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Trials begun on Universal Basic Income

A while back I wrote about the incredible benefits of providing a Universal Basic Income. Read the article here. At the time Switzerland had done a national Referendum on 6 issues and the Basic Income was one of them receiving a 20% vote to pursue. Not enough to do anything about it at the time but certainly a big enough vote for the rest of the world to see it as an idea whose time may be coming sooner than we think.

More recently Finland and and Ontario, Canada have begun real-time trials with groups living below the poverty line to test the results.


In Finland the group conducting the trial is Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland which is a government department.  Their experiment will run over 2 years with 2000 random people selected and no interviews or results collected until the end of the trial period. They have said they are not collecting data on health and well being – which is odd to me because this would have a ripple effect on the Healthcare costs for government, domestic violence, general crime… all sorts of implications. Kela are more interested in the employment rates to see if those receiving the benefit can or will go back into the workforce.

It’s not a lot of money, I don’t know how it compares with living costs in the areas of where they live, but to have that backstop no matter whether or not they are working – it’s unconditional – will be interesting to see what behaviour patterns emerge.

They are also addressing how much the government will save by offering a social security benefit that is not means tested. Every government has massive man power costs in constantly testing to see whether a beneficiary matches the criteria to receive a benefit. In Australia they are Newstart (unemployment benefit), Child Support, Solo Parenting Benefit, Family Tax Benefit, Veterans, Sickness benefits, Pensioners, Study grants, Day Care allowances etc.  By giving one benefit that is the same amount for everyone – adding a bit more per dependent or child the beneficiary cares for – means all those extra government personnel would not be needed in constant assessment and testing. It simplifies the process of distributing the benefits.

More information is on the Kela website on Universal Basic Income here.

Ontario Canada

A couple of weeks ago the Premier of Ontario announced a similar “Basic Income Pilot” trial in Canada involving 4000 beneficiaries from 3 different specific geographical areas over a 3 year period. This is great way to see the community and neighbourhood benefits that might result.

It’s not as cut and dried as the Finnish version. If the beneficiaries are a couple they receive less than two individuals – that immediately adds a means test for the ever changing scene of relationships for a start = more government staffing costs. If the beneficiary does get work the benefit cuts 50c for every dollar earned so it’s more of a soft experiment.

One thing that is important though is that they will get the benefit whether or not they are looking for work, if they work a lot or a little.

In Australia I know our Unemployment benefit – maybe other benefits as well – have a test that you can receive it providing you can prove you’ve applied for something like 5 jobs a week. Major disaster! Not only is the government now farming out the job to independent agencies at great cost to follow up on this test every 2-4 weeks for EVERY beneficiary, but for the local businesses it becomes a huge headache. Every time they put out a job vacancy ad they have literally hundreds more job applicants sending in CVs that have no relevance to the job at all just to keep up with the test. Each business needs to send a receipt of application which becomes proof the beneficiary applied so I believe the amount of time, expense and frustration this must add to the process of recruitment will run up a cost for local business well beyond the benefits of means testing. For a business that has heavy recruitment needs this adds to their costs considerably.

Ontario has only just announced their trial which will start fairly soon. They are looking from a slightly different point of view, not just about bridging the gap for those who are hard to employ but also gauging the effects on health and education… a much more rounded view.

More information from the office of the Premier in Ontario about Basic Universal Income Pilot here.

So both countries are offering support but they’ve stated their goal is to get more people employed. They aren’t addressing what Yanis Varoufakis talked about in his interview. According to him Futurists around the world expect 40-50% of jobs will be overtaken by technology in the next 10-15 years. That puts the need to support “unemployed” in a very different light. No point making people more employable if we don’t actually need them to work to provide the community with the goods and services needed.

I know that’s a totally Socialist view but one worth thinking about. When Australia’s government makes those who are unemployed feel humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed and not worth spit, the effect on wellbeing and confidence of each individual costs money! It does. It adds to the Medicare bill. It boosts addiction numbers. In some cases causes violence and crime, accidents… there are many things they never seem to consider.

