather than being offended.

In this session below it was my turn for a kick up the bum and, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know its not the first time.

Protecting the mechanism of Victimhood is a fascinating subject. From the time we are children we pick up on how to behave based on the reaction we get from others around us. If it works in our favour, no matter how unethical, no matter whether or not it is beneficial in the larger scheme of things, we’re going to keep doing it.

I remember being hit by Glandular fever as a teenager and sleeping for 23 hours a day for 4 weeks leaving me a shadow of my former self. As I slowly started to recover, my mother had put me out under the shade on a sunny day to get some warmth and fresh air. My father came by to say something which made me smile. He said to me “that’s the first time I’ve seen you smile in such a long time” and my instant reaction was to lose the smile. Why? Because whenever I was doing well, I was ignored if not disdained as far as I could see. Only when I looked like I was on my death bed did I get the slightest nuance of care from him.

Interesting stuff? Ooh! I have a million of those stories and I bet there are plenty of people in the world who could match or better my stories. To be weak, picked on, falling down, in need of help, we get the attention we yearn for. Yet, once we give ourselves the attention, we no longer need it from others. Then, as the Law of Paradox goes, once you no longer reach out for something, it comes to you effortlessly.

So this session we looked at finding that victim style of thinking and using that fabulous series of questions he has mentioned to find your way out of it. Then you can become who you are meant to be in order to fulfil your soul’s destiny. Sounds dramatic yet, what possibilities it opens up!

Mercredan session

Channelled by Francis Evans in Bali

Interviewed by Annabelle Drumm
3 May 2016

Topics: inner vs. outer world, an investigation to complete, Fantasy vs. observing and learning, becoming more present, recognising the mechanism of Victimhood



M: Good afternoon, once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time.

(25 seconds of silence – he is listening)

M: At the present there does not seem as if there is anything specific that I am being told to start with so shall we begin a conversation?

A: Wow that’s a first time.

M: Well, shall we say it is important only to stay in the present time in the process and One does not want to simply say something only for the purpose of saying something.

Inner vs. Outer World

A: Yes, only for the hell of it. OK. Um, I’d like to continue on from the conversation we had last week because I have been putting my focus on being a part of the environment and being aware of it in a different kind of way and connecting with more people. So last time we spoke the feedback seemed to be that I was not being very obedient (to my intuition) and fighting against the flow. Do you have any feedback on how I am doing this time around?

M: Hm, I want to say this. Shall we start with, your world is one of interaction, interconnectedness. So it is that it provides always whatever you need at the time that you need it and while that might not seem  ____ (internet freezing) “ness” when One is struggling to make the world obey self rather than One obeying one’s destiny. This is where the concept of destiny comes in. When One is aligned with where One is deciding to go then the Universe provides the mechanisms to get there. Do you follow what I mean? So it is that One is guided if One is willing. Otherwise One struggles against the odds, as it were. Does that make sense?

A: Well it does but again I am trying to get clear on… you say where I decide to go… and yet, if I am deciding, it is no longer being obedient, is it?

M: The inner decisions and the outer decisions. That is the difference between the thinking mind and the inner directions. One is not talking so much about where the mind wants to take you but where the soul is best at fulfilling its purpose.

An investigation to complete

When we first began talking about the Shift in Consciousness, this was what you wanted to investigate and so it is then, you set in motion the investigation of Consciousness and everything from then on is aligned with that investigation. To try to turn off the investigation at this point will only cause disruptions in the field before it can realign in another direction.

A: OK. So if I look at my personal life as it goes along and looking at different areas of development; if I keep that umbrella investigation in mind as I go through each part, that will work better?

M: Shall we say, One wanted to investigate and One has explored certain arenas and we talked about our contract in putting your ideas, your thoughts into an agreed volume, but that has been put to the side.

A: The writing of the novel? (This is writing a book summing up of the last five years of study with Mercredan.)

M: Of course.

A: Yes (Uh oh, another abandoned project.)

M: And you have put it aside because you think that you do not have what it takes to put that into place. Do you follow?

A: So if I continue along with that, that is part of our contract?

M: Of course, and as you begin to put into words what you are discovering in your exploration then you start to see what it is that has been overlooked because you have too many projects on the boil. So your creative energy is split in too many directions. What directions are you putting into agreements and what directions are you trying to force into play?

