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Kryon: World changes are already happening 2017

Here’s another great post from Lee Carroll channelling Kryon below about world changes heading for a very bright future. This is due to the changing consciousness of Humans being the catalyst for changes slowly being reflected in the physical world. So often I see those with an optimistic attitude stifled by the nay-sayers around them yet, there are less nay-sayers every day. The more people wake up to the great potential of what world can be, the faster the change happens.

This transcript has a good description of Fractal circles of time and how our old idea that history repeats itself is no longer a certainty. We have the capacity to turn away from old negative patterns and not only avoid repeating them but actually change whether they were imprinted into history as a certainty. Mercredan has also talked about our power to change history which is so constantly fluid we will find our history books eventually become obsolete.

Although this doesn’t make sense to those who only see Time as a solid, linear pathway, once you learn to think more broadly about directions of potential and parallel pathways you’ll see how flexible the whole thing is.

Kryon mentions how he told an audience in Israel it was up to them to make peace in the world. There’s something really important here to note. When we look at the leader of a country we cannot judge every soul living there to match their opinions or behaviour.

I realise Trump is an obvious exception with whom people just love to disagree but, look at all the other countries and see that the leader in each can also be just as opposite to the views of the majority.

Kryon talks about many of these leaders being of the old energy. They will eventually be replaced with those who are free of history’s baggage and can create something completely new that does not relate to the past but is solely focussed on what we want now.

Law of Attraction: The more intently we focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want, the quicker we can make it come to pass.

Enjoy the post and, as usual, if you have any comments feel free to discuss your perspective on the Facebook page.


Kryon session transcript: Change

Channelled by Lee Carroll for a public audience.
19 March 2017


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Every time these messages begin, there are a few moments of adjustment [speaking of a pause that occurs after the greeting]. The adjustment is for my partner, not for you. It is because truly the messages are given almost in another dimension. It’s difficult for a Human Being to really switch gears and stop listening to a Human in a chair, and instead listen to a multidimensional message from the other side. However, this is where the message originates.

The message for today is a little different than before. I start again with congratulations for the Human race, for you pulled it off. This is a colloquialism [a phrase of the culture] that means you really did something amazing. Almost at the last moment, the timing of the stars brought you to the end of a profound cycle, and you went through it without another and ending war. You went through it without horror and strife or the projected termination of the planet, and yet you really don’t know what you’ve done and today you find yourself in a brand new energy. Since 2012, many things are reacting and changing, not just you, and and that’s what I want to talk about.

Changes in the Crystalline Grid

Let’s start with one of the basics, the Crystalline Grid of this planet. I have discussed with you that this grid is a “remembering grid”. I have told you that it is one that is active [always shifting] and activated by the emotions and the compassions of Human Beings. I told you that it is a fast-track grid – that is to say, if it changes, then Humans who are placed upon it will feel that change. Up until now, it has had input from humanity that is overwhelmingly negative, because that is what Human nature responds to. That is the primordial emotions – fear, suffering and horror. If you don’t believe me, watch your news. It seems to be what Human Beings are most attracted to and interested in. Horror and drama are the emotions that often drive your marketing, films and books. That is Human nature we speak of, and that is starting to change. So a grid that “remembers” humanity’s emotions gives you the feelings of horror in a battleground or the sadness at a grave site. It remembers what is inputted into it.

What happens to the Crystalline Grid of this planet in the new energy? Oh, I think I gave you a hint before. Dear ones, it’s almost like it was rebooted and the negative and dramatic things that it remembered before, and the places that remembered them, will start to diminish and disappear. It’s almost like the timing created an entire different physics for you for the planet. It’s a fast-track grid – that is to say, you are now freshly imprinting it. When you reboot something, all that was before goes away. Then it starts again fresh and, dear ones, that is what’s going on right now. The proof is what many are going to start feeling in places that used to be dark, for that will be changing and the sensitives will notice it first.


I have started with a simple linear concept, for the Crystalline Grid is an example. It’s fairly linear and you can understand it, but then there are those who have asked esoteric questions about time. Does time itself change in this new energy?

Now, if you have not been part of the seminar today, this may be a difficult concept to grasp. The seminar gave the circular concept of time credibility and the knowledge was displayed in a scientific way. The circle of time is not anything that you feel because to you time is a straight line like a railroad track. You only go one way, and that is past present and future. But the reality is that it’s fractalized. It goes in a circle and has energy placed on it, which it reacts to. The “fractals” are the pieces of it that are part of the whole, but which leave similar pieces of itself along the way.

Fractal time may seem esoteric since it’s not how you live, but it does affect how you perceive things. As events happen on the planet, they create bumps on the road so that when you go in the circle again, you feel the bumps or sense they are coming. This often creates that very thing happening again. It’s responsible for the phrase “time repeats itself”. In a certain fashion, it does. That’s fractal time. This affect has been studied, and there are suspected atomic particle physics behind it [The Higgs Singlet]. So here is the question: What happens to the time fractals in this new energy? Are the bumps in the road the same, or different? What happens to the events on the timeline of the past that might trigger the future?

I’m here to tell you something: The whole timeline, all of the fractals, are starting to be rebooted [freshened], and when they disappear, dear ones, time itself starts to change. Why would this be? Because Human consciousness is part of it. If you reboot fractal time, it means that the things in the past will not affect you today or tomorrow in the future, like they did in an older energy. In the old energy, you kept tripping on them and they kept coming. This led to war after war after war. Then humanity would rest for awhile, and do it again. It happened because this was expected. This was Human nature. Many say, “It’s what Humans do.”

Now, if this is the case and the timing of things start to be different, it means that you are writing a new timeline. You’re creating new bumps, but the bumps may actually be positive ones instead of the dramatic negative ones. Fractals are that way. They are going to work the same no matter what you do, except that the old ones in the old energy won’t be here. You might say you’ve cleaned it. Controversial? Yes. It’s also controversial in physics.

Time is time no matter what happens. The process of the fractals is also the same and has been for eons. I’m telling you that it’s being changed. Why? The catalyst: Consciousness of the New Human.

The Volatile Effect of the “Bumps in the Road” – The Past

So let’s go one step further. If the fractals are changed, would that affect the reaction of Humans about the past? And the answer is oh yes! Read that again.

Suddenly this may very well be the beginning of an entirely new reaction to history. Seed planting of peace between former enemies is at hand because the past will not have the effect it used to. But the ones who will feel this the most are the young, for they never actually experienced the history. They are only reacting to it, and what they have been told about it.

