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Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Part One

I seem to be a lot calmer about the wider Shift of Consciousness now that I have been exploring it for some 7 or 8 years. Mercredan had said I was nearing the end of that exploration and I now have a contract/agreement to write a book about it to help others understand. I’ve started the book maybe 4 times now but not found my flow so, I once again, set it aside until the inspiration comes as I know it will.

My new topic I seem to be hungry to learn about is the gender issue, the sexuality issue. There seems to be so many people in the world out of balance. Not enough of them accepting of both sides to themselves, the masculine and the feminine we all have inside. People who get turned on by pain or being defaecated on. People who totally reject the gender they chose before they were born. Heterosexuals who reject friends who choose to be Homosexual. Homosexuals who reject friends who are Bi-sexual. Not enough acceptance, love or fluidity between the Yin and Yang we all possess.

Mercredan has said in a number of our sessions over the years that I rely on my masculine traits to be “successful” in the business world. I do this, I think, to emulate my father who was overly dominating in our household. I watched him stomp over my mother so many times and must have decided as a child that if I was “strong” like him then no man would stomp on me.

Yet, Mercredan was saying I veered towards the masculine because I thought the feminine was weak and that I was wrong in believing so. He also inferred that if I found the strength of my feminine I would be far more effective in my work, my relationships and every part of life.

Awesome. OK. So, where’s the answers?

Ah! They must be found. Mercredan has never spoon fed me answers. I must seek them and come to my own conclusions.

So, I think the place to start is to get a clearer idea of the definition of both Masculine and Feminine. Let’s start with the Masculine.

What is Masculinity and what are Masculine traits?

This video I did a few years back had some basics in it.

Each gender has characteristics which can be used in a positive and negative way. You’ll see this in the readings of astrologists and experts in zodiac as well who say hey, you’ve got this characteristic in your sign or on this birth date. It can be used for benefit yourself and the larger whole in this way. It can also be used to harm self and the larger whole in this other way. Your choice…

For now, I’m not just looking for a generally “manly” set of characteristics though. Let’s see if we can define the ultimate man. The evolved man. The Divine Masculine.

Search results brought up this superb article which I will copy for you. It has come from Spiritual Counsellor Sunyata Satchitananda. Here’s the link to the website and I will post at the bottom of the article too as the content is superb.

The Divine Masculine

by Sunyata Satchitananda

What is the Divine Masculine?

The Divine Masculine represents a spiritual, psychological, archetypal ideal—the best and most inspiring, elevating, and restorative aspects of masculine expression and manifestation in the universe. “He”—along with the Divine Feminine—exists on a transpersonal, universal level that manifests through an individual’s psyche and becomes thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

As multifaceted, spiritually-embodied beings, we each have a complex psychological and emotional constitution that produces one’s inner health and outer reality. Each one of us, man and woman, carries within our psyche both masculine and feminine archetypes. From these influences come all our conscious thoughts, plans, desires, goals and agendas. They intertwine and cooperate to produce a uniquely personal expression and experience of life.

For those seeking an expanded understanding of the Self, the Divine Masculine is not a distant, detached, jealous and vengeful male deity. The Divine Masculine (along with the Divine Feminine) acts as a shining mirror of the Self, revealing aspects that need compassionate attention and support to become one’s highest potential.

For a man reading this, you may wish to expand your understanding of masculine archetypes and see how these are showing up currently in your life and then consider evoking a more fuller, or “higher” expression. Men who consciously assimilate Divine Masculine energy express higher levels of awareness and spiritual states of being along with greater satisfaction in life experience. Women reading this are equally served by contemplating Divine Masculine qualities while seeking to integrate these into their inner male expression.

God, King, Priest, Warrior, Lover, Sage

The Divine Masculine comprises a group of archetypal energies that drives thoughts, emotions, desires, and behaviors culminating in one’s sense of right-relationship, or “flow” with life and feelings of satisfaction and well-being. There are many archetypes present in the psyche—six have been chosen to represent those with the strongest influence on conducive psychological functioning and one’s psycho-spiritual evolution. By regular conscious feeding of these archetypal energies—weaker aspects are nurtured to fullness.

A Suggested Practice

Those seeking to discover and “grow into” their expression of the Divine Masculine will want to:

  1. Contemplate what the “fullness” of each expression means to you.
  2. Contemplate how these currently show up in your life. Look for areas and ways you are already embodying #1.
  3. Don’t look for the places you are deficient or lack in the fullness of the archetype. Only look for what you ARE doing.