A: So if I put all those projects on the shelf and just write the novel, the Universe will look after me? (looking skeptical)

M: I am saying that you cannot simply extract yourself from the world because your exploration requires interaction with the world as you know it. That is how the Shift in Consciousness is occurring. You also are looking at, how can you apply this new viewpoint? How do you put it into practice in ways that are useful and open the doorway to others? Then it begins to become clearer what it is that is getting in your own way of shifting yourself into the current. Do you understand what I mean by that?

A: Yes I do

M: So you when you shift into the current you are applying the tools, the rules that you are exploring and, in doing so, you set in motion the currency. Then you start to realise that you have something valuable in your hence (? 10:03). And that valuable asset can set you free.

A: You said it was valuable in my hence?

M:: I want to say it is valuable because you can put it to use so that the currents begin to flow properly. You are beginning to recognise the key factors that have been misunderstood all along. Whatever factors that are stopping that flow in your life operate in many other people’s lives as well. Do you follow what I mean? So you are collecting together a wide range of experiences and, shall we talk about, a new “package”. But it all begins when you start to put into words your own experience of the shifting in consciousness and that means being very clear not to over apply the analysis (Click here to read session 26 April 2016 for more details on this) but to review it from a more detached position as the Author of your experience. Do you follow what I mean?

A: Yes I do.

M: Because until you can pull yourself out of the situation you will not cease feeding the situation as it stands. That is why the metaphor for the writer allows you to disentangle yourself from the experience. What occurs is you become attached to the sensational world, attached to the sense and attached to the problem as a problem. When you look at your situation and you analyse it and consider it “this is the problem”. Do you follow?

A: Well, maybe what I think is the problem is not the problem at all. It’s something else otherwise I would have sorted it by now.

M: Of course. The problem is not a thing, the problem is how One approaches factors and with what considerations, what ideas and how you view that situation. When you see that it is always a challenge, it is always filled with creativity, it is always ready to be plucked like a ripe fruit. Do you follow? The problem is not a problem. The problem is the solution to many other factors and that is why a Shift in Consciousness is the solution, not activities on the ground.

A: Yes yes

M: You can, if you like, work hard to change the event or you can shift your viewpoint on it. That might come about when you start to write down your experience and what you understand about how Consciousness operates and we have talked deliberately many times in this regard. There are many keys in all of the work that we have done over the times and it is not so much going back and reporting it as it is realising, how is it that with all of this I am still not getting the change in viewpoint? When you operate out of that level, when you start to see that your life is a great exploration, One is always interacting with Consciousness and it follows very distinctive laws in your Universe. We have stated so often that these laws follow the sequence of paradox, polarity and magnetism. The answer to a question is always, what is the consequence that I am experiencing right now? What would I have to have put into place in order to have experienced this consequence rather than another? What consequence would I prefer? and what would I have to do, think and FEEL in order to attract that? What is it that I am avoiding? Do you follow what I mean here?

A: Yes

M: Because for some people, very often, they can dig their heels in a long time. So one consequence of digging One’s heels in is that One generates more motivating circumstances to shift One.

A: I’ve certainly created that.

Fantasy vs. Observing and learning

M: So if then that is the consequence, then what would have to shift to change the circumstance to a more profitable one? That is not an ideation. That is not a fantasy. You understand, it is not thinking “All things are so beautiful. That is the thinking then it will come.” Of course not. If you fantasise you will get a fantastic wake up call.

A: (laughs)

M: You understand

A: Yes

M: and this is what so many people think that they understand Consciousness by fantasising about it, imagining that it is a certain way rather than observing, being very observant of the present experiences, taking note of everything. Because observation, that is being totally present, as we have said so many times, being present to the moment is what brings awareness to the centre.


A: Right

Becoming more present

M: Shall I suggest then, if you look at the room that you are in and you can see everything, how many items can you allow yourself to see? Can you make that more? Can you observe more and more and more things in your world? You become more present and less conscious of your medical mind. The mind that is trying to figure everything out, to make sense of it and to make it ordered and rational.

A: Is it really that simple. Is that all there is to it…

M: You understand, right away you want to make it more complex and you think it is a simple action.

A: (laughs) No, I know it’s such a habit to break, isn’t it, when you’ve got a busy mind.