Where do you see the effect of history on the planet that is the most profound? The answer is the Middle East. Middle Eastern people and their current cultures do not expect the truth of what I’m telling you. I was in a large theater with my partner, sitting alone on a stage. The light was focused on him in a chair, with 900 Israelis expecting to hear a message from Kryon. Hopefully, it would be about their land, but they never know what Kryon is going to say. Then I told them.

I told them that they were being “tasked” or chosen to bring peace to their region first, and second to thereby create the beginnings of peace on Earth. They were tasked to create this because they were the only ones who could do it. The solution to “the situation” simply would not come from the outside. It would not come from the west, but rather only from them.

The reaction that I got, the consciousness that I could feel, was “How?” For eons this is what they all wanted! Since the 1940s when permission to return to the land and create a nation was given, that’s what they all wanted. But due to actions on both sides, it just got worse. How? “How do you turn a magic switch, Kryon, so that suddenly we can have peace in this region with all those around us?”

The answer was that they have already started it, and they did it on December 21, 2012. The reset has begun with the perception of the past, because the fractals are gone or being rewritten and there are going to be children who ask the question, “Tell me again, father, why it is I am supposed to hate them? I’m not truly getting it. Tell me again what happened in the past that is supposed to control me now? Tell me again, father, why we need to emulate everything that was dysfunctional in the past? Tell me, father, why we can’t wipe away the past that didn’t work for us? Tell me why we can’t begin a process to look into their eyes and say, ‘Let’s drop everything that was, and create what is?'”

For a future generation, I say watch for this! There will come a time when the old leaders are gone on both sides, and there will be a lot less emphasis on who did what to whom and instead there’ll be a consciousness of a clean start. The past won’t drive the future. What a concept! This is the catalyst for peace in the Middle East and it would not have a chance if you had not passed this marker.

Why is it that world wars have come and gone and enemies who experienced it have all come together in the past 60 years as good partners and neighbors? What is it about the Middle East that continues a very old and ancient fight and never seems to move off the peg of “who did what to whom for more than 1,000 years”? The answer may surprise you.

It was the Middle East that would have brought civilization to its knees if you hadn’t passed the precession of the equinoxes – the 2012 marker. It was the Middle East that would have triggered the Battle of the Armageddon that was prophesied by your scripture and other scholars of the ages, from ancient times right up to the 1980s. It was needed to fulfill this prophecy and would have played its part in the end of time.

Then, it didn’t happen. Many still feel it will, for they are invested in the doom of the future, and have spent too much time cognizing that it is certain. This is why it will take the young people to bring this about, for it isn’t engrained in them, as it is in the ones who spent their lives expecting it. There’s more.

Light and Dark Balance

The light and dark balance on the planet is starting to rearrange itself and is going to create more wild cards. Wild cards are “unexpected shifts”, things that are often shocking in ways that are not positive or negative, but rather are changes in the paradigm of what was. They often push the future, both in consciousness and science.

There are several coming in the form of Human Beings making changes in ways and in places you don’t expect. There’s one that is way overdue in New York City at the United Nations. It’s an old organization with wonderful ideas about helping the planet, but stuck in its own old-energy politics. What will happen there? If you don’t see much soon, it may actually cease functioning. Wildcards are not guaranteed. They are timed to match the free choice of those around them. That’s what makes a wild card – totally unexpected events. Think of this: An organization set out to create peace on Earth may become more dysfunctional and even fail, or a wild card may come and restructure it all at great controversy and almost no funding. That’s what wild cards do.

You may find it in business, in banking or in politics. New ideas never tried before that are radical may exist soon. Expect these kinds of things, but they have to grow on you. There may be some starts and stops. There may be seed planters who don’t make it. Then others may come in and make the seeds start growing. That means ideas that were not accepted yesterday may actually be accepted now or in the future. This is because as you evolve, you will see the new wisdom in them. This is all part of the growth process through time.

So this is where you are currently in the change pattern. You are at the beginning of the growth process. All this with a new grid, with very few time fractals to undo, and with a clean slate from historic energies. Are you ready?

Listen: No prophecy at all has been written about what is happening on your planet now. Zero. There are no elders anywhere or channellers anywhere at the moment giving you good, solid prophecy about what’s next. This is because you just went through the tunnel of old energy, the old prophecies, and are barely free of them. This is a new energy that you have never experienced before on the planet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read the prophecies.

According to the best and most popular and accepted prophecies of your time, where are you supposed to be right now? The answer is “dead”.

Where is the earth supposed to be right now? The answer is “radioactive”. No one can exist on a planet that has had a massive nuclear exchange, no matter what your movies say. It’s “goodbye” to Humans on the planet. The whole idea of a post-apocalyptic earth is a fantasy. You don’t live when there’s that much radiation. It affects everything in the air, in the oceans and the very dust that would have been kicked up by thousands of nuclear explosions would be circling the planet and blocking the sun for decades. Dark – life gone.

Dear one, that is the apocalypse that never took place. Instead, you stand here with your kids and a new planet with hope. You may wonder why I’m enamored with all of you, but you don’t really know it, not yet.

In a generation or two, somebody will raise a hand and say, “I couldn’t help but notice we’re different from those before.” This is how long it takes, especially to rewrite the old consciousness of expected doom. Two generations may have to go by before someone raises a hand to say, “Look, the sun’s coming out [a metaphor]. It’s different.” Humans are slow to change, but they may notice attitudes changing and that they have a new road to walk on.

So you want to know what your task is at the moment, dear old soul? Your task is to encourage those around you using your compassion and balance. When you hear them talk about the fact that they cannot get ahead, or that things are horrible on the planet, or what the news said last night, speak up in a loving way. When timed correctly. you can say, “I’m really not onboard with that. I feel we have a positive time ahead. Things are different. Can’t you feel it, can’t you see it? I think we’ve got a brighter future. We just need to be patient with it and stop wallowing in the drama others are giving us that influences us and makes us fear everything.”

Listen: That is called “seed planting” and they may laugh in your face. However, the planting of the seed that you do has a compassionate, balanced residue that sticks in their consciousness. It’s attractive. They may come back to you later when you are alone and say, “Tell me, why do feel that way? I remember what you said, and I like it. I just don’t know why you feel that way.” Then you can tell them a little more about the precession of the equinoxes, or perhaps what the ancients had to say and that it lines up with our time.

Give them some of the history of the planet that is seemingly unknown in the west, which was presented by the ancient calendars. Ask them to do some research and get them going. Tell them that there is real hope and to look around. Ask them to notice that civilization went through the change of the millennium, and now 17 years later, none of the doom and gloom took place. Tell them you believe in what the ancients said, since that’s what actually has happened. Plant the seeds that there is the chance of positive change ahead.

Young people will come to you sometimes confused about what their parents have told them about the future. You may be the only one who may say to a young person, “It’s a lot brighter than they know, and they’re still kind of ‘in the shadow’ of the past.”