As you acknowledge and accept what you are already doing, you will notice more places where you already are, or are beginning to, embody the fullness of the archetype. Its like seeing in a dark room, after some time your sight “adjusts,” or expands, and you see more of what was already there. As you contemplate each archetype, you will notice more and more areas where it already exists in your awareness and behavior. This is due to radiation of the archetype energy spreading out in a “blossoming” or unfolding effect within the psyche and happens whenever archetype energy is accessed and stimulated. Contemplation also strengthens the awareness. Two things are accomplished—you see what is already there, reinforcing what is presently integrated, and you strengthen what is beginning to emerge in your awareness, behavior and ability.

Any aspects of the archetype that seem “new” can be integrated by imagining what it would feel like to think or behave in this new way and see what shifts of thinking and behaving that produces. As you do, look for circumstances or opportunities that could be positively affected by adopting these higher concepts, principles and motivations and seek to enable their presence.

The Archetypes

1 – God

The God archetype is the transcendent, connected-to-all-that-is, aspect of self. It is the part of us that resonates with transpersonal harmonious love for everyone and all beings. The God archetype is the domain of spirituality, mystical experience and intuition.

A man expressing the God archetype in its fullness feels like: he is synergistically connected to all that is and has the confidence of “knowing” resulting from this connection, has spiritual balance and orientation, and emanates unconditional love to all in his sphere of presence.

His power is in his presence—his spiritually centered awareness focused completely in the present moment. He embodies Love, compassionately expressed to whomever is within his sphere of presence.

When with him, you find yourself inspired with new ideas and inspired connections—creating new experiences. He stands for and contributes to the furtherance of the divine-right of happiness; equally for all races, genders, and sexual expressions.

He leads by inspiring: creativity, beauty, and truth seeking—fulfilling the highest ideals and principles, through example and not aspiration alone.

He is spiritually guided, supporting and sponsoring: creation, transcendence, and resolution in all its forms. He seeds thought forms and ideas—releasing ownership for the greater good.

A man in the fullness of the God archetype shows up as unconditionally loving, inclusive, open, welcoming, heart-centered, spiritually focused, supportive and inspirational.

2- King (Father)

The archetype of the King actively plays the central role of order and blessing, benevolence and fertility, strength and balance. While the God archetype seeds thought forms and ideas, the King births them and actively looks to their growth and further manifestation into existence —being the steward of these.

The King archetype governs the domain of material-manifestation, family, “kingdom”—your sphere of influence including your relationship to individuals and physical locations: i.e. home, neighborhood, community, etc., material wealth and abundance.

The King archetype has the sterling attribute of “unyielding strength of character” and is relied upon by all in the realm to not yield to less noble, self-serving interests or compulsions. Thusly, the King inspires and unites the realm to follow his leading. He combines this strength with intelligence, right-action and wisdom.

Being with a man who is in the fullness of the King archetype feels like this: He is supportive and nurturing of the well-being and easeful participation and happiness of those he engages with. He is a stabilizing and calming influence in all circumstances. By his balance and “potency” (strength, effectiveness) others are comforted and influenced to imitate his example. His demeanor is “seasoned” and carries wisdom with it, not adolescent impulsiveness.

The King archetype is complex with multiple aspects that comprise this unique expression of the divine. His wisdom carries a transpersonal selflessness—like a kind father. He is an agent of the divine having reverence for all life. He is benevolent, evenhanded, calm, caring and thoughtfully present—yet passionate in his whole-hearted support. He is settled in the knowing that everything is as it should be, everything changes, and there is no lack or anything to genuinely fear.

3- Priest

The Priest archetype is possibly the least known or understood and the least supported in our culture. The Priest archetype domain is that of spiritual awareness and insight—connecting with and revealing “occult” (that which is hidden) knowledge of the unknown realm to the enlightenment of the self and selfless benefit for the many.

The Priest is the transducer, connector, and facilitator between the material and spiritual world—one’s conscious personality and the divine realm of Spirit. He is a mediator of the powerful energies that comprise one’s inner community of archetypes and personality components, working closely with the King and Sage archetypes to create, manifest and bring spirit into form.

The Priest calls forth and directs energies between unconscious and conscious awareness, affecting our felt sense of well-being and competence in life. The Priest nurtures and care-takes the spiritual relationship between the ego-personality and Spirit, the Divine.