M: Of course! So you are an habitual state of mind filling it up with constant planning instead of being present and recognising that all the planning in the world will not open you to the moment of the present. It will not bring you the gift that the present is. Then you miss opportunities that are presented immediately in your field because the mind has forgotten itself once again and you are living inside a fantasy world. The idea then, is that you create your world as a fantasy. All the teachings say “make an image of what you want da da dee” and so on. However, that is only a replica. That is you have created exactly what you want but in another dimension that is not the physical.

(Imagination lives in the 4th Dimension. It is real but not yet in the 3D physical world.)

M: In order to create in the physical you have to turn up in the physical. You have to realise that the physical is not against you, that you are not being forced by the physical and you have to change the physical by impressing another world upon it. Does this make sense and are we tying up some loose ends here?

A: Um, yes. Well, I’m thinking of even of earlier today when I went into the city, was I missing opportunities there as well. Can we use that as an example?

M: Were you present? Were you missing anything as you think back? What did you say? What did you miss when you scan in your memories? Did you miss something that drew your attention? Did you see, shall we say, a particular letter box that suddenly brought something to mind? Do you understand, a particular person who reminded you of something that you had put aside? Do you follow what I mean? It is all around all of the time.

A: Are these actual things from earlier today that you are bringing up as examples?

M: Shall I say, rather than, it always is difficult to bring in exactly what is missing. First of all, there are too many frameworks that interact from our point of view. However there are some likely to have some similarity at least in those things.

(I am looking confused)

M: I think there is some form of church or some form of cathedral which you have passed in your trip. Some building such as that which brought to mind a particular incident in your life in previous times.

A: A church I can think of was one near the train station.

M: And what did it trigger? …

A: I am trying to guess here with my brain and just making it up.

M: Of course, you have to put it aside because in the end it isn’t your brain making it up that is important, it is your unconscious mind, the inner mind that is picking up the sensory values around this. So put it to the back of your mind and just let it sit there while you put your attention on the tasks for the day… Somewhere in this there is a thread. Not thinking about this but just bringing it back into awareness. What is it in your life is necessary, what is missing and how does this bring you back on to task?

A: Necessary and missing. … Um. I guess I’ll just have to let it sit.

M: Of course, in the background, letting it bring out what is missing and what you are avoiding in your life. What is it you think is one thing and brings about avoidances that set in motion the patterns of the experience. At the same time, watching your process. Watching, how is it that I have missed this, so that you can add this to your research.

A: OK, alright.

M: Because as you set aside some time for writing your research notes then you become more and more capable of discovering what it is that is valuable. You have plenty of what is valuable already but you have not valued what you have.

A: Yes I get that and I think what continues to pop up that if I’ve dug my heels in so hard that I am now running out of resources… you’re saying that’s a useful motivation, I’m wondering if that’s preventing me from writing.

M: Shall we say, is it preventing you or is what is behind that preventing you from taking any action at all? One can make that the problem rather than realise that this is the motivating factor that will set you in motion and will free up all of the resources that you have.

A: Right. OK. Just keep present while I do the exercise and the research…

M: and not just that but if you keep digging in your heels in in any part of life, look at it. What is it that you are trying to protect?

A: OK, good question. (the ultimate brush off)

M: Because you think one way and then you fall into the pattern of wanting to impress yourself on the world rather than allowing the universe to be as supportive as it is.

A: Yeh ok

(This is exhausting. To keep interacting being open to new work but remove the pattern of impressing myself on the world feels like such a paradox. To stop putting action on the ground and somehow magnetise in what I need feels very upside down to me. Obviously the conclusion to this investigation will be an epiphany to me with cymbals crashing in a decent finale. Bring it on!)

M: You understand, immediately the thought.

A: (laughs) Oh, that’s just like the biggest mystery ever and I know once I’ve got it I’ll be flying but at the moment it feels like my magic carpet is heading vertically downwards.

(Click here to read the magic carpet conversation.)

M: Do you understand, the very feeling is as much important as any thought or any action. If you do something and you have convinced yourself you can do it but underneath you feel you are not worthy of it then everything is simply a waste of time.

A: Yes

M: and if you think that you cannot overcome the feelings then you are building them a solid foundation. So the question is what are you protecting?

A: What am I protecting?… My victimhood?

M: Isn’t that interesting? And how much effort does it take to protect it?

A: A lot

M: Because there are many things, many actions you could take but that would eliminate it as a mechanism, then you can no longer ever rely on it in the future. So it is a safety mechanism.