I’m sitting in front of 900 Israelis on stage, alone with my partner, and I told them: “The world for you has been in black and white. Israel has been in black and white, but color is coming.”

The whole idea was foreign to them, because it never had been there before. It had always been a black and white Israel. Then I told them, “It’s up to you.” Now I’m telling you why these things have a propensity to change in a new energy. The potential is ripe for that change, however, and the timing of it is up to the Humans who are here. Did you hear that? Spirit is not in control of your free choice or of how fast you adapt to this change.

How long will this take for the Israelis and you? How do you receive this message about them? Many are going to pick it apart, discuss it on YouTube, comment how stupid it is or how absurd. This is free choice, but let me tell you something: If you see that kind of reaction, it’s a Human Being who has not escaped the whole idea of doom for all. That is the consciousness of what must be rewritten first. How many decades need to go by before someone realizes that the prophecy of what should have taken place almost 20 years ago didn’t? Then perhaps they will even ask why.

What do you personally expect? Dear old soul, I want you to leave this place with those questions in your mind. What do you really expect? Do you expect the sun to come out and the lighter energy to win here on your planet? Will you expect that which is unexpected in the Middle East? Can you see what the wild cards are doing and not be fearful or worried? If you’re in that place, that’s the first step.

Try to cognize what is really going to happen here. There is a new planet with new consciousness and new ways starting to grow and evolve. It will eventually be the end of war. It will be the beginning of something you don’t even expect is coming. Color is coming. That’s the message.

Personally for the individual

It’s a wonderful message. Do you believe it? Don’t be confused because your life is not necessarily cooperating with everything I’ve said. The timing of your awakening and recalibration is unique to you. Did you hear that? We don’t have a group of old souls all taking one pill. Each one of you is so unique and so different and will awaken and evolve at different times for different reasons. Sometimes the synchronicity of what is coming will not allow it yet, and you’re jumping up and down saying, “When? Why not now? I don’t get it?”

Dear ones, as I said before, you’ll find out when the train arrives. Then you can get on it. But if you wake up too soon and go to the station as soon as you can, you’re going to be frustrated that the train isn’t there. Let synchronicity work for you, not against you. Be patient with all things.

What do you do while you’re waiting? Why don’t you sit there and say, “Thank you God for loving me.” Think about what kinds of positive change you can make while you’re waiting. This starts to clean up the fears and the anxiety and all the things that are not compassionate and beautiful. Perhaps this is why there is a delay to begin with! Do you feel worthy?

I have been accused of being a Pollyanna channel. I admit it, I am. This is because I know what’s coming and I’ve seen it before. Free choice is the key, and you can do with it what you wish. However, I’ve seen it before. I know where it’s supposed to go and you’re well on your way. Dear ones, you just started and this is just the beginning. What are you going to do with all of this? Some cannot digest all of what I’ve said, but later you’ll realize it. You’ll see it and you’ll understand it. Others of you get it right now. Again, you’re all on different paths.

Spirit knows who you are. Spirit knows your name, and you’re not in the dark. You’re not without support at all. How does that make you feel? From the beginning of the channelling 28 years ago, I gave you the metaphor I continue to give: I dare you climb into the closet, shut the door, and turn off the light – and try to be alone! You can’t! The benevolent angels who came into this planet with you are still with you. You can’t get rid of us! That’s the God-in-you surrounding you with the magnificence of the other side of the veil and the Higher-Self that you carry around, pretending you don’t have it, all while you think you are alone.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


Visit Lee Carroll’s website here.



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Changing Times with Sarah Biermann

Loved this simple article recently put out by my friend and colleague Sarah Biermann. Had to repost for her.

Who are you and why are you here?

Sarah Beirmann on the Shift of ConsciousnessBy Sarah Biermann

As the world seems to be falling apart and the news or “fake news” triggers anxiety and fear, what are you supposed to be doing and why are you here now anyway?

Here are a few truths:

Breakdown leads to breakthrough.
You can’t change something if you are not aware that it exists.
The world is not what you were you were taught, so don’t believe everything that you believe.
You are here to go through a quantum to a new level of experience.
And you are facilitate a huge, planetary transformation, to usher in the New Earth.
There are those who don’t want that to happen.
You are more powerful than they are!

The Universe has a divine order for creation.

There are two fundamental forces that cause the movement that is needed to create. One is a repelling or radiating force and the other is an attracting or uniting force.

It is through these forces that Creator began creating and also how It communicated with its creation. Ahrazu/Osiris calls them the Outbreath and Inbreath of Creator. Creator’s desire to separate became the desire of all the separate parts. This desire led the parts to seek separation, lower vibration and increased density.

As told to me by Ahrazu/Osiris:

“There is a basic, underlying force that allows for creation. This force originates from Creator and is very much like magnetism. It has two aspects to it. Part of the force is attraction, like when a magnet pulls toward another magnet. The other aspect repels, or pushes away. The magnet itself is neutral. Creator, like a magnet, creates both attracting and repelling forces, but is itself neutral.

During the Outbreath, the individual pieces lowered in frequency.  Each fragment set off to gain experience and to create, and the Universe was formed, with all its diversity. This creation could not have happened without the repelling force being dominant.” 
Creation is cyclical; Outbreath then Inbreath, ad infinitum, (Breakdown to Breakthrough). Within the great cycle are smaller cycles of expansion/contraction, separation/unification, lower vibration/higher vibration. These cycles are fractal, repeated patterns from infinitely large to infinitely small, and everything in between. We are in a unique time because many smaller and larger cycles are aligned. Imagine the hands on a clock, the hour hand moves slowest, the minute hand is faster and the second hand is faster than that. There will be times when all three line up, as in the exact second of midnight. When the cycles line up is when great change can happen, a change from one level of experience to whole other, new level. We are living in amazing times!

Our planet (and because everything is connected, our solar system and galaxy) is poised at a time when there is an opportunity to advance to another level. I use the terms Old Earth and New Earth and Transformation, others use 3rd Density and 4th Density and/or Ascension. The Creator is taking a really big Inbreath signaling us to raise our vibration, unite our parts, remember more of our true selves, connect, evolve and gain wisdom.

It is easier to make really big changes and fast changes within chaos than within order. The current order is not in balance, nor is it in alignment with the galactic progress or evolution. This is why it must be broken down. You see this every day; religion, business and banking, education etc. are falling apart.

There are beings (I’ll call them the Elite) who are fighting against the Transformation to the New Earth. They created and imposed the current institutions and systems that keep us enslaved, AND they are NOT in alignment with the Inbreath of Creator. This means that they have to work very hard, with highly focused intent to maintain their version of order and control.