The Priest archetype in its fullness feels like this: You are with a man who is the master of his spiritual and material realities and knows how to call forth from spiritual storehouses what he needs to transmute energies that would overtake or topple other men not in this fullness. He is thoughtful and reflective, having depth to his presence and intellect. He knows how to obtain higher perspective and detach from (or become neutral to) inner and outer storms and how to connect deep inner truths and resources with his experience of life. He is not easily pushed or pulled by faddish influences but with grace and insight he brings power and confidence to difficult situations requiring resolution, change or shifting.

4 – Warrior

The Warrior archetype is the most represented and exploited archetype in our culture—being elevated and revered by the dominant patriarchal society as: disciplined leader and protector. While these are two of the Warrior’s sterling qualities, it is what comprises his fullness that makes this archetype truly a divine expression.

Warrior qualities include: decisiveness and clarity of thought, selfless service, genuine humility, strength of experiential “knowing,” courage to do what serves the highest good even when it is a personal challenge to do so. He serves to maintain and support established systems and forms consciously, without blind rigidity, being exemplary in loyalty to a greater good beyond personal gain.

He remains calm and centered while under challenge. He is inwardly aligned and integrated—in touch with his feelings, being warm and compassionate, appreciative and generous at every opportunity. He fights “the good fight” in favor of benefiting the greater good and making life more fulfilling for everyone.

Being in the presence of a man in the fullness of the Warrior archetype feels like this: His strength of stature is evident and unheralded—not needing accolades or compliments. He contributes without fanfare or needing to direct or “lord” himself over others. He eagerly responds to requests of service showing respect to all—especially to those “elder” to him, as well as other men, women, children, animals and the earth.

He “knows himself” and finds his place in collaborative projects, being fulfilled and contented with the collaboration and not by ambition or competition. The man in the fullness of the Warrior makes you feel safe while not being oppressed by his stature or protection.

5- Lover

The Lover archetype is perhaps the most misunderstood and yet familiar primal energy. The Lover archetype has been distorted into a selfish and dense expression that lacks breadth or spirit. Yet the Lover is the meeting and combining of sex and spirit, Eros, the universal urge to bond and unite. He comprises the alchemy that infuses spirit into flesh with desire -prompting engagement and erotic expression. While most commonly expressed in romantic and sexual form, the Lover archetype contains a much fuller, divine, expression:

The Lover archetype in its fullness is the primal energy of passion, exquisite engagement with life and ecstatic being -an alive and vivid world view. The domain of the Lover archetype is the primal urges of being: sex, food, well-being, procreation and is manifested in creative adaptation and initiatory experience.

The Lover is the epitome of Sensual. He is intimately interested in all forms of sensory engagement, seeing the world in all its splendor. He is the archetype of play and healthy embodiment without shame. The Lover archetype has a mystical quality that seeks to experience beauty and unity in daily life.

The man experiencing the fullness of the Lover archetype feels like this: He is sensual. He is open and invites you to touch—his mind, body and soul. He is “connected” (integrated) and relishes physical, psychological and spiritual connection with others that highlights integrated expanded awareness and experience. He is immersed in the experience, present in the moment, focused on the quality of the connection and engagement. He appreciates beauty in all its forms and makes each moment a “work of art.” He appreciates the “sensuous” experience of life and resonates deeply on many levels of being. He is sensitive to others needs and moods and is intuitively responsive. He is “in his body” —animating it with vital energy through dance, yoga, or movement. He brings a “joy of life” to any engagement or conversation. He has stopped “performing” and has relaxed into “being” -feeling without pressure to “accomplish” or “gain.“

6 – Sage

The Sage archetype is a very important aspect of the Divine Masculine expression for our species. The Sage is closely aligned with the Priest archetype, however the Sage emanates an additional aspect of advocating “right action,” dharma. The Sage is the Ego in service to, and “right-relationship” with, the higher Self’s power.

The Sage observes, tracks, scans, monitors data from all sources (within and without) and channels wisdom leading to “right action.” The Sage is detached from ordinary life flow, watching and engaging energies with wisdom and toned action as needed for synchronistic harmony of life.

Being with a man in the fullness of the Sage archetype feels like this: Unheralded, he quietly and deftly shares with others wise counsel and channeled direction that shifts the receiver into new possibilities and pathways that reflect “right action” for their life path. He quietly supports the wisdom of others, not seeking acclaim or notice for his contribution. He is thoughtful and reflective and rests in his felt connection with spirit and grounded connection with the earth, Gaia, the source of his wisdom and insight.