(long pause while I digest the idea)

M: How does that sit?

A: I need to sit with it further I think. This is um…

M: I want you to get to the point where you shift your feelings so that you begin to feel that underneath this is a great gift. (so gently)  So rather than slipping back into the endless “considering”, drop the thinking mind and just give it to the Divine. You have asked and asked for this skill (channelling)  and now is the time to tap into it.


M: Is that enough for today?

A: Thank you, yes, it’s probably one of the most precious that we’ve done so far.

M: Then thank you once again for all your efforts and the time, for helping with our exploration and eventually committing it into, shall we say, a helpful manual. Then thank you and good afternoon.



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Video: Meditation Technique To Get To Zero Field

Natalie Pescetti meditation numerologistNumerologist Natalie Pescetti discusses the Quantum Physics term “the Zero field” in this video, compares it to how it is seen in art and movies, then shows you a meditation technique to help you get into the Zero Field on a daily basis.

Points from the video

  • The Zero Point Field is the energy of atoms. This is what I was shown in my meditation that one stunning day where I could see everything around me – the furniture, the floorboards, the space under the floorboards and my own body – was completely see through with the tiniest speck of “matter” in each atom. Barely there! It’s only because the chemical element vibrates at such a fast rate that you think the atom is solid.
  • Quantum Physicists have proven that the observer affects the experiment. Ever wondered how on earth so many experiments come to the conclusion that yet another thing causes cancer? These experiments are generally set out either by the scientist or the funder of the experiment to prove something specific. You can see this in your own life using the regular “glass half empty/glass half full” rule. Whatever you look for you will find.
  • Reality itself is affected by attention. What spiritual teachings have been lecturing for eons the scientists now have proof of. So it’s bigger than just a glass half full idea. It covers all levels of living, all emotions you attach to what you see, how you react, what choices you make, how you remember your past, what you dream of or worry about in the future. Where you put your attention is the energy you feed to create your reality.

Here’s Natalie’s 3 step process for the meditation technique in a nutshell.

  1. Blur the surroundings. She offers a few ways to remove the “solidness” of your environment and open up to a more fluid way of looking at things. Her suggestions: think of the Matrix when Neo realises he can stop the bullets, Van Gogh paintings where everything is liquid, Star Trek Holo-deck where you start with a blank canvas and add components to the new world.
  2. Stay there for as long as you can. Results tend to be: worries disappear, more love, a deep level of trust grows, dreams and desires are allowed to naturally bubble up to the surface of your consciousness.
  3. Population step: Populate your mind by being the active creator. Decide for yourself where to put your attention by using questions such as “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?” and “Wouldn’t it be cool if…?” These are not trying to force the situation, the thought simply opens up the opportunity and I know, particularly for me who has in the past always been the one to try and force my destiny, learning not to “try hard” and simply opening the door to potential feels amazingly effortless.

For control freaks and masters of taking action, this idea of the gentle creation mindset always feels like “Is that it? Is that all we do? Shouldn’t we do more?” Just give it a try and allow patience to bring it about. Providing you put no resistance in the way by moving your attention to the opposite thoughts, and providing no larger picture event changes your life and surrounding, you can open up to allowing it to happen along the path of least resistence.

Enjoy the video.



Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Mercredan: Stamping Your Mark On A New Creation

spirit channelers teachersAlthough this is a personal session, I am open about sharing what I discuss as you may find you have similar things you are dealing with in your life where this advice can be helpful.

In this session with Mercredan channelled by Francis Evans I have a big idea that appeals to me to put in motion even though I am feeling overwhelmed about how big the project is and how many others I will need to get it underway.

We also discussed a fascinating idea of me giving up being “nice” and being bold in pointing out destructive behaviour in others. Mercredan’s view is that it is irresponsible of me to let it slide so they can behave the same way with someone else.

The nice version of me would rather be stomped under foot and slip away as soon as possible but Merc is encouraging all of us to stand up and point it out before the behaviour gets out of control. Like a village raising a child, we can do the same with adults, of course. How quickly the world’s bad behaviours, criticisms, verbal and psychological abuses and even crimes might cease if we all took responsibility for them. Hm… something to think about.

Enjoy the session and if you have comments, talk to me either on Facebook or the Google + page.