Since we have been powerfully brainwashed for thousands of years, how can we few Lightworkers make a difference?

Though there are still only a relativly small number of people who are focusing their intent on Transformation and bringing in the New Earth Paradigm, our desire and intentions are more powerful because they are inline with the galactic desire and intent. We have the wind at our backs!

Priority Incarnation

Another reason we have the advantage is that those souls who are ready to personally transform are the ones who were put to the “front of the line” to incarnate. We also got the “best” bodies, living in situations that allowed us to have leisure time and to not be so abused that we couldn’t heal. The bottom line is that we are beings of great experience and abilities!

If you are reading this, you are one of us.

The Old Energy world will tell you that you a re small and powerless, maybe even crazy, but don’t believe it!

Our planet and our galaxy need you to recognize your value and power and to own and use your spiritual abilities gained from many, many lifetimes working toward the Transformation. You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

It is time for you to remember who you truly are and why you are needed.

Each person who focuses their desire and intent, alone and/or in groups, will, through the Law of Attraction, draw in others and start the momentum of exponential growth necessary to transform our planet in the smoothest way possible.

Lessons, lessons and more lessons

So many people are trying so hard to learn whatever lessons they came in with. What would be the value of an evolved soul, with great experience and abilities, for having lessons? Why would we choose to have to struggle so hard to try to remember who we truly are?

The suppression of your inherent power was deliberate! But why?

To take on and clear negative energy for the planet
To be able to live in a world full of ugliness and deceit (Old Earth) and to see through the lies and still focus on creating beauty (New Earth)
To hide your true power from the Elite until the time was right

That time is now!

It is not necessary to do “big things”, to be a hero, single-handedly fighting Goliath, or to be a recognized spiritual teacher (you will be a teacher in one way of another). The combination of small daily-life things and occasional group events, if desired will accomplish much.

If you take some time to be quiet and imagine living in the world you desire. You don’t need to know how, when or exactly what. It is a world where people are cooperative, inclusive and free. You feel light, confident, understood and successful. If you adopt a powerful, successful body posture that adds another layer of intent. Think of Bruce Jenner after winning the decathlon. Your head is held high, arms outstretched and smiling radiantly!


Read more from Sarah Biermann, join her webinars or have a personal healing session. (I highly recommend them!) Here’s her website: http://imagi-creation.com

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2017 Predictions with Clif High

Many of the posts I add here are based around Spiritual Channellers who give guidance for personal development. This source is quite different. Originally starting out in the 1990’s looking for lateral thinking solutions to finding good stocks on the stock market, Clif High (his real name?) started to learn about movements and facts around Antartica and our Solar Sun – I expect he also picked up on the knowledge our larger Galactic Central sun from which the Milky Way is one arm and revolves around. This knowledge almost completely distracted him away from his original topic of interest.

20 years on, Clif now puts out reports which cover all sorts of topics from the practical 3D elements of life to the spiritual and unexplainable making a unique perspective from which we can all learn. In this interview below they start out with more “earthly” topics of 2017 stock market predictions, global economy, property devaluing, global reset of the banks which might include a period of being closed this year as they implement the new system (yet another reason to have your personal stocks of food, water and alternate power supplies on hand just as it was first suggested on this blog in 2011/2012) Bitcoin, China and the dollar value.

I love how Clif links much of what happens in finance and property to our emotional wellbeing. The broadcast media and social media sites have this well down pat. They can pump out material which upsets, creates anger, fear, prejudice and offence to get every one talking. This lowers collective emotional wellbeing which alters our behaviour and gives the media something to report the next day.

When you are in a negative frame of mind you are not in tune with your intuition and your “bullshit”-ometer is not working so well. Working this way, the media can divulge some truths along with whatever lies suit their agenda and the audience will take all of it as gospel.

People are so quick now to accept a few truths along with a whole bunch of disinformation and immediately spit it back out to everyone else. This way #fakenews can be spread around the world very quickly which causes confusion.

For your own sanity

  1. Take each individual piece of information and run it through your intuition – your heart, your gut instinct, however you like to test it. Truth and lies can come from the same source. “This bit feels right. This bit doesn’t sit well with me.” I also like watching videos with the sound off which often tells me much.
  2. Test a person, organisation or source of information the same way. Don’t assume all info from one source is trustworthy or not. Things are not as black and white as you think. Even me! I am just as susceptible and may get stuff wrong along the way as well.
  3. Don’t jump on the band wagon and adopt the opinion of others by default. If you look at my Facebook page you’ll see I don’t often share what everyone else is sharing or comment on what we “think” is happening, particularly in the political environment. So much is going on in the background that things are not what they appear to be. It’s become a trend to diss Trump as being this-ist or that-ist. This video below points out that those -ist words were put out by the media so people will quote them.You have no idea what he is up against and, as more facts come out in years to come, his erratic behaviour may make more sense. Even looking at his first dance at the inauguration with Melania, people were raving about his lack of care for her. To me it looked like the assassination threat had already been delivered and the two of them were not even sure if they’d make it to the end of the dance. He had that “everything’s cool, I’m in control” but-not-really look on his face and she could not hide her anxiety.
  4. Check your emotions – like often!  As you listen to an interview, newscast, article or watch a video, how does it make you feel. Yes, of course there are things to clean up in this world. So much to clean up. But does it affect you and your family right now? Can you do anything about it? Rather than choose to be angry, desperate or join in the gossip, if there is no direct action you can take then focus on the ideal outcome in a positive way. Not “wouldn’t it be great to get rid of this person?” No. More like “Wouldn’t it be great if the world was this way instead?”
  5. Be what you want the world to be. Regular practice of being generous, thoughtful, compassionate, taking positive action to improve something in your own neighbourhood does send powerful waves of positivity out which affect our Collective consciousness. Don’t be a hypocrite saying a politician should not behave a certain way and then find yourself doing exactly that to some other group of people. Practice what you preach… then preach less.

Another mention in this report talks about finally divulging to the world audience about the aliens that have been living here for thousands of years, also about the discovery of what Mercredan talked about as the city of Atl down in Antartica (Atl not Atlantis which I believe was a continent from which the Hawaiian Islands were the highest mountains). They’ve been excavating down there for about 20 years and only in the past couple of months all sorts of world leaders have suddenly needed to “take a sight seeing tour” of Antartica. Clif says there is technology down there which will make the majority of humanity wealthy for several hundred years. Not with resources such as gold or oil but in terms of highly advanced technology which will make life SO much easier for us all.

Bring it on.

There is plenty on youtube about these Antartica visits from World leaders, take a look. Again I say, be discerning about people who claim personal involvement.

