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Feminine sexual energy Lilou Mace Shashi Solluna

Lilou Mace is a French interviewer who is huge on Youtube. She loves talking about spirituality and sexuality. In this interview with English Tantra and Taoist teacher now based in Thailand Shashi Solluna they discuss how taking it easy as you get intimate with a partner can benefit rather than cause drama.

I love the way she talks about teaching our teenagers how to better manage their energy bodies. I completely agree. Can you imagine what your early experimental phases would have been like if you had known what she is talking about?

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Tell me about yourself

creative female business Coach SydneyReading through the “About” page from the website of the article I posted yesterday, Vera pointed out we often identify ourselves with status, career and relationships to describe who we are when we first meet a new person.

I’ve often thought about this too. When we choose these ways to identify ourselves, people judge and compare the details we’ve given to see how we fit into the picture with others or themselves, looking for something in common to talk about. In reality though, it gives them no clue at all about who we are.

For example, someone may have a very fancy pants job title and yet, be a completely different person to someone with a similar job title. The wife or brother of a dignitary might be a very different person to another wife or brother of a dignitary.  One millionaire is not the same as the next millionaire. The same with homeless people, as I have discovered in my street roving. Each are very different people.

And, when you first meet someone, particularly when networking or at a party, you can feel that dull vibration. Their eyes drift off to the side as they tell you their job and their situation. It’s so shallow, so not who they are. It almost always takes a bit more prodding to find what they are passionate about so that a genuine smile will appear and the conversation can be drawn out to more than a few sentences.

How can we change the way we introduce ourselves to others so they truly get to know who we are? Are you brave enough to let them know who you are? Can you see the benefits of getting the crucial details out up front? You might find that someone from a very different background to you actually has more in common with you than your own contemporaries.

This could be a new way to reduce loneliness in the world!

A New Introduction

Wouldn’t it be fun to run a networking event or a party and tell everyone invited they can talk about themselves but not mention their job title or relationships? How would you introduce yourself?

It’s an interesting thought.

Here’s how I might do mine…

I would call myself an explorer as I tend to ask a lot of questions. I love learning about new, leading edge concepts and discoveries, contemplating and making sense of it for myself, then offering it to others if they are interested.

I am very responsive to music and can get completely carried away by my senses, no longer caring if anyone thinks I am a nutter.

I enjoy fully expressing myself – particularly in terms of dance and song – and get a kick out of giving and helping. I also enjoy lateral thinking and opening other minds to possibilities they might not have thought of previously. Break the patterns! That’s fun to me.

Seeing the big picture is also fun. When I talk with someone who is head-down-bum-up struggling to solve the details, by lifting them up so they can see the big picture, it often opens up a whole new set of alternative solutions or even whether it’s important to solve at all. The buzz they get out of that discovery is really satisfying to me.

I’m learning how it is a gift for others to help me and I know I’ve previously been a big stick in the mud about allowing them to do so. I have a highly intelligent mind – both intellectual and emotional intelligence – which has been a major challenge to turn off in order to listen to what my heart really wants, both personally and professionally. I now find it ironic that, despite being intelligent, I am a blonde telling people to think less and feel more.

I’ve been on a magnificent journey of personal development which has made me younger, reduced stress to almost none, altered the way I approach life, helped me to understand human behaviour and the cosmos so much better. I’ve been told that the material I’ve learnt in the last few years has been more than most will learn in a lifetime.

Putting all that incredible material into words that others can follow is what’s on my mind right now and, with some persistence, I know I’m going to do a great job of it.

My self employed work has been extremely fulfilling though I am really interested in adding a project working in a highly skilled team now. I can’t put my finger on what area of work it will be but, I trust it will become apparent shortly and am looking forward to being a part of a greater cause. That’s going to be really fulfilling and perfect for the next step on my journey.


So there’s mine. What about you? How would you introduce yourself?

I don’t allow comments on this site now as there is a spam program which automatically fills the comments section with rubbish links every time I open it so, post your comments on the Facebook page or the Google + page.

I look forward to reading yours. 🙂


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Service: Life Coaching with Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm as your Personal Development Coach.


Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Mercredan: Guilt, Punishment and Healing After Death

spirit-channeled-mentor-teacherFascinating session this week (below) with mentor Mercredan following through on a number of subjects, some we’ve been discussing a long time and are coming clearer; others in response to info I’ve collected from other sources.

The book mentioned below I’ve learnt much about why we do the naughty and nasty things we do, how to move on from that. As usual the directions are simple but putting it into action takes considerable discipline to break our lifetime habit.