The Sage’s importance comes to the fore during crisis and intense need. Through the uniquely formed conduit that the Sage embodies, wisdom and “right action” become clear. With the Sage’s contribution we feel confident and assured that our path is the right one for us, we respond to life with a calm easefulness that transitions crisis and change with grace and wisdom.

Where the Priest archetype has a primary focus on the “inward” realm, the Sage archetype has an “outward” focus of service —to manifest channeled wisdom into being.

Author’s Website link:

Wow! Gets me excited just reading about it. If you’re a man looking to become the very best version of yourself, Sunyata’s exercise is a good one.

Finding your Divine Masculine Exercise

  1. Take each of the 6 archetypes and journal a bit about what each of them means to you. God, King, Priest, Warrior, Lover, Sage.
  2. Read Sunyata’s version of them above and imagine if you had those traits. How would you go about your day? How would you treat people? How would you carry yourself and communicate with others? What difference would it make in your life compared to how you relate to people now?
  3. Appreciate what pieces of these archetypes you are already demonstrating. The more you notice within yourself, the more potential you draw out of yourself. By putting some focus on it each day you can slowly draw your way of thinking and behaviour patterns towards the Divine version of yourself over time.
  4. I would add, as you notice the changes in yourself, more “noble”, more humble, more of service etc., also notice how others alter their own behaviour around you as a result. They may be inspired by the new you. They are likely to treat you differently and with a lot more respect – the type that can only be earned, not demanded.

That’s it for now. Come talk to me on the Facebook page with your findings and we’ll look at the Divine Feminine next.


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Channeling Life After Death

Although there are many theories, scriptures and opinion on where we go after death one thing that’s become very clear is that humans do not disappear. They still exist once they have passed away and are often contactable. In this YouTube Channel channel interview I speak with American author Joe Higgins who has been psychic his whole life and is an author of books bringing advice from those who have passed to the other side of the veil.

His latest book is specifically for War Veterans with a collection of advice from those who were in a similar situation in history. They provide comfort and guidance for soldiers/war veterans in a way the rest of us cannot offer.

It was a unique interview – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Joe Higgins website:

Joe Higgins books

The Channel channel is a space where I interview people who use channelling and intuition in their life and career. Subscribe to the YouTube channel here to get the latest interviews as they are uploaded.

Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Lisa Brown: Awakening symptoms

Ascension symptoms, shift in conciousnessAlthough we’ve explored Ascension symptoms and awakening for a while now on this blog, it never hurts to add another way of expressing it via another teacher or channeller. Sometimes you wonder what the hell they’re talking about, then another channeller offers the explanation in a different way and it all makes sense.

Lisa Transcendence Brown offers it here along with a nice little reference near the beginning of blockages linked with a few different parts of the body. They make sense to me. When you look at other people around you – or yourself – and see illness, disease or some sort of happening that affects one of these body parts, it tells you what sorts of blocks are being experienced. Although there aren’t any major scientific research projects that I know of related to proving this – much of the science world has not yet learnt to quantify or value emotions, love or mindset as part of the equation – I’ve seen plenty of examples myself in family, friends and coaching clients who, once they resolve the block, the illness just dissolves of its own accord.

Louise Hay looked into this a few decades back in her book “You Can Heal Your Life” though the instructions on how to clear up the blocks were fairly limited at that stage. Now we are so far advanced since those early days and can often find our own cures. If we can’t and we are willing to let the block go, we ask for assistance and sure enough, the right therapist, healer or caring person will drop into our lives to provide the kick in the bum we need to get moving on it.

I’m not wild about the explanation at the beginning giving the impression of “us versus them” in Light Beings versus Humans. We are all connected and there is no single light switch that clicks you from one state to the other. I prefer the saying “all ships rise with the tide”. We are all lifting slowly but surely. Those that choose not to rise will soon find themselves under water. They always had the choice though.

Aside from that, it’s a nice explanation. Enjoy.


AS a Light BEing

by Lisa Transcendence Brown

Yes… as you evolve in light, as you become a Light BEing, those BEings you used to fear, those beings that used to only exist etherically, you are evolving (back) INTO one of “them”.

WE, as Light BEings do not have the lower emotions that humans have, WE do not have the lower thoughts anymore, we do not have the lower anything… that the separated-ego-human once did…. for we have transcended all of that from within, purged and cleansed it from our cellular body, from deep within our muscles, bones, glands, organs, flesh and skin.