Enjoy the video and do take a look at his website http://halfpasthuman.com. He has a more detailed report you can buy there in Bitcoin which is the equivalent of about USD 15.

Only one extra thing I want to add. Clif is not the only one that predicts the financial system is long overdue to fall apart with disastrous consequences. I am going to be optimistic – a bit like the three fairies undoing Malificent’s  curse to kill Sleeping Beauty/Aurora – and say that the world’s economists are well aware of the fragile state the economy is in. It is possible whatever is artificially propping it all up these past years will stay in place until they set up the new system. Nobody wants the banks to close and people to starve to death. No one wants the chaos. We all definitely need a new system and it is possible to create a smooth transition to get there. Have faith.

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Mercredan: Donald Trump and the World Shift of Consciousness

Donald Trump and the USA Presidential electionsAfter quite a break we decided it was time to consult Mercredan again for a higher perspective view of the latest happenings, particularly around the USA presidential elections and the upset it has caused. Here is a transcript of that conversation…

Mercredan on Donald Trump, USA Elections and the World shift

Channelled by Francis Evans
Interviewed by Annabelle Drumm
14 November 2016



M: Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. Let us begin on such an auspicious occasion because so much is in the pipeline. So many transitions that have been waited for for a long period are becoming more to the forefront. What we have suggested and shared in the past is becoming more obvious and clear as the two realities begin to separate out as it begins. So shall we begin a conversation?

Trump, US Presidential Elections, World shift

A: OK. I have a number of things to ask but I think I’d like to start with what you’d just said there. I’m assuming you are speaking of the world stage?

M: Of course. Not just on the stage of the people but the Planetary Guardians’ beginnings to shake up the planet once again and becoming to the forefront that all things are connected and one cannot separate oneself from the whole.

A: Right. So can you tell us a little more about how the Planetary Guardians are shaking us up?

M: Everything is interconnected. So whatever occurs within the conscious mind, occurs across consciousness itself. And so you have had what you would call a political shakeup in the biggest nation of your planet and immediately the planet begins to shake itself up. It is “the first of the warning signs”. Shall we say then that no matter what, the old system has been placed on notice. It will not be as it was in past times and, I also want to point out, so many theories are also being shaken up. Ideas of other beings from different realities and so forth and on it goes but, in the end, what has always been the pathway is the creativity of a unified Consciousness.

A: The creativity. So we are creating… A lot of this was in the pipeline. Uh, are we creating something different from what was in the pipeline?

M: Not at all. It was always clear that in the beginning is a Oneness and it is only when One separates that a duality occurs. So it is then, that two things opposing one another will always be resonating one against the other and that is what occurs. What is moving inside of the planet is a realignment of the pressures and tensions that are prevalent across the planet. The old “Orders” no longer can control the system. You understand, what is unleashed has been unleashed and is unstoppable until it finds its new level of balance.

A: Right. Now, you say it is all interconnected so I can’t even point to one particular part. It’s not just political? How else does it connect? We were talking about the old system of who controls the money and the politics and things …

M: All of it. You understand, you have created a world of diversity. Those that control, those that are without power. Those with money, those without. Those in terror, those without and so on it goes. And all of it is man made because of conscious decisions. Because of the concept of separation. So this religion and that religion. This land and that land. These people and those people and so on it goes. You are either with me or against me and nobody has truly acknowledged that you are all on the same planet and no matter what occurs, you will all be on the same boat. So fighting on the same boat is not a very wise thing because eventually somebody sacrifices the boat. Then everyone will drown.

A: Is there something in the talk of extra-terrestrials and UFOs that will help us to see we are on the same boat? Or is that not necessary?

M:  Consciousness plays with all sorts of concepts and as such, brings them into the experiential realities but it is no different to any other conceptual framework. Everybody knows that the system, as it is, is unsustainable. Everybody knows and [there are] those who want to reduce the population by force and those that want to reduce the population so it is possible for all to be taken care of. There is no need for the vast populations when those are in the greatest need cause the greatest problem.

A: Cause the greatest problem?

M: Of course, because your population isn’t tuned to those that are in the greatest need. So while you withhold from those, then you create your own certain demise and when you attack those, then once again you cause a greater speed of demise. Until that is recognised, the world will continue its tumultuous pathway and create greater and greater waking up of the population. So it is always bound to be an evolution of awareness.

A: So when you speak of reducing the population, whether by force or any other way, is this … we originally talked about this and you said that the reducing would come about by natural causes.

M: Of course.

A: And that we as a collective know its time to reduce down, we don’t need as many souls on the planet now. So, when you talk about reducing by force, is this something that is still a potential?

M: Shall we say, there are those that wish it upon others, those who are fearful of their own positions. Those that have called themselves “the Elite”, those that have accumulated all the resources, of course, must shed them. Otherwise it continues on and, as more and more people awaken, there is more and more turmoil and eventually a greater and greater separation.

A: And is that what you meant at the beginning of the session of splitting into two realities?

M: Of course. It has always been a possibility. Humankind cannot truly expect itself to awaken so rapidly, so there will always be those that are yet ready to transcend into a different paradigm.

( I see these two realities then, as one group in the old way of thinking which is to compete or to serve self and survive ahead of others while the other more evolved group understands we must – and already can – provide for all. )

A: Mm OK. And now that we have these transitions happening, was there any one particular event that really sped things up?  (I ask this because there has been much speculation about the statement from another channel named Bashar saying one particular event which happens during the “Fall” in the Northern Hemisphere will change everything.)

M: Shall we say it has been coming in the thought for a very long time. Those that want to hang on to the old path and the old prescriptions and those that want to progress to a more unified system of balance. Those then are awakening to the need and the desperate requirement for balance. That, as always, will come from an unusual and unrecognised quarter. The nature of Humanity is that which is least expected begins to demonstrate a different quadrant as it were.

A: Which is more entertaining, right?   (In these sessions Mercredan often points out how entertainment Humanity is to all those watching and to ourselves.)

M: Of course and also more useful in the overall evolution of Humanity and the support of the transition to the next species. We are very clear that the next species will not inhabit an old paradigm.  (He has previously explained that the new Earth species are our children born after December 2012 who have what we might see as Super Human skills, discernment of the truth, a deeper understanding of reality and can teach us much.)

A: No, so as more awaken and we have these two mindsets, one in the old and one in the new, how do they coexist?

M: They do not. They separate out.

A: How can they separate? I do not understand.

