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Judith Coates on Energy, ETs and Dementia

You know me. Usually I am looking for a deeper message, a more advanced message. I like to challenge myself. Today though I am in a comforting, nurturing mood. The last couple of days I’ve had an emotional roller coaster which always gets me curious. Then on the various forums and group social media pages I am a part of I see the same emotional roller coaster played out. For me, when this happens, I find myself crying uncontrollably for a while, then I’m exhausted and highly critical, then I let it go. For others, they play it out in anger and abuse, trolling others with unnecessarily harsh comments that damage those who are not aware of what is going on and take it as an attack.

Then we discover that 3 days earlier (this is becoming a common occurrence) there was yet another big solar flair and we can sigh in relief – ah, there you go. That’s where it came from.

Sometimes it is astrology, sometimes harmful substances in our local area – I can smell it in the water or sometimes see it in the air – the important thing is to use the reaction of curiosity rather than just going with it like it’s beyond your control. Notice how you are behaving, see how it affects others, ask yourself what might be causing it because chances are it has not as much to do with your personal circumstance as  you think. Look around and you will find more and more we react together. We have peaceful periods. We have crazy periods. This too shall pass.

So, back to the nurturing mood, I came across this channelling by Judith Coates whose channelled entity is Jesus or Jeshua. For those who think that is impossible I usually ask, do you really think he stopped talking to us 2000 years ago? Do you think he was not advanced enough to come back or to pass on a message?

Of course I can’t guarantee Judith’s version of Jesus would be the same as mine for each of us interpret the messages we receive based on our own beliefs and life experience. I do like Judith’s work though and, with its comforting messages and gentle encouragement, I find this perfect for what I need today.



Energy, ET’s and Dementia

by Judith Coates. Click here to visit her website: http://www.oakbridge.org/articles.php?aid=272

Beloved one, in your human experience you are creating a vortex of Light energy, energy that can be measured. You have scientists who take sensitive readings so that they can study the energy that the body emits, and that the brain emits.

Always, even when you lay the body down to sleep and think that you have turned off most of the systems, not all of them, you are still emitting energy. You are still energizing the brain. It is still working. You may come back the next morning and remember where you have been—in a dream, you call it, and yet it is as real as what you are experiencing in the waking time. The brain is still emitting energy, because you are that energy.

There are times when you have gone to see the big screen and have been caught up in the drama where you are asking, “Oh, is it going to work out? Is he/she going to find the love of his/her life?” And you are almost at the point, especially if you are in the 3D movie, where you feel that you are right in the action…you are almost ready to scream, “Watch out!” because you are caught up in it.

You are playing out in “real” life a most wonderful drama. I have said to you that if you do not like the drama that you are in, stop, breathe, choose anew, because you are the one who is choosing and then judging what you feel the reality—lower case “r”—to be. And all of the time you are drawing the energy from the Reality —capital “R”—to make the drama that you live in.

Now, some of the drama that you live in is happy. It is creative. You enjoy putting the colors upon the canvas. You are making a most wonderful canvas of this life; moment by moment you are putting together the various colors, the vibrations, the aura that is you.

If you were to stand against a white wall and then move away from it, you would leave your imprint on the wall. There is still an energy picture on that wall. It may be for some of you a flash, and then it is gone, or you may look at it even later and see an outline of an energy that has been there.

That is how strong you are, how powerful you are, how alive you are. If you were to place a deceased body up against the wall, it would not have the same effect. But you, because you are breathing, living, emitting energy, taking in energy all the time, giving off energy all the time, you leave an imprint that can be seen.

There are times when ones look at you, and then they look away and can still see you, even though they are not actually looking at you. You have done that, and then you look back very quickly to see, “Are they still there?” Yes, they are still there. It is fun to play with energies.

Beyond the individual, there is a group vortex which is being created. It is being strengthened. You are calling other ones who have the same desires, same interests, to come and be with you so that you can play again, play in this dimension, as you call it, to be able to know the true joy of Being. That is the only thing that truly is worthwhile, is to know the joy of Being, to know that Who you are, the Energy that you are, was not made to suffer.

I did not suffer on the cross. I know that a lot has been made of my suffering. I did not suffer. And if I had suffered for you…well, I cannot do it for you. That has been a story.

Now I would speak with you about an expansive topic: the ET’s, as you call them. You have seen some of the language that they are leaving for you. You have looked at the pictures of what are known as circles, but they are not always circles, in the crops, and have wondered, “How did they get there? What is their message?”

The message truly is a mind to mind message. It is not something as concrete as your various languages that you have on holy Mother Earth. I know that you study the sounds that are in various languages, and you learn to speak other languages. You learn the sounds and equate them with meaning as to what the name for a table would be, what the name would be for a mirror, a tree, etc.