We also look at sadness. It feels fine to be sad when you have good reason but in this case there was sadness without much reason. Rather than painting your happy face over the top and moving on, it’s definitely worth setting some time aside in your day to address it – your body will thank you for it!



Mercredan session on Guilt, Sadness and Healing Someone After Their Death

Channelled by Francis Evans

Interviewed by Annabelle Drumm

22 February 2016

Topics: guilt and punishment habits, sin, separation and continuing conflict; after suicide or death, healing sadness



M: Good morning and once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. Shall we begin by commenting that everything has a timing. A proper timing and as such, the background that One finds Oneself in is affected and has ……. (long pause) I am looking for the right word. “fluent” but I don’t think that is the right term. But it has an affect on One’s understanding and of course what One draws into One’s life stream.  So shall we begin a conversation?

A: Mm. So you’re saying the background is not quite fluent but the background is affected by my understanding?

M: Shall we say, always One is playing out on a creative background. That is, One sees life within the framework One is in. So when One is influenced, it is always against, and of course affects, the background.

A: Right.

M: So you have a question?

Guilt and Punishment habit

A: Yes. (laughs) That feels so very very general, I can’t quite picture what the example is there. I do have a question based on the book that I have been reading recently (The book is The Disappearance of the Universe: Straight Talk about Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness) which speaks about guilt, our original Novel topic, where the guilt stems from believing in a separation from God – which isn’t actually the case anyway -, how we do and say and think things which then prove we are guilty or we point our finger at others to get the reflection back of guilt. So, I am trying to find a way to get around this.  The method I’ve used before which has worked in changing my beliefs before doesn’t quite seem to be working. I might normally start with an affirmation of the opposite by saying “I am innocent.” But the more I say that, the more false it appears to be.

M: Mm. Shall we say that when One tries to ignore the reality, when One tries to overlay an idea on top of something that already exists, of course the old idea will assert itself with extra potency.

A: (laughs) Yes.

M: First of all, let us look at the idea of guilt. Guilt is tied with regret as if there is an action that One has done deliberately to affect someone or something else. So it appears as if One can be guilty for something One is not aware of. If that were the case, and it certainly is not, if it were the case, then everybody would be guilty of their lack of awareness and therefore everyone would be completely punishable. Do you understand? Guilt comes with punishment and that is built into your natures. However, once One realises that One is only guilty when you go against what you already know is to be true, then One is innocent until One wakes up. How you can be guilty of something if you are not aware of it at all? One has to first of all be aware. History is always better dealt with in hindsight. How many people would do anything the same with the hindsight that they have learned by doing it in the first place?

A: Right. Though there are times when we deliberately do things to harm others.

M: Is that simply the truth or is it that you have justification and so forth? Let us take an example then. In your affirmation

Even though I believe I should have known better, I am learning my lessons and are free from the past.

A: Right. So, forgiveness.

M: You understand, of course. You are saying “Even though I did this or I did that, even though all that is true and even though from my new position I feel the guilt, I forgive myself because at the time I was innocent.”

A: I see. So this way we acknowledge the guilt without fighting against it.

M: Of course. You cannot simply say “I wasn’t guilty” because you are saying “I am guilty”

Sin, separation and continuing conflict

M: …and we have already talked a lot about Sin. From our perspective here, Sin is in the mind of separation. Sin arises when you step out of your position, that is the old, and look on Oneself as a separate entity. The whole is always the whole. The whole is always working in reflections. Do you understand? So whatever One does to another is not separate from their desire to experience that effect.

A: Right. So if I punched someone in the face, then the person that I was attracted to punching has somehow sought the experience?

M: Of course.

A: But that’s not really an excuse, surely, for me to go “It’s ok for me to punch that one so I’ll go punch another one.”

M: You understand, if you were to do that, then you would draw to you others who would want to punch yourself. So you would always end up always in physical conflict and you would keep doing this until you realise that you have an anger problem.

A: (laughs)

M: And then you would start to realise that it wasn’t particularly good even if you were always the winner. You are carrying something that every fight made worse within you. So it isn’t as clear cut as you think that it simply gives you the right to keep promoting this. Then of course, eventually you will slow down (eg. get older) and there is always another person ready to seek you out and give you the hiding you deserve because they want to take on your Mana. You understand what I mean…

A: But that won’t always be the case, will it? If we’re already on the fold back now of making the world more peaceful, that people will not always take on the Mana.

M: Of course, that is what they think. They think, “If I can find the person who is the biggest bully and I can beat them up then I can boast that I have done that. Then I am a big person.” and so on it goes.

A: But does it continue? So now they are boasting and then the next person will come and try and beat them up as well?