M: A new thinking has been born out of the old consciousness. In your political sense where it is most obvious, what occurred is two extremes fighting within an old system which has bred the very movement that would not have occurred had they not been in conflict. So there is a greater movement than ever before for a transformative shift in consciousness. Not just in one state, shall we say, but across the planet. Everybody has been watching the tournament, as it were. Shall we call it the boxing match. What they have woken up to is that the leaders of the world are untrustworthy. A new way of being, a new way of receiving and more openness is essential for the survival of everybody. So it has not been of no consequence. It has brought to the surface, not just what the America means to itself but, what this style, the old world paradigm, means to the survival of the whole. So all over this sort of thinking has been transformed. Now there is a call for more honesty.

A: Yes ok. So with the election past in America and they’ve chosen their President…

M: It’s not fixed.

A: … it’s still within the old System…

M: Shall we say, nothing is fixed! Nothing is fixed because you cannot entertain such a model. You cannot entertain that everything should be on a whim. In the end, before it even becomes solid and formed, there is much to be brought to the surface.

A: So is this something we can expect to be actually reported? Or is it going to happen with the media being silent?

M: Everything is in the air. Even what you call the media cannot remain silent and cannot ever endorse such a … a … (long pause) a show. There is a better word. Spectacle!! You understand what I mean. Even they cannot uphold such a spectacle that has occurred. How can anybody take it seriously? How can any body align itself because the global world, the peoples are watching. In the watching it becomes more of a spectacle and now someone has to decide. The Emperor has to decide what is going to happen.

A: Who is the Emperor?

M: There are those behind the scenes and there is alignment with the Planetary Guardian. Do you understand?

A: No I don’t.

M: Shall we say, the Planetary Guardian is watching and so is so many others. All around, you are surrounded by players in the market. You cannot simply think that it is over because the biggest bully in the playground has turned turncoat. You understand what I mean. It’s only matters when everybody else backs down.

A: Which is not likely.

M: Which is because any one of them might want to for their own survival but, what has happened is the vast majority of people have awoken. They are waking up to the monstrous stupidity of what happens when you are only playing to the camera.

A: Mm

M: You understand what I mean? When you are saying one thing with no intentions whatsoever, now you have caused the very thing that was not in your plan. It cannot be put to rest again. The sleeping giant has awoken. As one has always said, if the giant is asleep, do not prod it awake. Then when you prod it awake and it wakes up it will be disgruntled. It is not in one place but across the planet, the very thing that you least wanted has been put on show.

A: Can you just clarify what it is that’s now on show? Is it prejudice perhaps?

M: Of course but it is the manipulation of leaders across the planet that have been much more subtle. Suddenly they have been exposed. Shall we say, what you would call “The Emperor has no clothes.”

A: Yes. And if they are exposed throughout the planet then, how do we change the whole planet at once?

M: You understand, it will be an ongoing movement to break up and the demand of Consciousness for a shift.

A: So it will be one country at a time then?

M: Shall we say, an escalating roar.

A: Mm, no wonder we’re the best show in the Universe. (laughs)

M: This is the point and what also occurs at the same time is, there is a withdrawal from the system. So many are taking actions into their own hands. They are doing what they need to do, free from the system. A growing movement then, of connections. When that occurs, people begin to reorganise.

A: So the withdrawal from the system are from people who were originally part of the system pulling out. But the leading players who sit behind the scenes… well, I suppose they have a choice, don’t they, whether they’re going to hang on till the very very end or they choose to withdraw early.

M: You have to remember that you cannot keep power when the consciousness of the planet has shifted. One cannot be out of alignment with the consciousness and that is shifting at an increasingly fast rate. That is because movements have begun.

A: I know it’s all interconnected so how would this affect the economy if so much is going to happen in the next two months before that President is solidified? Does that affect our economy through that time as well?

M: A shift is occurring in all frameworks. So when One thinks of Economy as if it will be tipped upside down, your Economy is a set of balances in relationship with other Economies. The whole  world is simply in a balanced environment using raw materials to produce items of use and so on it goes. As it moves forward, the goods that you produce become higher valued and higher integrity and eventually they are the very tools that connect the world. It is technology itself that is beginning to change itself and to change the system, as such. Once you start a rock rolling down the hill, a big one at that, it is very hard to stop it even if you build a huge wall it will crash into it and there is no certainty it will not go right through it or roll over the top.

A: So if this is Technology making the rock, being the rock rolling faster, in what ways is it unstoppable now? Is it in terms of transparency…

M: Transformation. It is transforming how everybody thinks. You are trying to stop it with walls and barriers but it is already far too late. Initially you thought, “Oh, what a wonderful thing. We can make more money from it.” Now it is out of control and it is not making what you wanted but undermining the very principles that were in place.

A: So it’s almost making everything free.

M: Of course and that is eventually the only possible option.

A: So all we need now is to be able to make food and fresh water free as well and we’re on our way. (laughs)

M: All of it is possible. Not “making” it because it is abundant upon your planet.

A: It’s the management of it, isn’t it.

M: It is the management and the access of it.

A: Mm. Distribution.

M: The distribution and the excessive requirements. All of it has to be reorganised.

A: How do we reorganise when people are so determined to make money out of it and be competitive?

M: All of that in its own good time. I am pointing out your technology has transformed the very nature of consciousness. How did you expect that to be the case? Or was it just something that happened as a result of something else? Do you understand what I mean? One did not set out with the technology to transform Consciousness. That is a bi-product of the technology. The technology that changed Consciousness continues on to shift everything because Consciousness pre-determines everything else.

A: And, in terms of weather patterns, is that a part of the shakeup as well? Will there be more in that direction?

M: Of course. Everything is in its correct timing. All things in their perfect balance. No matter what. When humanity unbalances some aspects the planetary Guardian responds and rebalances it in other ways because it is an impossibility for the loss of balance to occur. This is a Law that Science has understood for centuries however, the rest of Humanity thinks it is possible to accumulate on one side of the ledger without having results on the other side. Consequences. And of course that is quite an insanity.

A: Yes (laughs)

M: Even the very people who are carrying out such a plan understand it is an impossibility. You cannot carry your books if they are unbalanced. That means your finances have to balance in the end otherwise something is missing and if it is missing then it still balanced by the pathway by which it went somewhere else.

A: Which needs to be exposed.

M: Of course.

A: OK. Is there anything more on the planetary side of things that we need to know at this point?

M: That is enough because so many people are upset rather than watching with awe as the planet moves forward.

A: Yes. There have been plenty of calls for calm before this happened but it doesn’t seem to be reaching too far.

M: Who is calling for the calm? Those that would want to impose more of the same. Those that would wish to ignore what has just been exposed.

A: No, it was more to do with other channellers saying “watch with awe” rather than “get upset and smash windows”.

M: Everything has consequences. You cannot effectively expect criminal behaviour to not bring about criminal behaviour. You understand when you are willing to cheat and lie and distort the reality or to work undercurrents about what is truly the will of the people as such, then they will respond with due patterns. And this is the nature of the learning experience. You want to test a theory, one watches the result and one arrives at a conclusion.