Here’s the interview with Yanis Varoufakis about the benefits of UBI here.

There are other countries such as Spain, Italy and the Netherlands considering starting their trials but are still scrapping over the conditions of receiving it which pretty much nullifies many of the positive effects.

There is some excellent research and reporting on the website http://basicincome.org if you want to keep up to date with progress around the world in more detail.

San Francisco

Financial Times reported last week that the techies in Silicon Valley are also mindful of how their technology replaces human jobs. An organisation called “Y Combinator” didn’t even bother for the government to give them the go-ahead. They privately collected the money, chose 100 people, started giving them $2000 a month and are gauging their own results. They plan to expand this to 1000 people.

In the article they also mention eBay founder Pierre Omidyar contributed to the foundation GiveDirectly which gives cash to 26,000 Kenyans due to being aware of geographical areas in the world which have less opportunity for manufacturing or new industry due to globalisation.

Lawrence Quill, a political-science professor at San Jose State University has said “a basic income transforms the working poor into entrepreneurs in the making…” which I also wrote in my last article (link at the top of this post). Once you remove the stress of survival, each person’s stress drops dramatically and their mind is free to bring in new innovative ideas for improvements, creativity and inventions.

Imagine a world where every one has their needs met and is free to create what comes naturally to them. That’s when we will see real progress!

Here’s the Financial Times article.

So it looks like the movement towards Universal Basic Income is finally kicking into action. Like all good movements there will be the trail blazers who discover and point out all the benefits nobody thought to consider, then the early adopters. Then everybody else will look like bloody losers if they don’t pull their finger out and implement it as quickly as possible.

Will that be America and Australia? Very possibly.


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Annabelle Drumm interviewed by Productivity Hub

sydney-creative-business-coachJust noticed this interview I did with Debbie Eglin back in August last year about “Living the Dream” when setting up a Small Business. In the interview we talked about how small business owners would like to spend the 24 hours in the day compared to the reality of how those hours are spent.

Productivity Hub have some great tools to streamline business and you can hire them as consultant to make your office processes more efficient. The goal of the tools and consulting service is to free up your time so you can either spend it working more on producing income, having fun or even sleeping – whatever you need. 🙂

Read the interview here



Did you enjoy this article? The Kitegirl Coach blog is dedicated to collecting and considering information on the planetary and human evolution, Law of Attraction, the world shift in consciousness and creative careers. SHARE with like minded friends, FOLLOW on WordPress (button in the right column) for a regular feed or SUBSCRIBE for a monthly update on articles.


Unconditional Basic Income: How would it shape business?

Switzerland just completed their voting of a nationwide referendum. One of the voting topics was for an Unconditional Basic Income. Let’s look at why it was up for discussion, what it is and the Pros and Cons of such a Utopian ideal.

What is Unconditional Basic Income?

The Unconditional Basic Income – sometimes called the Universal Basic Income – would be a fixed amount given without means test to every adult who is either a citizen or to those who have been a legal resident for more than 5 years. The initial suggested amount which was yet to be finalised was 2500 francs (approx AUD$3400) and an additional 625 francs (AUD870) per child per month. The amount makes it comparable to their old age pension so hardly a massive amount but enough to keep you off the streets. This one-size-fits-all benefit would replace social security – unemployment benefits, pension, sickness benefits etc.

Why have this UBI?

There were two main reasons the benefit came up for discussion. Firstly the basic human right to live in a dignified manner and be able to participate in public life. Secondly because technology has got to the point where it now replaces thousands of traditional jobs with not as many new jobs created by it. All signs are pointing towards an ever increasing loss of jobs as the digital revolution continues so they wanted to debate it early rather than try and fix it as things got worse.

The debate was heated and plenty of opinions were thrown in the mix.

What are the foreseen obstacles?