M: Look at your countries. Look at your planet. Always in conflict because others want to push someone around and it flows from the very biggest to the very smallest.

A: Yes, the pecking order.

M: Of course. How many at the highest level are promoting peace?

A: None

M: Well there are, of course. As we have mentioned, your present Pope is attempting to promote values that provide the nature of those with the most helping those with the least. That means also in terms of powers. You understand, unless someone takes responsibility for the Whole, then the Whole is designed for failure.

A: But then, how can one take responsibility for the Whole? Surely it must be a collective that all take responsibility at once?

M: When there is a great Speaker, a leader who leads towards peace, then of course, those beneath shift their attitudes and so forth. If you want someone to build up a greater nature where only the fighters get to the top then, you will of course create even more conflict and eventually total destruction of your planet. That is always on the cards and of course, who is it who allows such Ones to get to the top? Those that want to hang on to the shirt tails and benefit by it. Playground bullies often have a team behind them egging them on and allowing them to bully others.

A: So this great Speaker, I’m sure there are people out there who have the potential to be that great Speaker, I’m assuming they wouldn’t come through politics because that’s too limiting and controlled.

M: And is that the case? You understand, they can come through any vibration at all. They are not limited by ideas of limitations. They will look for that method that has the greatest impact.

A: Music is good that way.

M: Of course and look at how much has been promoted by musicians that get to such an influential position.

A: Mm. So let’s bring it back to the individual again. You have shown me how to accept the guilt…

M: Shall we say, time to bury the guilt! Time to realise the guilt is in the past. What are you going to do about it? One could look at this guilt and decide whether reparation is in order and if it is in order then you will take that step. If asking for forgiveness is in order, saying One is sorry and apologising, then take that step.

A: Yes, though even with my sibling, who is the first person I think of when you speak of that, I wonder if anything would change if I said sorry. (and I realise now that I did say sorry before yet, I got no reply.)

M: You understand, how can it be any worse?

A: Yes, but how many times do you need to say sorry in order to move on?

M: Of course you are saying sorry once and moving on. It doesn’t require the other person to accept that. You have done your part. It is you that have taken action. So often people have it in their head, their mind, to take that action and even in their hearts they desire to take that action, but in the end, do they take it by action? It is the action you take that will create the gravitational waves.

A: Yes indeed! OK

M: That is why I said the last time that you have to stamp your foot.

A: Yes.

M: That is, taking action, putting the “soul” to the ground.

(This expression came when we were discussing the true symbol where the Christian cross came from which is actually 3D. Read more about it here.)

A: Yes ok, thank you for the reminder. May I move on to another one?

M: Of course.

After a suicide or death

A: It feels rather small but you never know where the conversation will lead. (touché!!) Today I have felt little snippets of sadness come up which I cannot identify. I am wondering if it has something to do with the lady I knew who had recently taken her life a couple of days ago or if it is something else altogether. Is there some way I can find what that is so I may address it?

M: Sadness is not something to avoid. Sadness is something to experience because when you allow yourself the full sadness, what it does is release to you what is behind it. Not only that, but, it affects the chemistry of your body and allows you to take appropriate action that will resolve some of it. I want to say it is not a single event, it is not a single thing but One is starting to consider letting go. (I immediately knew he was talking about my parents who are both ill presently.)  Letting go of the connections that you have felt you could rely upon. So the one that moved on was only reminding you that there are others that are no longer so interested in the physical reality. Also you are starting to see the signals that your own children are beginning their own independence…

A: Yes indeed.

M: … and then you will feel like you are left behind. That you are feeling that there is not really anything for you. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Yes I do indeed.

M: So One is fighting experiencing that rather than realising every death is the beginning of a new movement and when someone passes the veil they have the enormous ability to shift fears. Whether they choose to do so of course, is in the realms of their own choices but, they are free from the limits that they have felt. I want to say, the one that chose to end it has struggled for considerable time…

A: I know

M: …trying to find a purpose that seemed beyond her grasp.

A: Yes, and I felt even when I knew her some 25 years ago there was this feeling of not being enough and having expectations beyond what anybody could achieve.

M: And underneath then, there was also come physical uncertainty. That is, the body was beginning to show signs and she was not willing to allow that to progress.

A: What sort of signs do you mean?

M: There were beginning signs within the body – a medical condition – that could be brought into being. She was fully aware that whatever choices she made at the time, required more potency, more strength than completing the cycle.

A: So these health issues come about through our way of thinking and being anyway though, right?

M: Of course, of course. The limitation and the struggle that this One has spent the whole life time living with.

A: OK I understand.