You learn the various languages, some of which are easier or more familiar to learn, and then the linguists among you say, “Well, let me see about some of the lesser known languages.” It is fun to do, and it is mind-expanding. It is moving to the next step where truly you do not need sound for the languages.

I have heard you searching for a word. “I’ve got it right here. It’s on the tip of my tongue. I’ve got it right here, what I want to say to you, but I can’t quite find the word for it.”

Well, you are moving to a space where you will not need words. You will not need sounds. You are moving to the place of mind to mind interchange of ideas. When you get to the place where you are mind to mind, all you will do is think of whatever you want to say, and the other person will pick it up as a picture, perhaps, as a knowing, and you will not have to go through the laboriousness of trying to find the right word and the right nuance of word.

It will be something that you project. In truth, you are already doing that as you are standing there trying to think, “Now, what is her name? I know her name. It’s umm, uh….” And then maybe a day or two later…“Oh, yes, it’s Genevieve.” Or maybe it comes to you in the middle of the night.

You already are doing mind to mind communication. You are already sending the picture of what you are thinking, but you have not yet come to the place of trusting that the other person is going to pick it up. But there are some times when it does happen, and you say, “Oh, wow, that’s really great. Yes, you got the meaning. I couldn’t quite get the words for it, but you know what I mean.” Then the other person says, “Yes, I know what you mean,” and they do.

The intergalactic Intelligence is a thing which you say to be of the future, as you understand linear time. Now, in truth, time is not linear. All time is contained within the concept of a sphere. What makes it seem to be linear is: you think from this point to that point within the huge sphere of understanding, and what connects those two points is a line; therefore, time must be linear, but it is not.

You are most engaging to watch. Know you that every time you have a thought, it does not stay within what you would call the brain. It does not. It is emitted, the same as your vibrational energy. That thought goes out, and that is why quite often you know what someone else is thinking even before they say it. That is why you are in sync with someones more than with others. You are on the same…well, you have called it the same wavelength. You are on the same wavelength with each other. Therefore, you do not need the words.

Then, because of generational teaching, you have been taught as the small one to make sounds and to change the sounds a little bit perhaps to say the right sound that somebody else will interpret to mean whatever is the commonly shared meaning of it.

And yet—as you have seen with your four-footed ones—you do not have to say any sound. In fact, they do not even hear what you are saying. Your sounds are just like a whole lot of vibrational whatever. They are mind to mind. You think of something, and if they are in the mood, they will understand it. They wonder sometimes why you are not a bit brighter to get the message that they are trying to give you. “What takes you so long to pick up the mental picture I am sending you?” Then they dance around and yip-yap and say, “Pay attention. I’m sending you this picture. I want my food right now. I want to go out. I have to go out,” and you had better let them out at that point.

They are doing what is truly your next what-you-will-call advanced step. They are doing mind to mind, and they do wonder why sometimes you are so slow to get the picture, because they are sending it, and they have to send it over and over and over, and then finally she pays attention, or he pays attention, and they may get what they are sending.

You are evolving to the place where you are not going to need the sounds, except the happy sounds of laughter and the happy sounds of music, sounds which bring you joy and allow you to resonate with the vibration. That is why many of you listen to the music that resonates with you.

Now, I know that there are things called music that are quite discordant. Every generation seems to go through a time of doing its own particular sounds. They groove to the certain sounds, and it is truly a groove. It is in the brain, and it is a groove, and they are evolving to the place where they are actually going to leave that behind as well. But meantime they are having fun with it.

On another note (smile), as a whole, as a collective, you are moving to the place where you will not have to worry about and judge dementia. Know you that the ones who are experiencing dementia are actually evolving? They are the ones who have given up being tied into sounds, words, and the meaning of sounds. They are being judged by society as being not as bright as they were earlier when they were very rapid with the sounds. But in truth, the ones who are into the place of dementia are not having to be so mental. They are de-mentia: they are out of being mental, and they are actually moving into a space the human race is evolving into. The sounds will not be necessary. The various configuration of sounds will not be necessary, all of the complexity.

You see, what you are moving towards is the remembrance of Home, the remembrance of Allness, the remembrance of Oneness that does not need all the various steps to make sense. You think now with the small ones that they have to learn the sounds, how the sounds go together, how there is an inflection if you are asking a question, or if there is a certain way of wanting to express something really strongly, etc.

They are learning all of the inflections, and it is quite a task. They are already at the place where—if you were to call it this—they are already at the place of dementia. They do not have to use words. When they are hungry, they let you know. When they want company, they will let you know. When they want the wetness changed, they will let you know. How do you know it? You know it by the picture that is sent to you. Or you may look at the clock and say, “Well, it’s probably time they might be hungry.” You have already gotten the message.