Mercredan session

Channelled by Francis Evans
Interviewed by Annabelle Drumm
15 February 2016

Topics: stamping your mark on a new creation, gravitational waves, setting the time frame, gravitas, edge of the Unknown, event horizon, science, taking responsibility for the creation, appeasing others, seeing potential skills, playing dumb, taking responsibility



M: Good morning and once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. I want always to remind that once One clears away the ideas and the thoughts that clutter the mind, One is then open to what is sitting always just in the background. I want to make that clear because of today’s discussion. So let us begin our conversation.

A: OK. I’ve had much bigger ideas on what it is I would like to achieve and I’ve had a little bit of too-ing and fro-ing between the old me and the new me that would be required to make this happen. Hmm, what’s the question around that? I’m assuming it just becomes more steadfast, the stronger I build upon the idea?

M: Once One begins, always, it is more clarified. Shall we take any sport you would like to take, whether it is on your football field or whether it is on the golf course or on the hockey pitch and so on. Once you begin a movement, already you are beginning to see how it can make a pathway. Often it is dependent on making that statement in terms of that particular move. Shall we say, in such a team sport, pointless if you have not everybody else on the same line. In your golf, of course, it is up to you but you still have to decide where you are going to put your ball from the beginning. It is always the first step that sets the motion. Often what occurs is that people think they understand what it is they want but they are not letting anybody else know. Do you understand?

A: Yes

M: And, the reason then is because they are not sure what others might say or do to get in the way or to undermine and so forth. So they cannot even make the first move without exposing what it is rather than realising when you begin you have to be committed. If you are committed, then you are not interested in what others might do to block it, only what others might do to help you along.

A: Yes, I think in this case. I don’t think I’ve been too focussed on anyone who would block it. I’m trying to find other members of the team.

M: Once you have stated your preferences then you are beginning to set the waves in motion.

A: Right. But when I have to decide where I am going to put the ball, as you say, at the moment I do not feel clear on which direction is going to be the best way for that ball to go and I’m wondering if there are better advisors who could advise me on that, unless I am to tune into my intuition for that.

M: So here you are. You are about to kick off

A: (laughs)

M: and you have no idea what to do.

A: Right

M: You are then going to pass the ball directly to your opponent. Do you follow what I mean? Directly, because you are wavering in realising that first of all, kick it in the direction that seems most likely to succeed.

A: Yes yes

M: You are taking the step and you are saying “This is where I am going. Will all the helpers come to the front? Even if you are not coming to the front I am still moving forward.” Do you understand what this means? Underneath this is deeper questions so let us progress with our conversation.


(Listening back as I type now the conversation could have been steered towards my holding back, my limiting ways of doing or thinking, old patterns etc… That would have been deeper questions.)

Well even this morning… I know you gave me a lovely affirmation once before that said something like “I trust in the Universe and therefore I am willing to pursue my dreams with abandon.” This sounds lovely! I don’t quite understand how the cashflow works while the new project starts. I’d love to spend all my time on it though, I wonder if I need to taper – you know, start regular work…

M: You understand “abandon” is the word. What you always have done is hold it back.

A: Yes indeed.

M: So you are not yet willing or ready to let it take form. I am going to direct our conversation back to what has sparked your interest.


Gravitational waves

M: What science is calling gravitational waves (this is in reference to the recent press release I put on the blog here 3 days earlier, 12 February 2016

Such an important concept that we have been speaking about for a very long time. So one first of all draws to oneself that which is fulfilling. The shock waves send out across Consciousness the signal at what frequency is below the ordinary structures. What it does is it affects spacetime. The creation, if you like, One’s creativity, what is known as the primary force affects spacetime by creating within it. It takes on the form of gravitational wave forms. So it is when one creates gravitas. I am going to have you look up what that means.

(Gravitas: dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner)

Once you have set it in motion, that is you have aligned yourself with the Universal background, you cannot affect anything until you are within the form, the structure of the spacetime continuum. And I think you will begin to understand what I am saying, though it is when one stamps one mark…

A: (laughs)

M: …that you send shudders through the continuum.

A: Yes

Set the time frame

M: You put into place the marking events, that is the ructions on the spacetime continuum that are necessary to draw the creation into completion.

A: OK.

M: So it is important that you first of all define the creation. If you do not have the creation and at least a close proximity to the time frame, how can you possibly begin the wave event?