M: Do you understand what I mean when I say very death is a suicide with its own framework? The reality is if you take your own life and you are not in the right frame of mind, it can hold disastrous results on the other side. My dear friend’s ——– (someone the Channeller knows) is already preparing with an exit but he does not hold very high ideas for the future. So, he is already beginning to structure a very final exit.

A: Does that result in…

M: A “final exit” and for some significant period of time. However, fortunately for this one, he has been shaken up a little in certainties and when someone is less certain than they used to be it is easier for the friendly “impressions” to break into the darkness. (We might talk of loving spirits, angels or put this type of friendly impression in the image of a buddy or family member already passed who will help draw them out in this situation.)

Shall we hope he perceives that early on and can move forward.

A: Mm, that’s a good thing to focus on.

M: When One thinks of your friend it is always, would you be willing to enter in to the structure that she has created for herself? Shall we call it a very grey zone.

A: Yes, well I did think of that yesterday. I meditated on that for a short while then, as I got on with my day, all of this inner talk started flowing through to me. Constant criticism and sarcasm and all these things I felt she was saying.

M: Of course.

A: Was that connecting with what she was…

M: Of course.

Healing sadness

A: OK. Was there any way I can influence that from here?

M: Of course! One enters in. The point is, if you want to demonstrate your spiritual evolution, One will go down into the darkness and offer your help and support to those trapped within. They will of course, be quite abusive. They will have all sorts of negativity and all sorts of behaviours that are, shall we call them, a little unpleasant.  But if One stays best to One’s sense of love, that it is that you are fortunate in your own self not to have found this zone, shall we say, then you remain as a light and such a light is often quite a polished mirror. The mirror then, will not take on the abusive comments and criticisms and so forth but will simply hold forth that it is alright to have and to voice such abuses, really understand how they arose and when they are ready, they can follow you out of…

A: The grey zone

M: … the grey zone. You understand what I mean. You are helping them to lighten up.

A: Ha, yes that is what I wanted to say even when she was 13. “Lighten up.”

M: To lighten up, to have such feelings lifted from the shoulders so she can move forward. So you are demonstrating something and not just that but, once One has succeeded in helping one soul you may expect others to come. (Yikes)   Others to be brought to you and you have to learn to manage your own sadness. To manage your own feelings of despair and so on because you do not want to be dragged down, you want to lift up…

A: Yes indeed

M: …and in doing so you gain more than you give.

A: Yes, right. So if you can perhaps give me a technique even to get myself started on these little moments of sadness. You are saying to fully experience them and allow whatever needs to come to bubble up to the surface.

M: Of course and to recognise there are sad things in the world which drag people into the grey zone or as it is more traditionally called “Oblivion”.  (Curious – this word is the title of a recent favourite tango song of mine by Piazzolla.)  Let us say you are willing to experience this, to transform it. Sadness is allowing the energy of that to pass through. If you are to go in, One meditates, then One will meditate on all the negativity of the world and as you enter into that negativity, One transforms it with love.

A: Right. How amazing it would be to master such a skill.

M: When you allow yourself that these negative things are being released and I am the lucky one because I have enough love for people to allow that to transform.

A: Mm. OK, that’s wonderful. Thank you. I’ll leave my other question for next time, that feels like plenty for me today.

M: Then once again, thank you for your time and your willingness and, shall we put it this way, your questions, your insights always widen the path in Consciousness. (We have spoken of this before where widening the path makes it easier for others to follow.)

A: That’s good to know.

M: Then thank you and good morning.



At the end of this session I burst into tears thinking of my parents knowing they would soon be leaving. I told them both I love them. Felt much better afterwards.

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Putting Away the Costumes

Being authentic being yourselfPutting Away the Costumes

A poem by Annabelle Drumm

You are scared?
I am scared too.
We are alike, you and I.
We have played many characters
In this life and the others
We are expert at changing our personality in a moment’s notice.
We know the full hue of emotions and traits
Like the true show business people we are.
We can look at the other person in front of us
Be it the lady down the road, a client, a boss, a celebrity, a child
And we ask ourselves “who would this Other most relate to?”
Then we draw out of our costume box all the traits we think will match.

This often works well.
We are accepted. We are likeable.
But it can work against us
Because when we spend a lot of time with that Other
The zip gets caught on the costume and we can’t get it off.
Then all the other traits that we are
Become hidden,
This character becomes a limitation.

People can get stuck not showing who they are for years,
For lifetimes.
That Other might be a relative, a friend, a spouse.
We are scared to show them who we are underneath
So we stifle it.