If you have emigrated from another country and have had to learn another language, at first it may not feel quite right to the ear, but you persevere with the new language, and you store the sounds of the former language in memory, and if someone speaks to you in what was the former language, you can understand the sounds and see what the meaning is. But again, it is more mind to mind than even the sounds.

Most wonderful experiences that you make for yourself, even in something as seemingly basic as language and sounds. But to communicate with the intergalactic ET’s and what they are trying to say to you, it is mind to mind. You look at the designs that they make and get a feeling. You sit with it and ask, “What is this about?” Ideas will come to you.

For the most part, the designs that are made in the crop circles are ways of saying, “We are here. We are here with you. You may not see us,” because they know how to manipulate energy. They know how to either bring it together in very dense form that you would take in with the sensory eyes—you would see the form—or not. For the most part, they move about in amongst you, and you do not see form. You may feel something a little bit different, but then, for the most part, you are very busy attending to the world so that you do not ponder it too long. But they walk amongst you and, for the most part, you would judge them to be friendly—for the most part.

There are ones who like to play with drama, the same as ones who are activating the more solid bodies. So they may move certain objects that you have in the house, and you may say, “I don’t think I put it there. Well, I must have put it there, and then I forgot I put it there.” Well, maybe not. Maybe they know how to manipulate energy and put it somewhere else. And then you wonder what is going on. You may say, “Well, the cat did it. The dog did it. Of course, they moved it.” (Smile)

You are moving into a most wondrous time. There have been many messages of change, and you are feeling change. I commend you for the intricacies of the realities that you bring for yourself, because you are doing the most wondrous day by day advancement, as you see it, in your technology. Your technology is getting very small. You can carry it around in the pocket. When it dings a little bit, you say, “Oh, I have to look at it.” Or it may actually do a ring tone of some sort, and you know you are being called to attend to something. Even if it does not make any sound, you take it out quite often just to check.

Know you what a miracle that is, that you are creating? And it changes. From year to year it changes so that you have to get the new model, right? So you are having fun with your inventions, your technology. You do this in order to keep the mind happy, or not so happy sometimes.

We have spoken in other times of the ways that the mind wants to keep you involved, how everything you see, you want to analyze and understand what the meaning is and take it to the mind. Then you remember after a while to take it to the heart and see what the deeper meaning is, what it has as feeling, what does it feel like?

You will do the same with the language of the circles. What they are trying to communicate to you is, “We are here. You are not alone. We are here. We have intelligence. We are intelligent.” It is a communication that is very basic to the feeling nature: “You are not alone, we are all from the same Source.”

Even the ones that some of you have said in a preliminary judgment are of negative energy, this is not really true. The negativity is in the eye of the beholder. The basic message is, “We are here; you are not alone.” You think that you are encased in a body, and maybe there is energy that goes out twelve inches or more, because ones can photograph the body and see the aura. But you think that is all there is. That is not all there is, and that is what they are trying to say. “We are here with you.” They want to be recognized; they are trying to give you the message that you are not alone.

You see, for humans, because there is a delineation of body—in other words, this is where the body ends— you feel alone. From the time that you are birthed, there is an underlying message that you have understood and have grasped for yourself: that you are alone and you have to make your way in the world. You have to learn what is acceptable. You have to learn the language. You have to make decisions for yourself, and hopefully those decisions will be good. And there is a loneliness that all of you feel. It goes with the territory of human expression and experience.

So ones who are a bit beyond that are letting you know that you are not alone. And when you sit in the quietness…I know that some of you have gone and actually sat in the crop circles and been able to feel that you are not alone.

And as you have understood, the interpretation of the energy is to that one person who is interpreting it. If they have a certain inclination towards fear, they are going to see whatever energy there is in that way. If they have been, as you would put it, lucky enough to be raised with a circle of friends, they may be more open to having a wider circle of friends.

But they are here, and they are doing what you are evolving into, the place where you do not need the specificity of sound and language, where you can be as the four-footed ones and just hold that picture of the food dish and say, “This is what’s important to me,” and hopefully the human is going to receive the message sooner or later.

It is an exciting time to be here as human. I know, because I had several lifetimes as human, and I know how it is to feel alone, to feel apart; not as a part, but to feel apart from others and to feel that you have to make your own way. In one way, that is true, because you are making your reality —lower case “r”—as you go along, but at the same time you are connected by the divine energy of wholeness with everyone you meet and with ones you do not see.

It is a time now when things are changing, and it is an exciting time to know that truly you are moving beyond words, beyond language, beyond the mental and the mind to the place of the heart, knowing that, truly, That Which you are and That Which everyone you see, is an extension of the true Reality. It is exciting.

So, hang on, enjoy the ride.

So be it.