A: The timeframe is a curious one to me. I’ve always had the impression that when you set something in motion that it’s not up to me to decide when the perfect time will be for this to come about. I realise we don’t want to make it 10 years down the track – I don’t want to keep doing this for 10 years but…

M: You have to approximate. You have to have the vicinity otherwise how can the Universe measure the wave forms.

A: OK that’s different from what I’ve done before. I will do that.

Edge of the Unknown

M: As We have spoken, We survive at the edge of the Void, of the Unknown. As such, that edge is in your terms, in your scientific terms, called the event horizon. It is from that event horizon that the Gravitas begins. It is from that horizon the wave forms progress to the moment of creation. So it is important that you draw from the vastness of the Unknown that which is necessary. That is, enough of the frameworks to draw the creation in so that, as you move towards to it, more and more definition.

A: And more gravity?

M: Of course.

A: Mm. We’ve also talked about characteristics changing in order to match a new identity …

M: Of course

A: … and over the last few days I’ve been rather stompy! (laughs) Rather aggressive. Not terms of aggressive against others but in getting things done and getting started.

Taking responsibility for the creation

M: You understand you are trying to be nice as well. You want something but you are trying to be nice. You have no idea undermining that is. Rather than being clear that you are willing to take responsibility and accountability for your creation, whatever affect it has. Do you follow? One is not interested in “nice”.

A: I think that has been happening more with where I am currently doing unpaid work at the station.  Turning away from being nice and just getting the message across over and over and over until they get it, that seems to be stirring a little bit.

M: Of course. Then One is learning and what a good environment is in how to stand on the principles and not on niceness.

A: Yes yes. So to use those principles now with the new project…

Appeasing others

M: Of course. So you are not trying to Appease which is of course such an ingrained characteristic. I want to say, why don’t you dig it out?

A: (laughs) Give it a rest.

M: Shall we say, eliminate it from your characteristics and become more responsible. Do you follow the difference between the two? Whatever you do always has consequences.

A: Yes

M: Being an Appeaser has consequences! Generally they are not so good for yourself. Still a consequence. So if you want the best for yourself then you have to set that in motion and accept the consequences of it.

A: Mm, I bet that would make me a much stronger Coach as well.

M: I am certain you would not be forever trying to go and help people, to help them in their stuck positions and at the same time wanting them to move and at the same time living with frustration. For the first time we are able to directly address this difficulty.

A: Yes

M: and if you were to review your life, see how many times this particular attitude and characteristic has upset your purpose.

A: Definitely. Is it worth looking at how that came about? Is it something I was born into this life with because I’ve used it before or a way I was brought up?

M: Shall we say, what point?

A: Mm ok

M: Better to stop.

A: (laughs) yes

M: And not be interested in looking for some excuse.

A: I wasn’t looking for an excuse. I am interested to know how these things develop. But like you say, there is no point.

M: I want to say, indeed, what occurs is that you will make it an excuse and there is no excuse. You are responsible for your life by using it to escape. It escapes responsibility rather than assuming one’s power.

A: Mm ok

M: And power of course, has to be used with care.

A: Of course.

M: So you then become careful but not appeasing.

Seeing potential skills

A: I’ve had an interesting thing come up over the last week or so from two different people who have skills that they have either learnt or comes naturally to them over many many years to the point of being unconsciously competent, that have asked of me to go and do the same thing, as if I could, and me feeling like I don’t even know where to start. I interested to know why both of these things have come up for me recently.

M: You understand, who is saying you do not know where to start?

A: Me

M: Mm! You understand, you stand in the middle of your football field, you have to start the game! You have to move and you are constantly worrying, what if? What if I didn’t succeed?

A: But in one of those cases I did try and didn’t get very far at all. I thought, all I really needed was the basics of how to play the game, if we’re talking about a ball again. I don’t have any rules at all. I don’t know the guidelines of what I am trying to achieve. Well, I know what I’m trying to achieve but, I don’t know how the game is played.

M: Let us shift a little focus and take your game of chess. The person who starts the game defines the moves. Doesn’t look for them. There are certain moves that one has to follow. One has certain things that one can do with the pieces but the game is defined by the first move.

A: Of course. But if you don’t even know how the pieces move.

M: Of course that is not true. Of course you can ask “how do I move this piece?” That is a one-off consideration.

Playing dumb

A: Exactly. That’s where I got to. I got the point where I was surprised I was asked to play the game of chess without knowing how the pieces move.

M: So someone thinks that you are lying.