Through the activation of CRYSTALS our body begins a huge purification process that human’s cannot fully understand. One must actually experience it. Technically all already are and will, they just don’t fully understand what is happening within their physical body structures. Human’s keep trying to “fix” this process, diagnose it, treat it, control it….

This is about LOVE. Pure Divine Essence Love….

As the Light of your Soul actives inside of you it TRIGGERS (activates) an action to occur. It triggers a bio-chemical process, an entire transformational process, a re-vamping, re-configuring, re-calibration, re-structuring phase of not only your whole physical anatomy, but of your whole physical reality too.

That fear that was in your kidneys was keeping your body out of tune, that anger/control/obsessiveness in your liver, that lack of speaking truth as love was in your thyroid, those walls around your heart/tight muscles, those brain pathways must open up and re-map completely….. the blood that carries all through your body, pumps life from your heart to the rest of your body…. every little cell….

Every body part, every gland, every organ, every cell must completely re-work itself….

Love must stream through your body… and love brings deep profound love, gratitude, appreciation, peace, joy and REMEMBERING of all FORGOTTEN when you/each entered the unconscious matrix, the amnesia realms, the realms of unconsciousness….

As a Soul, you chose an unconscious body that held the ability to play out the human experience you chose, the one that held within it’s DNA what you needed to experience BEFORE it was TIME to awaken fully… which is NOW.

As you sleep you awaken, as you walk around foggy/groggy, you are leaving the old matrix simulated existence and moving into a whole NEW ONE. As you sleep, reality will start to change. First inside of you… then out there. What you once “thought” you knew is no longer true. What once made you happy won’t fulfill the lack places inside of you anymore….. The only thing that will fill those spaces is PURE DIVINE LOVE for you/connected with your own SOUL…. inside……

Your focus will change, your desires will change, you will change…. as you become LIGHT. Your body constantly re-calibrating, gravity will come and go as your body anchors more light. Your physical matter mass will continually change too. The more presence you have/more present you are, the slower you go, the more space you have inside of you and all around you… The more you will FEEL physical matter outside of you…. Clutter will create chaos with your energy/thoughts, things will take up space, so in order for you to expand …. you need SPACE and lots of it….

Nature becomes a necessity, instead of a “I don’t have time for that”. Alone time for your Soul to emerge, speak louder, for you to HOLD THAT CONNECTION stronger is a necessity too.

You start to realize what no longer feeds you, inspires you, fills you anymore. “All of a sudden” you desire something different. Simplicity in one way, for our hearts are simple…. yet we also desire MORE. More love, more happy, more peace, more kindness, more sacred respect… all of a sudden you will no longer tolerate the lack-filled programs that used to be your world….

As Light BEings, we do not have the lower emotions anymore. They completely go, unless we have a huge light activation that activates cells that held a dormant energy of an old vibration… then there is a trigger and it’s released….. we don’t project, we don’t go unconscious, we just honor our body upgrading itself. We honor what we need to experience, because we know that it brings forth more awesomeness, more freedom, more peace, more abundance, more exquisiteness…..

Humans can’t understand the simplicity of peace, the simplicity of pure happiness without the need for chaos, or words or anything. Our worlds are not defined by anyone or anything, an identity…. nothing…. just love….

Your Crystalline LightBody Structures process a ridiculous amount of information as it streams light. The crystals give you the ability to process at a ridiculous rate, simultaneously…. you need not think, you just know. It’s all right there…. inside and in your field…. Simultaneous existence… no separation… totally unity with/as all from within.

Your Crystalline LightBody processes for you. Your job is to keep your atmosphere clean, keep your self in an observation space, honor your body so it can do what it needs to do. Sleep, get out in nature, slow down, pull away when you need and then get in there and get busy when you feel/see inside that it’s time to DO.

As you EMERGE FROM THE FOG/AMNESIA (this will occur on & off in different phases), it’s time for you to start to contribute (not that it’s not always time), but it’s different here. You can maintain the ability to stay expanded and DO what you came here to BE/DO. As you return to the ability to function as a multi-dimensional here, how you function is very different now… and you must “learn” to function energetically……

The fog/amnesia can last a whole lifetime until now… it’s can get strong at times if you are lifting tons of veils….. You are activating an anchoring YOUR DREAMS in the PHYSICAL HERE. You cannot do this in total control as a human…. for your human doesn’t understand how this works and it constantly tries to inner-fear with the process. It tries to apply old outdated beliefs to a new process it’s not experienced in this human existence… It tries to match human mentalities with an experience that transcends all things human. This won’t work…. only temporarily… like everything else that human aspects try to do….