Article is by Judith Coates. Click here to visit her website: http://www.oakbridge.org/articles.php?aid=272

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Learning how to Channel

Finally started to upload the interviews I did for the Channel channel, a new space on Youtube I set aside for interviews with people who use Intuition and Channeling in life and career. I turned to the Master channeler I’ve worked with the most over the past 6 years and asked if he would do the honours of the first interview. Francis Evans channels a 13 Dimension high entity going by the name of “Mercredan”, a name created simply as a point of reference because it has not been a body or a life on any planet before. It was brought into being by the channeller’s desire for a “wiser” voice than just us ordinary humans in life after death phase.

To start afresh, I asked Francis how he got started with Channeling, how it works and to give us a demonstration.

If you want to see more of these interviews as I upload them go to Youtube: The Channel channel and subscribe there for the quickest updates.

Francis Evans website: http://francis-evans.com

More information on Mercredan here.


Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Gregg Braden: Losing Judgement

I love this interview by Gregg Braden. He’s the one that really brought attention to the ancient calendars all around the world pointing to 21 December 2012 being the turning point of the end of the old world and the beginning of another, not just in a 5,000 year cycle but a bigger movement (a new Epoch as Mercredan calls it) of a 25,000 year cycle which will create a totally different way of living.

In this video he talks about his Cherokee heritage teaching of the Single Eye of the Heart which sees without judgement or thought.

Some more points covered:

  • Many older races on the planet can physically manipulate matter and form through aligning thought, feeling and emotion so they are One.
  • When something hurts you, acknowledge the feeling, ask what the feeling is telling you without judging the cause, then bless it as an experience to bring up the feeling (= opportunity to release the baggage).
  • Base the prayer for peace on a feeling you live all through life rather than something you just do for a moment.
  • Compassion aligns us with the matrix that holds the Universe together.
  • The language of Science is only about 400 years old whereas ancient languages can be 7,000 years old. Science has spent much time trying to prove everything is connected. The ancient languages already know this and have used the time to explore how.
  • Emotions in the heart can heal the body – even cancer
  • No need to go from workshop to workshop. Just spend your time integrating what you’ve already learnt.



Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Giving up pointing the finger

Ron Head medium spirit channelerBlaming others is something we were taught as a child. A quick fix or a possible escape route from taking responsibility as a group or as an individual. We use it at school, at work, in families, in relationships, in our neighbourhood. Somehow it can feel quite good to point the finger when in fact, each time you point the finger, that same hand of yours has 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.

I found this post (pasted below) about opening your perspective during the current worldwide Shift in Conciousness. It’s on Ronald Head’s website http://ronahead.com  I assume he channelled it as it credits no one else. There’s a great little personal development question in there to use when we look at the world at large and all the disastrous things that appear on the media performed by groups of the human race, be they of a certain religion, country, interest or wealth group.

Rather than pointing the finger and say “what are they doing and why?”
ask yourself “what are we doing and why?”

By doing asking on behalf of the Human race you lose the separation which keeps us all in conflict.

The article also advises to not blame the actor but look at the act. Some of us are called upon to do a specific job via our intuition. It may be the role that is nasty, shocking or illegal, it might be the role of a victim. Whatever it is it will highlight something that is in our current way of thinking or way of laws or systems which does not take everyone or everything into consideration.

As a result of that act, we can question and debate the way we do things, the way we treat people and can change the old systems which are out of date.

What are the things that stand out in your mind as things that “they” are doing right now?

I’ve said this so many times on the blog here Shakespeare’s words “All the world’s a stage
and all the men and women merely players”

If you were to play one of the roles highlighted in the media at the moment and you were a professional actor, you would need to make the deeds justifiable in your own mind. Truly! Not like some child’s cartoon “Nya a ah. I am a baddie” but truly believable.

What would need to run through your mind to decide this was a good idea?

Obviously there are times when the role requires something that wasn’t planned consciously, it was just an intuitive thing to do. Like the photo of the man with the shopping bags standing in front of a tank preventing its progress. He didn’t think before he went to the shops “By golly, I know what I’ll do on the way home.” but he would have in his mind a very strong belief that would cause him to put his life on the line like that. Your job as an actor is to imagine what that belief might be.

What if you were a very rich person who found a way to manipulate the situation to give yourself a major advantage over every one else? What if you were covering your face and waving a black flag carrying a suicide bomb? You have to have some very strong beliefs to be prepared to do that.

What if it the reason you do such dramatic things wasn’t for the reason the media lead their audience to believe? What if you were trying to do everything in your power to draw attention to your message which the media consistently altered to something completely different? How frustrating would that be?

I’m not saying this is the case. I am saying this is a possibility.

Then, you look into the role of someone running the media to find their own personal agenda and the beliefs that justify such meddling.

The more you take yourself into each role playing out on the stage, the more you begin to understand why each feels justified in their actions. Then there is less blame and pointing the finger, it’s more about understanding each role. From there you can do much better in finding a peaceful solution.