A: Mm. But if we ended up with the other president candidate, surely it would that have been just as bad.

M: Of course because both are not what is needed so, the will of the people is such as it turns out. Consciousness arose at this particular point – anything to disrupt to bring to the surface all that is out of balance.

A: Yes, ok. That sounds good.


Elders, Atlantians, Earth wobble potential

A: OK, I have been following the Elders and am interested to know how they can be of help in this case, in this change.

M: These ones have made a choice not to interfere in the evolution of Humanity because they have realised that you cannot interfere without causing greater upset. So they are truly only a group of wise Beings offering some forms of advice.

A: They feel like heroes to me though I understand they cannot force themselves in on the current…

M: Even if they did they would be out of kilter, out of alignment with the evolutionary process. Humankind goes through these evolutionary moments over great periods of time. The last one was the enormous shift into the specific group that has been known as the Knowledgeable Ones. That is, what you call Homo Sapiens which have not turned out to be that “Knowledgeable”. (Knowledgeable meaning a species which uses its brain to figure stuff out rather than using the wisdom of intuition.)

But they were beginning to organise knowledge into a particular pattern and fashion and these Ones have come to their final conclusory point. Next is an evolutionary shift that will reorganise.

A: And before that was the Atlantians, right?

M: Of course.

A: Right, so the Atlantians had their evolutionary shift and that’s where the continent sank?

M: That is correct. That is when they disturbed the very path of the planet and indeed shifted the meteorology, that is the weather patterns of the planet, for the duration. It is possible although unlikely that the planet will move once again. It could indeed as some have predicted completely shift if there is no radical movement in Consciousness.

A: Mm. but that movement already seems to be on the way.

M: It is always tottering, that is, always threatening until Consciousness arrives at its decision. At the present time there is such a movement to rebalance things.

A: OK. That feels like a good amount in addressing the broader view. Thank you.


(The conversation continued on to other topics from here.)


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Dana Mrkich: Trump and the USA Election

solar flares affecting your healthAnother excellent opinion piece, this time from Australia. Dana Mrkich’s perspective on how Donald Trump ended up the winner and looking from a higher perspective at the big picture of what is happening as a consequence.

It’s true that many people put aside his obvious contrasting flaws and voted for him because he claimed he was the rebel to take on the establishment under which we are so tired of living. Also that he changes his tune often enough for us not really to have any idea what his personal beliefs are or what he’ll do once he realises how little power he has in the President’s chair.

It’s beautifully written and well worth sharing. Thanks, Dana.


Shock, Shake-Ups and the Social Revolution

This US election was never about which leader would create the best policies, deliver on their promises or help the most people. This election, more than any other before it, was about people, regular people, stepping into their power and realising: “I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of the system, the lies, the corruption. We deserve better!” That’s why Bernie had such a huge following. That’s why Trump is President-Elect right now. Not because he’s going to miraculously change all of these things, but because the way he portrayed himself represented the rebel, the ‘I’m not going to play by your rules’, the ‘something different’ that people so desperately are yearning for, while Hillary represented the same old same old, business as usual. And people are done with the usual.

This election, or perhaps more accurately the upcoming post-election period, is about people realising: “The President is not going to save us, at least not under the conditions of the current system.” People are protesting Trump right now, and if Hillary got in people would be protesting that, when actually the problem is way bigger than either Trump or Hillary. The problem has deep roots that have wrapped their tentacles around every aspect of society. It has created a political system that is answerable to corporate and other power interests while ignoring, or bulldozing over (quite literally in the case of Standing Rock), the rights and needs of people and planet.

It has created a political system where it is normal for us to be debating over which candidate will give women more rights over their bodies when the real question should be why the hell is a woman’s decision over what she does with her body even in the political system?? We are scared that one candidate over another will repeal same-sex marriage, when the real question is, why do politicians get any say whatsoever in who we marry? The old political system is designed for a world where the citizens are treated like children, and the world is ruled by an elite few who get to play parent. The citizens have to abide by ridiculous laws, they have to live with the consequences of reckless decisions made without their wellbeing and sovereignty in mind, and people don’t want to live like that anymore.

As long as the core problem exists, we will never have the leader we deserve (if we need a leader at all). The bigger picture goal here that is of immediate priority for the long-term wellbeing of people and planet is: we need to rip those roots out. And the energy on this planet right now, the energy within us all that is ready to claim our true power and right to freedom and right to live a good life, is stronger than it has ever been. And that energy rules above all other rulers, it leads above all other leaders. And that energy, in thinker pose, said, hmmm, which outcome would cause the biggest shake up and wake up here? Which election outcome would take us to the destination we deserve via the quickest possible route, in the best way possible? Not because of what the leader does or doesn’t do, but due to how people respond. And the energy decided: Trump. Trump would have the biggest ‘dramatic’ effect. The old building is falling either way, whether brick by brick or a full-on implosion. And as you may know from personal experience, an implosion is sometimes what we need to trigger deep, absolute change.

When a band-aid needs to come off a wound, you can rip it off quickly or do it slowly. The American political band-aid had to be ripped off quickly because quite frankly, we don’t have time to do anything slowly anymore! The band-aid has been ripped off, and a lot of what we are seeing and will continue to see isn’t pretty. But you know what, protesting Trump and installing Hillary isn’t going to heal the wound. The wound has to be seen and acknowledged. To be clear here, Trump isn’t the Nurse or Doctor in this little analogy! We are. The people are. Trump’s role was to shake everyone up in one way or other, because things needed shaking. The wounds need healing. The wound that is the reality of the rotten system. The wound that is the hurt, anger and pain that exists in rural America that most people in the cities didn’t realise was there, or there to this degree. The wound that is the racism, sexism and homophobia that still exists. And do you know what is one of the silver linings here? This is an opportunity for us all to step up as wound healers in whichever ways we are called to do.

To many people, even though Hillary wasn’t the first choice over Bernie, she at least seemed the safer and more sane choice over Trump. But had she won it would only have served to keep the illusion of safe and sane alive a little longer. And after some cheering, soon enough there’d be yet more drones dropping yet more bombs, and Wikileaks would reveal yet more truths, and then there’s that matter of millions of Americans still feeling totally ripped off, hurt, angry, forgotten and tired of it all. Trump is by no means Mr Safe and Sane, but what he is is a good salesman, and boy did he sell his heart out that he would be the revolutionary change-maker of a lifetime. And, on a soul level, he is playing that part well insofar as this will trigger a revolution. On a political ego-level however, I don’t think it will go the way he sold it or even the way he’s planning it.