But, I don’t want to do that this time.
I got stuck in the costume last time and I was so unhappy.
So unhappy for many years.

This time I don’t want to delve into the costume box
And choose the perfect character to match what I guess you want.
I just want to be the many hues of “me”.

What’s scary about that is
That there is a chance you will reject “me”.

When I wear a costume and you reject me
It’s like failing an audition.
I can wave it away
“No big deal. I took a punt on what they wanted
And they didn’t like it. NEXT!”

An Actor can brush off an epic fail Audition
Just as easily as a Director can.
But can I brush it off just as easily when I am naked?
When I have no costume?
If I show you who I truly am
And I so wanted you to like me
Could I bear the rejection
When I know I could easily have fooled you
Had I worn a costume?

This is the big question.
The time must come
When authenticity is the priority
When judgements are put aside
For what are these personality traits anyway?

We are a soul having a human experience
That means we may not be any personality trait at all
We are not even our gender
We identify ourselves with traits and costumes that we prefer
And we desperately try to avoid the traits within ourselves we do not prefer.
This can feel as mis-aligned as a transsexual feels in their natural born body.

Yet, as a soul, when we start from scratch
We can see that the human experience is the chance to do just that.
To experience the full hue of emotions,
Of character traits, of costumes.
As broad and varied and magnificent as a rainbow.

So I would like to start this relationship
With the costume box closed
And the full palette of colour available for me
To draw upon at any moment.

Yes, this will make me less predictable.
Sometimes I will be something you enjoy.
Sometimes not.
But if I allow myself to be polite, generous and civil
As easily as grumpy, greedy and selfish.
Then I am authentic. I am “me”.

And I expect, that the more freedom I have to be myself
Without judgement
The more loveable I will become
Not just to you and any Other
But I will love and know myself.



Are you looking to find your Authentic self?

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Mercredan: Peace on Earth and your own back yard

shift of consciousness religion law of attraction mentorHow often do you wonder if it will ever be possible to have World Peace? Honestly, everyone is so caught up in impressing their opinions on others as being the only “right” opinion it appears World Peace is a Utopian dream that will never come about. What’s the solution? Check out this latest Mercredan session. Just superb! This may hold the key we are all looking for.

As usual, if you want something as magnificent as World Peace you simply START WITH SELF. Learn it, try it out, master it, demonstrate it and others will naturally follow. No need to lecture others!

I’ve added some comments below in italics.

If you want to discuss the ideas in this article, come talk to me either on Facebook or Google Plus.


Mercredan session

Channelled by Francis Evans
Interviewed by Susan

M = Mercredan
S = Susan

M: Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. There are many threads we could discuss. There are many things we could talk about, because everything emerges from distinctions in consciousness. Even the author, sitting at your desk, has to begin by setting the scene. First of all, the characters, then the background, and then the interactions, character to character, to background, to the circumstances and situations. And every time that occurs, one sets in motion a new distinction, a new operation comes into being. A new field of experience begins to occur. So that is why I have always said the quality of the question opens the field in which to define; and every definition takes one further from the truth than closer to it! Because the truth is, there is no separation. There is only a unit of which one cannot distinguish anything.

S: I understand. Last time when we spoke, you mentioned that we’re now able to develop networks to put us in touch with people who are in a brotherhood or fraternity of like-minded people, leaving our biological families to do that. And is what we’ve done with our friend in Australia, and our Dear Friend (channeller Francis Evans) and me an example of what you were talking about then?

M: Of course. And even as you mentioned, your local groups, those that you are connected to, become part of the weight of family. The more you share different aspects of self, the more you group yourself into such networks. And understand, the network leads into certain domains, and one influences far greater than you expect.

Changing someone else’s mind

M: Even when one puts together a reasonable presentation, argument, as it might be. So sometimes one doesn’t agree with somebody, and yet one’s persuasion, that is one’s presentation of how you see things, can ultimately change a viewpoint; and changing a viewpoint often means a new connection occurs further down the track. Do you understand what I mean?

S: I think so. I’m thinking now of my Vietnam veteran friend who I try to get to change his view, in terms of following his own heart and seeking his own truth. Is that what you’re talking about, something like that?

M: Of course. And the fact that sometimes they might fight against the argument, but in many ways that allows them the ability to go away and think about it. The most important thing is when somebody changes their mind about something, they might forget how they thought before. So it is wise, when they repeat back what you have said, not to insist that one told them so! Allowing them to think it is their own thought often is the wisest way forward.

S: Okay. I’m still pondering on the rigidity issues that I have that are manifesting in my joints. I wonder if my rigidity about my own beliefs and trying to persuade people to think like I do is part of what you’re talking about.