If you thought that one role was the “baddie” then all you could really do is declare war on them. Then their son will seek revenge on your character in the follow up movie and you will have a never ending series of war or conflict movies where no one ever listens to the other side.

This is not just about the media. You can look at the conflicts within your own circle of influence. In your home, your family, your workplace, your neighbourhood. Practice looking into each role for a deeper understanding and it will dramatically change your reaction.


Rise up! – The Council

From Ronald Head

Ah! Do you see how very powerful your words can be? We do not speak of an uprising. We are speaking of raising your own state of consciousness. And the actual topic we wish to address is the turmoil that you find yourselves in at this time.

Now without making a list – we do not wish to make this a ‘downer’, as you call it – we wish to talk about the fact that there are a great many things happening around you that you truly find disturbing. And we know that a great many of you are burdened with the perennial ‘WHY’. There could be many discussions of why this or that happened, and in fact, there are such discussions every day. Your media hardly lets you think about anything else. But those discussions do not reach the underlying cause that we want to ask you to examine.

We want you to look at this as a collection of events, not as a series of separate events. And we want you to think of yourselves as us, not as they or them. Think ‘what are we doing and why’ not ‘what are they doing and why’. Because when you are able to do that, you will acquire an entirely new perspective.

There are many levels of consciousness. There are individuals. There are families and groups. Cities have consciousness, as do states, countries, continents, species, and worlds. And the list goes on. There is a great change taking place that involves all of these on this planet, indeed this entire sector of your galaxy. And that is the context we wish to explore.

You have determined to rise up. You wish to reach a higher state of consciousness than you have been experiencing for the last many thousands of years. Good for you. But much of what your consciousness is carrying with it, much of what you think you know, and much of what you are sure is true, what you believe about yourselves, cannot exist in those higher levels.

This is not news to most of you. What you must see in order to understand this conversation, is that you will not throw that baggage overboard if you have not acknowledged its existence. And we do not mean ‘look at what they do’. We mean ‘look at what we do’. Once it becomes ‘look at what we do’ it will instantly change. There will be an unavoidable rise in your consciousness. Why? Because, in your hearts you know you are not that. If ‘they’ do it, you have made it separate. And you cannot change ‘them’.

We are seeing momentous changes to compassion, to empathy, to love. Yes, some do not choose this yet. But by far the greatest number do. And it is changing you.

Also, please remember that from your current points of view, you cannot see whether or not an individual has a contract to serve by bringing certain things to the attention of the collective. Better to assume they have than to condemn. We know this is difficult at first. But, as we have stated before, you need to learn to separate the act from the actor. There is no need to condone any action.

And one last thing you might wish to consider. All of the above means you are making great and rapid progress. The evidence of that is still just beginning to emerge, but it is there and it will be unmistakable very soon. And the joy of seeing such evidence will spur you forward even faster.

May you see in yourselves much to confirm for you these words. And know we are never separate from you. Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://ronahead.com/

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Mercredan: Less Calm More Passion

spirit medium channeler skypeMercredan session

Channelled by Francis Evans in Bali

Interviewed by Annabelle Drumm
26 April 2016

Topics: Being at one with the Earth, being an Ambassador for the Divine, channelling the messages, losing the rational mind, Hansel and Gretel, mounting the magic carpet, be in the out of control vehicle, what makes a work of art, cathedral of life, adam and eve, original sin, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, music and maths, universal laws, pure parents, less calm more passion.



M: Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. I want to talk on two fronts. First of all, because you are beginning to recognise that there are no barriers to tapping in to the Universal experience. There are no difficulties for being able to explore the unknown and find answers for your questions. Of course, it requires that you turn off the rational mind. The rational mind is what the great teachers of all time have always talked about. Turn off the mind but in one way they have always tried to fill it with something else, some sort of mantras or some other thought rather than emptying the mind. Creating the container from which the Divine can fill. Whatever it fills it with is what is needed and what is necessary and it is “good”. That is the first thing of course.

The second thing is to take action because knowing the truth is very ‘nice’, putting the truth into action will create astounding alterations in the perception that you have of your world.

Being at one with the Earth

First of all, it is very difficult to enter in to the Divine and the physical world is the most prevalent definition of the Divine. Yet most people keep the Universe, the world that they live in, at arms length.

(This matches in beautifully with Brenda Hoffman’s channelled post from yesterday about seeing yourself at one with the Earth. http://spiritlibrary.com/brenda-hoffman/loving-earth-loving-yourself  )

You think of yourself as “This is I and that is that. I am myself. I own myself.” You understand I have said before, the problem is ownership, the problem is separation. So it is then, when you realise that you are not separate, that the Universe is not a “thing” that you are interacting with, it is yourself and that is all it is. The only way you can see the world is when you take your definition of it away, when you start to see there is nothing physical about it. It is simply on the same frequency as yourself. Then, you start to realise that you cannot be un-aligned with your own experience. Your own experience is the vibrations of self being reflected back for the purpose of bringing you insight and awareness so that you can increase that level of awareness.