Listen to your body, it’s conscious, it speaks to you. Listen to higher wisdom/guidance inside and if you are not sure yet, then there are higher self/source Light BEings already here… in the physical… WE write to you daily, we teach, we share, we speak your truth, we activate your soul…. and then choose what resonates, what is feels true to you… throw the rest out… let everything else go.

Until you fully respect and love yourself, totally appreciate you… you are not going to have the capability to hold this for anyone else. Until you see your own worthiness, until you value you and what you have to offer here (which is limitless too), you won’t appreciate others, you won’t appreciate what they contribute…. Until you stop judging, you can’t break that cycle of lack. Until you open up fully and stop fighting, you can’t experience the total pure peace and bliss that higher consciousness existence offers you… IN EVERY MOMENT.

As your heart opens, your mind will be confused. This is the purpose. As you EXIST from your higher-aspect-heart-mind, these will synchronize to work together … your power will return, your true and pure you will return, you won’t need to struggle, suffer or live in lack anymore.

You/All have an ENTIRE EXISTENCE unfolding/materializing every moment of every day. All you have to DO is allow it, participate in it, choose it and DO whatever it takes to LIVE AS YOUR SOUL instead of trying to live as an unconscious human…..

Your challenge will be you…. to stay conscious until you can maintain consciousness in all that you are and do. To observe you, to understand you, to listen to you, to see you…. to let go of judgment, to stop going small and hiding, to see your own programs and how what plays out in your own physical reality world IS YOUR CREATION… and that you are the ONE that hold the POWER to shift, transform, change, reprogram all from within.

If you keep allowing the same programs to play out, if you keep allowing old unconscious realities to play out…. then “out there is not unconscious” …. you are…. ♥

Leave the old behind… let it go… you have so much that WAITS FOR YOU…. yet it cannot come forth if you keep fighting it. Timelines are collapsing & converging bigger/more than ever before. You can shift to a NEW TIMELINE that’s in alignment with your SOUL. If you hold onto separation, your human resistance, then you are not going to in-JOY the experience, but it will teach you…. what do to/not to do…. anymore. And it will show you HOW ALL WORKS…. if you really care to pay attention and know.

Open your hearts loves! More more more more & more! A whole lot more! ♥ Have a magical day! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown – click here to visit her website.

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The Elevator

I was thinking this morning about how we start the process of creating a better life and career by first using our imagination. We spread out our thoughts laterally playing “What if?” games, running the scenarios in our mind till we find one that entertains us enough to stick.

If we are day dreaming about ourselves and what we could be, these dreams are a necessary part of the process to expand our horizons and give us something to aspire to – so don’t ever let anyone scoff at you day dreaming as being a waste of time.

The picture that came up for me around this process today was the Elevator.

We might be proud of the fact we’ve worked our way up to the third floor in what we are doing. We can look at the floors below and congratulate ourselves on our progress, then day dream about what life would be like on the 11th floor. What are the perks? What are the added responsibilities? What are the extra burdens and worries? What are the gifts? We weigh it up in our heads and some times the burdens feel too much so we’d rather stay on the 3rd floor, other times the perks outweigh the objections so we continue to see ourselves up there.

We might hang out in the elevator a fair bit as it moves above and below our floor on a frequent basis.

Here’s the thing though.

Time and time again the Elevator will stop at the 11th floor, the doors will open and we have a choice. Are we ready to step out and walk onto the 11th floor?

This is often a turning point for us. We might find ourselves frozen to the spot or even shrinking into the corner.
“I’m not good enough to be there.”
“I would lose all my friends on the 3rd floor.”
“Those new people will know I don’t belong there.”
“I don’t deserve it.”
“I am bound to fail.”

And we stand there talking ourselves out of it until, with great relief, the doors close and we are delivered back to the 3rd floor. Many people I’ve worked with – and myself included – go up and down in the elevator, dreaming of a higher floor, going up then coming back down in the Elevator when what we desired was delivered to us. If it’s a rare moment for the Elevator doors to open exactly where we wanted wemight then kick ourselves for years afterwards about the fact we didn’t step out.