M: Of course. If you were to step into somebody else’s perspective, their viewpoint, they would see things quite differently. And nothing is helpful that separates others from others. The further one creates distinctions and polarities, the further one is from the truth. Because there are no rights and wrongs. There are no blacks and whites. There is nothing other than the realities that whatever one distinguishes, by its very nature, creates the opposite balance. Even when I talk about the author, immediately the author is separate from everybody else. Even though we are not truly wanting to do that. So you see, then, I say the author is writing the entire script, including all of the people, all of the events, every interaction, and so on. The author is overviewing. So everything that was described underneath now arises from the author’s pen. All there is is a single novel. It is integrated into a single novel. Of course, all of the structures still appear in the book, but it is simply one whole book.

S: I still have trouble distinguishing this idea about non separation and separation. For example, our Dear Friend and I were just speaking before this session about a group of Americans that we call Fundamentalist Christians or Tea Party that are very rigid and believe in a certain thing — greed and hoarding money and all of that, and the others of us who are on a different train. That still seems to me that we are separate. I don’t understand how it is all one thing.

M: Of course. And yet if I would say to you, you all belong to the same country, you are all members of the same community…

S: Right.

M: The separation occurred when somebody said, “This is the right way, and that is the wrong way.” Of course, everybody is protecting themselves.

S: So am I making a mistake in thinking that my own sort of faith and what I believe is “right,” and the people who think so fundamentally differently are “wrong,” or are we both exactly the same?

Understanding the other side of the conflict

M: You are both exactly the same! Both are creating a “right” and “wrong” game, rather than look at what is driving this person? What is it they are frightened of? Everybody has fears. If these “wrong” people get into power, they will take us to war, or if the “wrong” people get their way, they will give away all of the money to the poor people and there will be not enough for myself. You understand, everyone has these viewpoints, rather than asking the question, ‘How can everybody have a life that is respected?

The problem that humanity has is in the nature of trying to protect self from the fear of dying, one never gets to live.

M: An anxiety about how to protect one’s self from the other. Because as soon as you separate one’s self and one’s ideas from somebody else, once you have a “right” and a “wrong,” you also have an ally and an enemy! And now you have a war, and your planet is the final victim. The victim of the very thinking arises because there was a “right” and “wrong.” You have your religions — the right religion and the wrong religion. It doesn’t matter that the other side sees exactly the same, because everything is a mirror of self. Everything is in place for someone to learn something from.

S: I think I was trying to explain that to my Vietnam friend a little bit yesterday when he was talking about the ISIS terrorists and I tried to get him to see that they were not bad people, that it was just their actions he didn’t like. Was that on the right track, or was that part of my rigidity…

M: Of course! And once you find the problem, you see there is a problem. If you were to say everybody has the right to land, everybody has the right for somewhere to live, and everybody has the right to manage where they live, and nobody has the right to come from somewhere else and determine what happens, then you discover that your whole planet is in a mess because everyone is going everywhere else for a better life. Everyone has to fight in order to gain occupation, in order to have power, and on it goes. So who is the winner? The one with the biggest military? Of course, you are finding out presently that the biggest military does nothing when nobody owns anything, because it has always been an economic world. And at some point one has to try to resolve that. And how will you do that? With the military? Then you are on a confrontational course that can lead nowhere.

S: Of course, and my not wanting to go there and not wanting to be on that train, to me that seems like separation, where I don’t want to be part of that ideology, part of that kind of a world. How do I reconcile those?

M: By recognizing what drives those into their place, not making them “wrong,” but by talking about fear, about what is there to fear from these people? Of course, in such cases where there is violence, violence arises everywhere. In your own country, it is filled with violence. And it is filled with violence because somebody wants to take something that somebody else has claim over.

The Need for Possession

M: It is all about what I have said many times before — your problem is ownership, “mine.” Is my this and my that, and MY is the one word that creates more separation. If it was OUR country, and all of wealth in it is our wealth and that everybody should have a share of our system, then there is less and less separation. And the more you can arrive at “our people”, that is “the people of our planet”, once it is described in every language as our shared planet, it is our job to look after our shared planet, then suddenly you are thinking as one. And your political views are truly irrelevant when that is recognized.

M: Humanity has had many attempts at coming together, and often in the very worst of times human beings truly work together. When you have a natural disaster, who cares whether you are Islam or Christian or Buddhist or a non-believer, or whatever? Because if the man next to you is digging furiously for your child, you don’t care at all, and you will give him such a big hug when the child is set free! You do not think, “Oh, he is a Black man.” Suddenly all of it goes out the door until tomorrow. And tomorrow you can look at him again and despise him. Do you understand what I’m saying? Human beings have learned to be so fickle.