Being an Ambassador of the Divine

M: You are therefore a disciple for the Divine. Your purpose is to work as an Ambassador of the Divine. You are exploring the Divine’s kingdom. Of course a King cannot go to every corner of its kingdom itself. It must send out Ambassadors and Scientists, Researchers and Explorers who bring back to it what they have found. The rewards are greatest for those that bring back the clearest representation. Do you understand what I am saying?

A: The clearest as in, without opinion and filters…

M: Of course! The clearest that has not muddied the waters by stirring up the bottom. When you keep out of the dirt and the mud of the bottom of the lake then you certainly can see much further and much clearer.

A: Mm, OK.

(It sounds like observing is more important than getting stuck into the worst of the situation, creating gossip or intrigue between others, causing trouble.)

M: So that is enough to bring about a conversation and let us try to elevate our conversations so that you can perceive, how can you put this into operation? How can you make practical use in the daily life?

Channelling the messages, Losing the rational mind

A: Right ok. Well, if we look at the first front to start with. I’m finding I’m certainly spending a lot more time without the rational mind but I’m not sure if I am picking up the signal as well as I could even when I am empty.

M: Shall we take an example because one “thinks” – and I want to put this carefully – one thinks that analysis has to be with the rational mind. So one experiences and then without, one certainly is exploring reality as it seems, and then you want to discover its meaning by engaging the rational mind. But the rational mind automatically fixates on the way that One has always viewed the world rather than leaving the analysis as fluid and is still operating with the open mind. Do you follow what I mean?

A: So how to we analyse with the open mind?

M: Present the question: “What is it that is happening in your world? Explain this to me.” Then the rational mind begins to want to figure it out. Almost like you get your calculator and you start putting the figures in and multiplying and dividing, adding and subtracting and so on, trying to find the definitive answer. That is the rational mind. The irrational mind speaks in riddles. It speaks in metaphors. It tells you stories that seem as if on the surface they are not relevant . In so many ways cultures all over the planet created mythologies and fairy stories from the inner plains to explain certain concepts.

Hansel and Gretel

M: So if you are going along in your life and suddenly you are brought to remember the story of Hansel and Gretel, then so often you want to put it aside and say “What relevance has that in my life?” So you put it aside not realising that it is the answer to everything.

A: (laughs)

M: You understand what I mean? You have already identified that it is a meaningless fairy story, not that it is a wealth of knowledge packaged in a way that one can understand it in the world of creativity. So one’s world is not a paint by numbers. It is not like that. It is like washing just the water over the surface and the colours will vacuously appear. The little dots are so little that you do not see them but dissolved, they bring to the surface the very images that are necessary. Do you follow? It is not an order, it is a new level of order. An inner order. So you want to try to make things happen in a rational fashion in an ordered, organised and commercial fashion but of course at the same time you have also been saying “I do not want to succeed in the commercial world.”

A: It is a dilemma.

Mounting the Magic Carpet

M: Of course, you have given yourself a conflict. So which is it to be? Work hard in the commercial world, numbers and numbers and numbers, or take a risk and get on your magic carpet? The first thing I recommend is take hold of the edge because you do not want to fall off and hurt yourself. Do you follow what I mean?

A: No I don’t.

M: You understand if you are going to get on a magic carpet, it’s going to take a little time to learn how to fly and so, hold on tight! Take the risks because, you understand, the Divine asks only one thing. Trust.

A: (sigh)

M: And trust does not operate in the Accountant’s world.

A: No no.

M: The Accountant will find that difficult and yet, I want to say in the shifting consciousness, it is not the Accountant that is the multi-millionaire.

A: No, it’s not.

M: It is the risk takers. It is those that have learned how to listen. How to listen and how to do things that are against what you…

A: The grain.

M: Against the grain, of course!

A: I just wonder if I continually seem to have everything happen at the very last minute, if this is a game I am playing with myself here.

M: Do you understand this? It takes only [pushing yourself] to the edge that you can finally give up control. You keep wanting to have order. You want it to be YOUR creation. You want to be able to own the creation as if “Look what I have done”. You are still trying to prove to yourself and others that you are a certain way. That you are certainly good enough for them to take notice or pride in. Do you follow? And so then, how can you do that and simply take yourself out of the equation? Not “I” but “the Divine”. It is not “me” that is doing anything. I have done nothing. I just did what I was told to and I have done that to the best of my ability but I can take no … I cannot be made important because of it. I am irrelevant.

A: Well again that does not seem to match. If there is some need in there to be validated and be important and yet I don’t want to be successful, it just doesn’t match.

M: That is true, you are right, it doesn’t match in the commercial world.