A: Lying? Or more competent than I actually am?

M: I want to say that you are playing dumb! Do you follow what I mean? Because they can see something that you cannot.

A: Yes I agree with that.

M: So you are dumb.

A: (laughs) 

M: You are pretending that you have to have everything in line. You have to already won the game before you even start to play it.

A: Well that would be fun.

M: That would not be fun at all. That would be boring.

A: Boring

M: What would be the point in wasting all that time playing the game that you already know you have won. And you have done this over lifetimes! You have done this over this lifetime setting up your own sibling to play the game and pretend that you have no position and do not know the rules.

A: Setting up my own sibling?

M: Of course! You are playing dumb with this one. And I want to say she doesn’t trust you as a result. Do you follow what I mean?

A: Does it matter?

M: It doesn’t matter, of course not but, it matters if you continue to think you haven’t got anything to play with.

A: Yes OK

M: If you are still pretending that you are not more advanced than you are.

A: And here again, it’s taking stock but knowing where to look within yourself to find what stock there is.

M: You understand, once again you find another excuse for not playing the game. That is, if you don’t know the rules, start the game and find them out as it goes along. Become highly a-sensitised.

A: A-sensitised?

M: Of course, you are watching with great delight, every step of the way. So the rules become more and more apparent.


M: So you are passing the ball to your fellow officers along the way. When you begin, it will not take too long for you to realise that you have not been unaware of the rules, you have been playing dumb.

A: (laughs) yes OK. I guess I have noticed that again in my sandbox station where I spend my time that I pick up things very quickly. I didn’t realise because I had no comparison. So I see that I can move quickly and if I keep that in mind with this project too, then I can see that I am more advanced.

M: And I want to say when you stamp your mark at the beginning, the waves, indeed, progress forward.

A: Mm. Why do you use the words “stamp your mark”?

M: Because it is a sound. The gravitational field is a sound. “In the beginning”, it is said, “was the Word”. It does not say “In the Beginning there was God.” It says “In the Beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God”. The word and God then, are the same thing and it says then, “In the Beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the Word was God.” That ultimately means that whatever is stated must form. It is God. It is the power itself. So it is clear then, first the intention, the idea, and then the STAMP. This is the commitment. This is the “with god” and then the creation “this is God.” I define it. Does that make sense?

A: Yes it does. Thank you.

M: Once you share, once you state, once you create the concrete-ness of vision and you forget whether someone else is going to steal whatever it is and you are simply creating; then you become the power that sets it free.

A: Hm. Very powerful, thank you.

Taking responsibility

M: You understand, not for somebody else, not because of somebody else, not held back by someone else, not interested in what others have to say, only being aware that whatever you create comes with consequences. That means there are sequences that are aligned with it and they move in all directions.

A: That’s very hard to consider all consequences. You cannot see all those directions.

M: Of course not. You are not asked to see the consequences, you are asked to be responsible for them. Sometimes you think you are being nice, you think that you are doing something for someone’s benefit and the consequence is they take it and use it destructively. Do you follow what I mean?

A: Do you have an example of that?

M: Shall we say, you let somebody get away with some behaviour that is not very good, then they use it somewhere else and that you think that you are not responsible. Of course you are responsible because you did not act upon that awakening. Upon one’s realisation that the right thing is to be decisive.

A: Right. It takes some confidence to do that.

M: That is of course the truth.

A: A new characteristic.

M: Of course. One has to tap in to One’s own personal confidence, their own personal power and you gain that by making such statements.

A: OK. So it’s time for me to make my Word!

M: Of course and to share it with everyone. To be excited when you share it. To watch yourself to see if there is any doubt arising. If you think that as you tell someone you are trying to hold it back and so on, these are all great and useful lessons. They bring to your attention what characteristics you are carrying so you can begin to eliminate.

A: OK, Dig them out.

M: That is correct and that is to take away all of your history. All of it arises because of history of ideas and attitudes that you have adopted in what you consider is necessary for survival and in the end of the day, there is no survival anyway.

A: (laughs)

M: You understand? You are going to transform at some point anyway.

A: Yes indeed.

M: So why worry about it?

A: Yep OK. Thank you. Thank you for the inspiration.

M: Is that enough for today?

A: It is, thank you.

M: Then thank you for your time and your interest and your willingness, at least, to apply. Then thank you and good morning.

A: Good morning.



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