M: And this is the lesson, when one begins to set and to hold no opinion, to look at the person next to you, at your card table, or whether they vote for one side or the other; you are still having a good time playing the cards. And what is the point of holding it against them? They are doing what they think is best. As you are yourself, doing what you think is best. And one might change one’s opinion in the last moment — who knows what?

When one stands in the lack of judgment of others, then one frees oneself from the judgments of others as well.

M: The only thing they will say is, “She doesn’t have any opinions! What is wrong with her?” And one can smile in certain way and let it go. When you begin to free yourself from the right and the wrong game, then one can become more fluid. One can look at the beliefs that you hold and see them as beliefs that create certain realities. But they are still fixed. Because when one is able to be truly free, one will not mind what happens and one can respond to the moment in the present by being present.

Give up the beliefs and be Present

M: This is why we have said for so long, the most important thing is to be awake! To be present to one’s awakeness (sic). To truly feel what is going on on the inside of yourself. To observe your thoughts and your opinions and your reaction. Not to stop it, but to observe it! And to observe it without judgement, simply as, “How interesting!” “What a reaction!” “Oh, dear!” And, “That was a little bit funny!” You are not getting yourself bogged down in conflict with others because everything is polarized. And if you look at your political — and I am bringing this up because you are beginning to get into the swing of things — one side to the other. However, the one party is one party, the other party is the other, and the whole thing is called politics!

S: So if I do in my heart believe in a certain side, Side A versus Side B, do I vote for a side or just stay out of it and laugh at it?

M: One has to try to bring balance; otherwise, what is the point:? One is better to realize that in order to balance one vote against another, one has to vote for the side… Because if not, if everyone were to do that, except for a few, then it would tip in one direction. And you have to understand that one side of this balance is more likely to be the ones that do not “tick” their boxes, and so the balance is upset. But it is not so much because of dislike of the other side, but simply because it is the wiser thing in the moment. But also it is wise not to get too caught up. Whatever occurs occurs. If there is the cheating, then there will be the cheating. And of course in your country (USA), that is far more advanced than anywhere else on the planet.

S: No doubt.

M: So it is already decided! It is all such a wonderful game.

Life after Death – Ghosts

S: I am with you 100%. I totally understand. I would like to change subjects if that’s okay. You’ve mentioned before, and our dear friend (channeller Francis Evans) was speaking of his old teacher, Margaret, who could see a soul that had passed through the veil but was confused and didn’t know it — particularly people who die suddenly, like in a car accident — who don’t know that they have passed, and others who have gone on… What determines the journey of one’s soul after one has passed?

M: Consciousness! To the degree one is conscious of what is happening, then one arises on the other side of the veil in much the same way as one left. So if you are… And this is why the church was very clever, because one does not want to pass over without getting the last rituals, you understand? So the priest would come, and hopefully put your mind at rest so you could pass over, and there on the other side would be a churchman to help you into the fold.

S: So with someone… I’m thinking now of my father who died a few years ago, and toward the end, he asked me what happens on the other side. He seemed to be very confused, and for the first time, maybe, thinking of it. What happened to him when he passed?

M: Let us find the record. (During these channelling sessions Mercredan can access the Akashic Records. Humanity is evolving where it too will be able to easily access these.) Because everything is noted in the record, even if much has passed on. First of all, this man was a little bit of a thinker. This one did not just take what was given without consideration. And so while his confusion was driven by fear and concern, he was still observant in that way, even if the mind was a little less in continuity. So when this one passed over, first of all the unfurling as we have described — the days of reviewing the life, and making decisions. Every soul seems to have that, even though… Because time does not exist in the inner realms, one cannot put a definitive framework around it. But on your side, that is approximately three to four or five days, depending on whether the person gets caught up in loops as it were.

M: So this one had a review of the life, and after the review he more or less sat up and thought for a moment, “Well, this isn’t too bad, really!” So this one sort of thought it rather funny that what was all the concern about before? So even though he arrived with the concern, he was observant of his concern and observant of the facility that he found himself in. In other words, with more freedom he was able to meet up with many of his old friends, in terms of imagination, and that is rather complex to explain. (Imagination is sometimes referred to as 4D – more real than you might expect.)