A: But we’re looking at a non-commercial world.

M: Of course, in the Inner World.

A: That matches me better. But to go into the Inner World, can that reflect out fast enough to pay my bills? (laughing)

M: That is the point because you do not trust. You are saying “It cannot happen. I have to do it. I have to make the decisions. I have to be in control.” The biggest challenge for all humans is to let go of control. And I want to point out something that I have been saying for a long time. Technology is simply pre-empting the requirements of humanity. 

(See this recent article on TED from Microsoft about hologram technology.  http://www.kitegirlcoach.com/training-for-a-5d-world-shift-using-holograms/)

Be in the Out of Control Vehicle

M: The evolution of consciousness is depicted in what the mind can create and so you are beginning to imagine an out of control vehicle for movement. A vehicle that does not need you to control it. It will do what it is programmed to do much more efficiently and safely than you can yourself. You already have this in many things. Your aeroplanes can fly themselves. Your trains, that is the ones that drive at supersonic speeds, do not have a driver. But you are not told that. You see the driver in the driving compartment but all that one does is starts and allows it to go on its journey. The unit already knows where it is, what speeds and everything about the track. Something you cannot hope to compute amongst everything else. So technology has already told you that you are not needed in the outer world.

A: Right OK.

What makes a work of art

M: So you are beginning to realise then, if you are not needed in the outer world, you are only left with creativity on the inner world. The computer can show many different pictures but it cannot make a work of art because it requires a depth of perception that sees not just the shapes, that is the photograph of what is happening, but put life and some magic into the image that is Art. The artist’s greatness is to the degree that it can make something not just have the magic but can draw the magic out of those that look at it, that experience it, that view the piece of work and are moved at their core. They see the image of the flower and they see that it is not a dead image of the flower. It is not the flower itself but it is the artist themselves being flowers.

A: Yes. Beautiful description!

M: You understand, you cannot get to that until you have learned how to become the flower. You cannot become the flower until you realise that it is all your creation. That the flower is not anything but you. It is not that you have to enter into the flower because you already are the flower but you have to find the flowering part within. As you move in, the shift in consciousness is indeed stepping in to your work of art. To finding yourself inside an amazing cathedral of life. Everything is as you imagined it to be. Everything is as you are imagining it to be and it follows your thought. And then you realise that the Accountancy thought is the very mechanism that caused the Original Sin.

(I’m sure Accountants will protest against that.)

Adam and Eve

M: In the book of instruction it says that the original sin was that Adam and Eve saw their nakedness. They separated out and saw something beautiful as ugly, as desire and so on. So they fell out of their cathedral. They fell into separation and they saw the other as the part of desire. They did not see that the whole union was one of great Birth. They did not see that the whole creation arises from the union before birth. There is no way that Humans can come into being without that. The union is not just the physical union, not just the tadpole and the egg, but it is much greater. It is the welcoming into the Unity of the child who is, as it is said, the child of Christ.

Mary and Joseph Pure Parents

The divine child born every time the child is born. The only difference between every child and what is called “the child of the Father” [Jesus] is simply the parents. It was the parents that were pure. The child was not the pure one because every child is pure. So this one was attracted over many experiences into the lives of these parents because these parents were capable of parenting.

(That sounds like Jesus was attracted to his parents through other lifetimes. I wonder what their relationships were in the past…)

M: Do you understand what that means? So when One is ready to return, One casts off the failings of One’s parents. Not in judgement, because how could you possibly judge someone who also has been failed?

A: Mm, yes I understand that.

M: Failings of the parent upon the parent upon the parent. All through history. So it is such an important thing.

A: Mm, do you bring this up because of the position of my parents right now or is this a generic thing?

M: Shall we say, everything is in order. All things always are important. We are really discussing your growth phase because I want to say, across the planet there are lots and lots of members waking up to the recognition of their inherent separation and the difficulties of the mind, of the Accountant’s mind. If you look at your world you will discover throughout all of history there has only ever been one manifest problem called The Accountant.

A: (laughs) I think those who have that job would…

M: Of course they would disagree…

A: Yes they would

M: …but in the end everything, every decision that has caused separation from the Divine has been caused by the Accountant (the rational mind). The King always relies on how full the coffers are. The Accountant always looks at how to fill them. Rewards then, follow for the Accountant who can fill the coffers and so you have valued analysis by numbers and, I want to say, all the great discoveries in science and life have arisen from a perception of reality. Of course they have been proven in the world by calculations.

A: But they don’t come about that way in the first place, do they.

M: Of course not and not only that but, in the main, those that perceive are not truly of the Accountant mind.

A: No

M: You understand then, we have talked before, there are two Universal languages.

A: Music and Maths.

M: Music, that is the language of melody and rhythm and Mathematics which is the language of organisation. They both have their importances but not in making sense. One has to use the right language to understand the principles.