How can we ease this process so we are more likely to accept what is offered?

1) Be Do Have

We can use the BE DO HAVE exercise. Rather than just weighing up the perks versus the burdens, do a really good exploration around who you think you would be if you were working on the 11th floor. What qualities of personality and skill set would you take with you? What needs to be added or taken away?

2) Visualise

Visualisations can be useful in picturing that moment of the Elevator doors opening and actually stepping on to the 11th floor. That covers the accepting of the desire. But it’s still easy to be a scaredy cat hovering by the Elevator before you’ve adequately explored your new floor, waiting until the doors open again, leaping back in, heading back from whence you came saying it was all a bit much for you… a bit like me being in a foreign country wandering around the corridors of a private club and finding myself in the male swimming pool dressing room. Yeah, you should have seen the guy laughing at me skidaddling away after he told me where I was. All a bit much.

3) Exploring the new me

In our exploration of being on the 11th floor, not only do we need to see we are worthy of being there and getting used to the idea of boldly stepping out on to the floor; but we also need to see who we are as we make ourselves at home there. Try imagining finding people to spend time with who are even more fascinating than those on the 3rd floor, picturing our skill set growing, our confidence growing and being accepted by the rest of the community on that level. Think about what you can offer your new companions, what you will be contributing.

By adding more exploration in these areas, we can spot where our fears lie so we can address them, early on and then, once the Elevator opens the doors to our desire we can be bold in stepping out and accepting our moving up in the World.

Taking action

These are mindset exercises and they are not the only thing that will move you there, of course. Tuning to your intuition will speed your Elevator towards what you want. If you are truly listening you will tune in to when you need to speak to someone or take action, even if it makes no sense at the time.

You’ve seen other people move up to the 11th floor and they will be quick to sell you an expensive training course on how they did it. Your Elevator may take you there a totally different way though, so keeping your heart open to your intuition will always prompt you towards the Path of Least Resistance.

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changing direction, new life pathBased on the last Mercredan session (click here to read the lesson) I figured it was about time I started to play and experiment with this character called Annabelle and see what we could come up with. If we are to bend life into a new pathway without anything dragging behind then we have to either pull up the anchor of the boat or cut the anchor off at the top of the rope.

This also reminded me of the blog Francis and I were in the process of setting up some years back called Pivot Point. It was based on another analogy Mercredan had given on being able to pivot on a single point to change direction. That always reminded me of a ballet dancer up en pointe like my photo here. I know what it feels like to balance my whole body weight on that satin covered leather pointe about 5cm x 2.5cm (2″ x 1″) and how fast you can spin up there. It is far more free than spinning on tip toe.

career coaching on change directionEven smaller, I know what it feels like to balance and spin my body weight on a 1cm square (less than 1/2″ square) of an ice figure skate curved blade – then you are really free!  Wow, so fast you can get giddy.

However, if you’re sitting on the floor with your legs out in front of you, trying to change direction it is a lot more effort and slower progress. Psychologically, when we want to move to a new life or career direction, if we have baggage, fears or old ideas/beliefs about ourselves and the world, then it’s like having your legs out in front of you. It slows your progress and can actually prevent you from pointing in the direction you want to go indefinitely.

So how do we go about losing the drag?

Make an inventory of Qualities

The first thing I did was the advice from the lesson. Make an inventory of Qualities which describe this character.

(By the way, if you are new to this blog you will find I often talk about us being a character for a couple of reasons. First, like Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage and the men and women players upon it” or something along those lines. When you recognise the many lifetimes you’ve played out on the world stage over history you’ll see us more like actors who, when the scene is finished, slip back into the wings, take off the costume and look for the next role we can play before jumping onto the stage again. The second reason is Mercredan’s description of how each of us has an “Author” who writes out all the possibilities this character can choose between. When you see yourself from the Author’s point of view you realise how much more power and freedom you have in creating the life you want to design. Read more about the Author analogy here.)

I took this word Qualities to mean my features. Physical attributes, personality characteristics, how I solve problems, deal with people, face conflict, react in certain situations, what turns me on and brings me joy. Sometimes they were things I noticed, sometimes they were feedback other people had given me. It’s also kind of comforting to know there are abilities I haven’t yet identified too. Nice surprises in store there.

Which Qualities to Keep or Ditch?