It was a surreal moment, watching Donald Trump and his family walk out on stage the other night as President-elect. It felt like we’d been watching a Hollywood movie for months where a brash billionaire with no political experience and no qualms about saying offensive, outrageous things, decides to run for President and actually wins. And then suddenly, the movie screen widens, and widens, and the actors walk out amongst the people, and you realise, this is actually happening. The movie is real life! So on that level it was a shocking moment, yet it also wasn’t surprising.

People are tired of a system that is broken and corrupt, a system that ignores the needs of everyday people because it has to answer to other power players. And a lot of people, Democrat and Republican alike, saw Hillary as representing that old system. For Hillary voters, this may not seem fair. Why should Hillary pay for the crimes of a system that is bigger than her, when other Presidential nominees haven’t had to? While some people feel she was judged differently because she was a woman, and there’s definitely that element, I think a lot of it (aside from how people felt about her personally) had to do with where we are at in this stage of our awakening: moving from feeling disempowered, lied to and oppressed, to knowing our power, wanting to embody it in our daily lives (from the simplest of ways like having work that supports us, ideally work we enjoy, to large-scale social overhauls,) having greater access to truth, and wanting freedom. For a lot of voters, Trump was far from the ideal other choice. For a lot of voters a vote for Trump had nothing to do with a vote for actual Trump or his views. It was a vote against the establishment, against the same old, same old business as usual, against the elite lording it over the masses.

There is of course massive irony in that sentence, because you can’t get much more of a symbol of an elite lording it over the masses than Donald Trump sitting inside at the top of Trump Tower. But somehow people were able to get over that lifestyle detail, (were inspired by it even) and get over the offensive things he has said, because they resonated so much with the energy he stirred up: that of rebellion and anger against a system that is not working for people. He didn’t create this energy, it was already there. He just lit a match among dry grass and watched the fire burn across the country. He is like a circus ringmaster that knew exactly what to say to get the people rolling in.

And then came his victory speech. Different tone, different language, different vibe altogether. It’s going to be an interesting day when those that voted specifically for his inflammatory words start asking “When do we get started on the wall?” and Trump responds, “What wall?” I don’t know how much of what he said is policy he’ll actually stand by, and how much was just strategy to achieve a goal.

People now feel sick and in fear, feeling as if they have woken up to find they live in a country where hate, violence, racism, sexism and discrimination have been validated and endorsed. While there are sadly those who will see this result as permission to abuse others, most Trump supporters are surely not so easily thrown into that category. Women, Latinos and Muslims voted for him. Conscious, kind, warm-hearted people who champion the rights of minority groups, who strongly disagree with wall-building and pussy-grabbing voted for him. Silently, secretly. So before taking to the streets to protest, the question has to be asked: Why? Why did so many people vote for Trump? The Electoral College Electors could all vote for Hillary and change the result, and if you are someone saying yes, woohoo, fantastic, it’s still important to address the pink, well red, elephant in the room that is not so silent anymore.

If Hillary was President right now, you are still left with half the country feeling upset, angry, disempowered and protesting. You are still left with massive hypocrisy. Hillary was a champion for many who believed she stood for women’s rights. If you watch the video of her Nov 4 Rally concert, and listen to the lyrics being sung by the rap artists, they are as far from empowering women as you can get. For parents who are wondering how on Earth they explain to their daughters how a man who says it is okay to grab a woman by the pussy is their next President, you also have to explain why a woman who was almost President had men on stage basically singing the same thing and worse? A lesson for Hillary and her team is that you can’t pitch yourself as one thing, and promote another thing in the guise of entertainment and expect people who already don’t trust you to vote for you. Again, we go back to the issue of voting for an illusion. We deserve better than more fricken illusions!!! We deserve better than misogynistic words coming from both Trump and the musical artists supporting Hillary, approved by her or her team.

Something we all need to learn from this election climate is to listen to the concerns of others without attacking each other. If someone posted something troubling about Hillary they’d be shut down with “Are you pro-Trump?” comments and vice versa, people shared the latest crazy thing Trump said only for people to assume “How can you vote for Hillary?” And there were good things Hillary said, and good things Trump said, but people who were committed to one camp or other didn’t want to hear any of those things. And so people shut down and stopped sharing or commenting.

My tendency is to see the whole spectrum of the rainbow and the bigger energetic picture playing out, which includes the light and shadow aspects of all people and situations. The next step in our evolution asks all of us to widen our lens a little bit, (or a lot), to try to understand other people’s points of view before automatically shutting down, or shutting others down. It doesn’t mean you have to change your ways or your beliefs, but diverse opinions and choices help us all be a lot more aware of what other people are feeling, fearing, going through, needing and so on.

In this election, most people in all camps wanted change. Not just an inspiring “Yes we can!” promise of change, but a complete and utter radical, revolutionary overhaul of the system that doesn’t allow change unless it serves the few who control it. It would have been interesting to see the numbers had Bernie been the Democratic candidate, because he was a much more positively-geared champion for the revolutionary cause and had a massive following. But the DNC wanted Hillary in there, and you have to wonder what the political agenda was behind that?

There is an odd sense of relief that comes when everything just gets laid out on the table once and for all. When a jar that has been getting stuffed with the same old dirt year after year finally cracks open from the pressure. Yes many are feeling broken today, but just as many are saying: ‘this system has been broken for a long time, our personal worlds have felt broken for a long time.’

Sometimes the day comes when a partner says ‘It’s over” and as devastating as it is, at the same time you have to admit that the marriage hasn’t been working for years. As you sit in your divorce half-way house ruled by a lecherous landlord who keeps trying to pat you on the bottom, it’s natural to think maybe the old marriage wasn’t so bad after all. But in your heart you know you deserve better, and your soul is saying “Don’t worry, this current situation is not forever. This landlord is not your new soulmate, and this house is not your final destination.”

I don’t know how long this new landlord will be around. Will it only be another 4 weeks, the full 4 years or is there some plot twist up ahead? Will he turn out to be an unexpected wildcard that actually progresses us forward in ways we can’t possibly foresee? Will he be ousted due to some scandal or oust himself due to boredom or annoyance that in this most powerful of roles he’ll find that he doesn’t have that much power at all? He’s used to having an idea and boom, make it happen. It doesn’t work that way in government. I have no idea what to expect from him, a man who says conflicting things constantly. What I do know is people are breaking free of the old, one way or the other. People are stepping into their power, one way or the other. Whichever route we choose, there is a reason for that route. And that doesn’t mean you can’t protest, it doesn’t mean the route can’t change. It doesn’t mean you have to accept decisions that don’t resonate with you. But every part of the pathway has a purpose, and it is to our benefit to open our eyes, our ears and our hearts to what this current outcome is showing us and telling us.

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