The Magic Carpet

A: Yes, that makes sense. So if we go back to the second area of Action, you are saying in the first part I’ve got to jump on the magic carpet and grab hold of the edge. What action can one do once you are there?

M: You understand if you are going to fly, like such courageous souls, you jump off the edge of a cliff. When you jump, you have to believe that your craft will carry you. If you are going to use your carpet you have to believe two things. First of all, that it can fly, and secondly that it will let you ride it. Do you follow what I mean? Hang on, because sometimes magic happens so quickly that you fall back on your old Self. If you fall back onto your old Self then of course the old ideas will return with a vengeance. They will prove exactly what you believe.

A: So is it keeping present that will… Is that possible? To keep so present that you lose all your previous learned reactions?

M: Of course. If you eliminate yourself. If you no longer are dictated by yourself, by who you think you are because, you have a choice. You can have your own life and what you make of it or you can be an emissary for the Divine.

A: Yes, which is my preference, for sure.

M: Then of course, one has to trust the Divine. You have to carry out the orders the Divine gives.

A: Right. Am I getting any better at that?

(painfully long pause)

M: Mm, I want to say giving up control is difficult. It is that you want to work this way but truly can you really let go? Can you take the actions that are required when it looks desperate?

A: I think its just trusting myself to know what those actions are to be.

M: That is of course, and also you have your preferences. You think that you need certain things which of course might not be the truth at all. One might have to give up the very things that you think are necessary for your survival.

A: I think if I was on my own that might be easier to take a risk on but while I have two that I have an agreement with, (my children) that’s, um, very challenging.

M: You understand you are still arguing for something because you do not think that the Divine will supply what you need so you are “I am willing to do anything except…”

A: I’ve got to leave the “except” out.

M: Because if it has an “except” then you are not willing to do what the Divine wants. And so it is that you think a certain way, that you get annoyed with some of those around you because they suggest things that are against what you wish. You want something but you want to be in charge of it so you get irritated. I want to say irritation is always a great signal. It is telling you there are some things that you are not willing [to do]. These are the things that generally, in order to work for the Divine, you must be willing to give up everything and then in most cases you do not have to give up anything.

A: (laughs) Yes

M: You understand the Law of Paradox says this but, you want to hang on because just in case! Just in case you are really been asked to give up that thing that is SO important, that seems to so important and yet, when you are asked to give it up, what you get to replace it is so much better that you wonder “why did I fight so much?”

A: Because of lack of trust.

M: Of course and losing control.

A: Yes, ok I understand.

M: So it is all of the understanding is wonderful. All of the heartfelt of how this feels to be, and you feel to be right but until you decide to do it regardless then nothing has been put into action. Sometimes the test is much bigger than you expect. The test is often to take away your most valid and valuable asset. Simply take it away so you are adrift. That is severing the anchor and causing a storm to take your boat out into the middle of the ocean.

(This refers to a previous session on the boat going out to sea. Read it here: http://www.kitegirlcoach.com/changing-style-of-reporting-removing-self-doubt/  )

A: Yep. I thought I was on my way but I guess I’m still hanging on, aren’t I.

M: There are still too many importances, too many things that you think will fail if you are not in control of them.

A: Mm ok will then I will have to “be it” more from here forward.

Less calm more passion

M: I want to say, stop being so rational. So being so calm. Passion is movement! Passion is living. When you appear so calm you are holding it back.

A: (laughs) Yes

M: So often you want to look for calmness because calmness is a signal that I am still in control.

A: Well I think I’ve also been using calmness to try and find an empty mind. Doesn’t sound like the right thing to do.

M: Shall we say, what if the empty mind comes with life, with energy, with acceptance, with making connections, with taking a risk doing things outside of the ordinary? What say, suddenly your life takes a turn because someone recognises that you are alive?

A: That sounds good, but I’ve got to be alive them to recognise it, don’t I.

M: Of course. You have to live as you wish to live, not live in charge, in control, in beautiful calmness and inside it is all a mess.

A: Yep, ok… Thank you.

M: Then thank you for your time and, once again, everything operates in the right flow. Keeping it on edge is always an interesting mechanism. Everything in its right place, in its right time. Then thank you once again for a wonderful conversation!

A: And thank you for your incredible patience in repeating back to me things that do not go in my head.

M: Repetition is connecting up the many phases, many things together to form the picture, like your jigsaw puzzle or your embroidery. The picture emerges slowly by going over the same patches again and again with different pieces. Let us not hold on to any feelings of being less than beautiful, less than intelligent, less than being supremely aware. Because everybody’s puzzle is entirely different. Your puzzle may have hundreds of thousands of pieces and others have only 30. One is complex and engaging and the other is really for the children. Then once again thank you for your time and your patience and good afternoon.

A: Thank you. Good afternoon.




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