There will be beliefs about yourself and the world you have collected along the way. Some you let go of and some you continue to carry.  To put it in pure theory, no beliefs are true at all until someone believes in them, gives them energy and then they express themselves in our reality. Here is where you can delve into as much or as little of your beliefs as you like and decide which serve your new direction and which do not. Cutting off as many beliefs as possible can be daunting and leave you feeling a bit like a refugee but certainly does the trick of removing anything which drags when you want to change direction. State the belief and then prove it wrong.

Here’s a few examples:

  • I am the only person my kids can rely upon. This is just not true. If I ended up in hospital or dead, they would be cared for. Friends and neighbours would step in. Family would make room and even my ex-husband would have to do a lot more than what he is currently contributing. I am simply letting him get away with doing nothing. Besides, my kids are growing up and within a few years could be independent, relying upon themselves and their own networks. I know how time flies. This may happen sooner than I think.
  • Nobody wants me to work in their company. Another myth. Being self employed and running my own businesses does not mean I am a threat, am under or over qualified for working in another organisation. This character has a special skill set and the more I recognise it within myself, the more the world will reflect back recognition and demand for those skills. I already have set out the intention to find a project larger than myself to work within. It is already created. I now keep an open mind and accept it when it appears.
  • I am getting old. It’s already been proven that the mind is a powerful thing. If the cells in our body replace themselves so frequently (maximum 7 years) and I can adjust my hormones and vibration, then what’s to stop me being in prime condition? The baggage I’ve managed to lose so far has certainly made me look and feel younger. What if I explored that further? This might be a fun change of direction to start with. Other people’s judgement of me means nothing. A transvestite can change their clothes, a transexual can change their genitals, so I can change to “be” whatever age I choose.

Place the character in a scene

Now you’ve proven your beliefs to be a fallacy, here’s the fun bit. If you were the Author and had a character with these qualities, free from baggage and beliefs, what sort of scene or storyline would you put them in to make a truly amazing story? Stretch your imagination for this. Forget everything you were told you SHOULD be doing. Forget all the jobs people advised would bring you more status, more money, more power, more fame, the right partner and supposed “happiness”. Who are they to know what will make this character happy? Forget all the rational logic about “well, you’re good at this so you should be doing it for a job.” Stuff that! We are now following the heart.

You can make a long list of ideas here. They might not just be careers. They might be activities, projects, challenges or taking a role in a larger scene where the character would be an ideal contributor. Think of Lord of the Rings and their travelling party containing all shapes and sizes of characters. Different personalities – sometimes aligned, sometimes clashing – different gifts and skills with each one taking their turn to offer them for the benefit of the group.

Where could you see this character that would make a fantastic scene in the life story? Give up being rational about how the character gets there. The fun of this exercise is suddenly seeing the way forward out of an unrelated word or act of kindness you did ‘on instinct’ which lead you to exactly what you pictured. Law of Attraction in action.

Add extra qualities

Now you know where you’re heading, what extra things would make this character fit right in to the scene? We’re looking for a way of “being” which will more readily attract the scene to the character rather than “bigger boobs” or “4 inches taller”.

For example, if I took the Old Age belief from the exercise above and decided now I was going to be 24 years old – fabulously irrational – what would I keep, ditch or add?

Let me think of who I was at that age.

I was a whole lot more vivacious at that stage. I was running a dance company, teaching up and down the country at modelling and acting agencies, producing events and shows, doing television work. In terms of beliefs, I had more baggage and insecurities about my appearance or capabilities which dragged on my career – many of those are already ditched. I was a lot more energetic, following the heart in projects that grabbed my attention. Jobs were never too big nor too small though I despised people who underpaid and under valued performers – accepting those jobs would be ditched as well. Racy lovers were easy to come by. New ideas sprouted from my mind every day. I partied more. I flirted more. I wore what I liked.

I was a lot more sensitive to criticism – I think I’m a lot more compassionate towards the critic these days. I had a sharp tongue when I felt I was backed into a corner – again, compassion makes me less nasty now I see the attacker is usually even more insecure than me. I used to be an overachiever so very hard on myself whereas these days I am happy to do nothing every now and then = better work life balance.

I would keep the wisdom and experience I have now.  Extra qualities may not be needed in this case as I’ve been there already. I will just be doing it /being it with a “new me” attitude.  Sounds like fun!

So let’s see how I go. Already I feel more confident and “up” (crap, have I really been such an old lady for a while before this?)

I’ll post more with my findings. Meanwhile, let me find somewhere to go out tonight!  🙂


Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


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