M: This one had a couple of quite dear friends. And the first thought he had was for one of these. “How is this person doing if I am here?” This one [referring to the friend] already passed, of course. And in the thinking, of course the other one first of all hears or senses the inquiry, so they meet! Of course! (In the future we will be able to do this on Earth. Think of each other and meet up.) Where would they meet? In their favorite meeting place of course, and catching up is rather an interesting and funny interlude! They both could see the funny side of it all. And once someone can see the funny side, then progress is relatively fast. (Best way to lose your baggage is to see the funny side!) Because having been able to shift in consciousness at such a rapid rate, one can meet up with all the people you are still having problems with, or those that you are still connected with, and complete. So within what might have been in your terms a few months, this one had finished the job!

(This is fantastic news! The reason being that, when we end our life and go for the review, if there is any baggage left over or new experience we feel we need, then we reach for another life and dive back in. Now, in 2015 as each soul passes, there is no opportunity in the future to resolve baggage and karma because the Earth is moving into a new epoch. So if you have stuff to resolve you need to reach back in history and live it out through a life already begun in an earlier era. For Susan’s dad, he didn’t need to do that.)

M: What else? And then he was beginning to realize that even at the first field, the astral level, he was not limited, and therefore moved on. And the body at that level began its degeneration and its collapse. So it is, one returns into consciousness with consciousness in order to marry together those who have explored similar veins.

S: I’m not sure exactly what you mean. Are you saying he came into contact with entities who have already passed over the veil?

M: Of course.

Living with Alzheimers Disease

S: I wanted to know also, does he have any connection, or… Can you tell me about his wife, my step-mother, who has advanced Alzheimer’s but is still living?

M: With this one, she already had enough of the physical world. However, what she had forgotten is that you have to complete it. You have to put the body to rest. So the problem for her is still feeding the physical with energy, but she has lost the trail that leads to that. So it is a difficult task, and only further degeneration of the physical self, as is inevitable, will close the final window on it. So to all intents, she has already passed over and is already exploring the life that she had had. So one could say this is why what is called your long-term memories return in what you call senility. It is because the review is already taking place — at a very slow rate, of course.

S: Of course, ‘cause we’re still here. So as the person responsible for her medical care, I guess there’s no right or wrong, but if I have to make a decision as to whether she receives more care to prolong her physical life…

M: Not at all! She is not wanting that at all. She has no interest in the physical body at all.

S: That’s what I thought.

M: And in many ways it is still limiting her joining her husband, who truly was the love of her life. Maybe not so much his, but certainly her life.

S: Interesting!

M: Because he was so accepting of her. I want to say, not that it started that way, but in the later time, particularly when he was getting ready to leave, she was truly attached to him. And I want to say, some parts of her went across the veil with him, and that is the beginning of her demise.

S: Great!

M: And that is why she forgot about the body is because so much of her went with him and, at a certain degree point — not so much on the feeling astral level but certainly on the mental plane — he is waiting for her to join. Because he wants to make sure that this time she does not proceed before she is ready.

S: Okay. That is fabulous. Thank you so much, Mercredan.

M: I want to say these two did indeed enjoy something that is not altogether that common. Because there was a lot of upset in both lives. And learning to accept somebody and do one’s best, and that was always the case on both sides. Both always thought the other was doing the best that they could.

S: That’s what I thought, too. So they did have that. That’s great.

M: And it is, in terms of consciousness, that is quite a boost.

S: For them?

M: For them, for the completions, because these two of course had other lifetimes together. And I want to say, not altogether particularly happy ones.

S: My Dad said to me one time that he didn’t think his wife could ever be happy in this life. And I had that sense also. So hopefully she can be happy now.

M: That is the point. She did not find the physical world particularly to her liking. And particularly because she was given more, but not enough. She had everything that she could want, but she did not have the ability to have power. And that is from other lifetimes, of course. I want to say this one had many lives as a male with lots of power, and the misuse of assets of money. In this life, then, she had access to it all, but as a woman, no power. What a balancing act it was! And even though she was unhappy about it, on the other side she has even already begun to recognize the benefit the life provided.

(This is something I’ve heard from other channellers as well in terms of looking at a life from that high perspective. When a person suffers trauma, bad luck, illness etc. this is experience – neither good nor bad – and often comes as a counter balance to something before (past life or earlier on in life) which the soul was reaching for. When you are in the poo in life, by giving in to the situation and fully experiencing it rather than fighting against it, you will find a way out much quicker because the experience was the only thing you wanted from it.)

S: Great. That’s great. That’s wonderful.

M: Is that enough for today?

S: It is, and I appreciate it so much.

M: Then thank you for your time and your interest. It is always wonderful to talk, because you bring out interesting topics that can be built upon. Then thank you, and good afternoon.

If you are interested in having your own session with Mercredan, Francis Evans works by Skype internationally. Visit his site here for bookings.

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