Charles Wyplosz, economics professor at the Geneva Graduate Institute, told AFP “If you pay people to do nothing, they will do nothing,”.  I question this idea. In a world where we consider it virtuous to ignore our spouse, children and needy family members opting instead to be a workaholic, we’ve made lying down and putting our feet up something we should feel guilty about. As a result we become proud of an overfilled schedule and boast about all the activities we can fit in. There is also general disapproval of anyone who does not strive for the same crazy lifestyle.

When I look at the populace of people who might be considered lazy I see most of them as just damn exhausted. If you gave them enough money to cope they are likely to have a good long rest to recuperate. Then, just like children, their energy would return and they would be looking for new things to do and to create.

People would all leave work

According to the Swiss news agency poll of 1076 people only 2% of Swiss would stop working if the government paid them a basic income of CHF2,500 per month. For those working, they are not likely to be satisfied with living on such a basic income and would continue on. However, the difference would be that they may have the opportunity to choose a job they really wanted to do rather than choosing out of the necessity of financial obligation. Then they choose a job for love rather than money.

No money to fund it

It’s over simplistic to think you would need to fund such a scheme by increasing sales tax or personal income tax. Let’s face it. There is more money in the world today than there has ever been before. If we took a bigger picture view on who is getting away with paying little or no tax I think you would find there are very big flows of currency, not just mining and media industries, where you could clip the ticket on the way through and increase the amount the government had in its budget markedly.

One suggestion has been the Transaction tax which becomes a flat rate tax on cashflow – 2% for each inward and outward going transaction in every bank account, offset by a flat tax rate for business at 20%. This would replace sales tax so works out better for both the individual and the company.

Doing it in one country would help. Doing it globally and then distributing the funds per capita back into each country would be quite the revolution. We have the technology, there is potential here.

What are the benefits?

Increased spending

If current workers received what is essentially a pay rise there are more choices they could make. They might save more for their own retirement, increase their own spending or they might give more of both time and money to causes they were passionate about. This supports the Not for Profits, new initiatives, local needy people, crowd funding as startup capital, a boost to Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Hospitality and Retail.

Restructuring of salary

I have a friend who lives in an affluent area on an island in Hawaii. Because most of the people living in the area are retired or visiting on holiday there are a lot less people around to do the personal service work: gardening, house cleaning, computer maintenance, car wash etc. Therefore these jobs become extremely well paid as customers vie for the few workers there are. Think back to the middle Ages in Europe after the Black Plague as well – income for service, trade and labouring workers went up markedly to entice them because there was more demand than supply. Under the Unconditional Basic Income you may find jobs that were traditionally low paid but highly valued such as nursing and teaching may increase in income as well.

Ease on government spending

According to the Australian Work Health and Safety statistics I last downloaded, which was in 2012, work compensation claims based on the affects of Stress account for more than 10 times the average of all other types of claims.  Stress, burnout, accidents from not being focussed or overtired, rehabilitation, days off work for stress relief – these accumulate as an enormous cost to our country’s Health System. Stress can drive people towards addiction which also strains the Health System. Pressure from not making ends meet can drive more people to theft, violence and domestic violence in the home so, reducing stress on a nationwide scale will reduce cost to the Legal System.

Efficient government

If one benefit replaced many other benefits and was delivered without constant means testing, the amount of workers required to run the system would be greatly reduced thereby freeing up more money to use elsewhere in the federal budget.

Boost to innovation

Lowering of stress and anxiety in the broader society has deep reaching connotations, one of which is that the intuition opens up. This allows a person to make wiser decisions and come up with fantastic new ideas and inventions for problem solving in every area of life.

Finding Purpose

I spoke in a previous post of the idea of each person finding their true natural gifts. When more in the community raise themselves up the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs they get the opportunity to find these gifts which means they will be working at maximum productivity and potential. This results in peace of mind, deeper satisfaction in life and finding their purpose. You don’t have to look too far in the Google Keywords to know finding purpose is one thing many in the world are searching for.

The happiness factor

We currently have no way to gauge the effects of happiness on a society in general but I expect it would make people a whole lot easier to live and work beside. Increased happiness boosts generosity, more would be caring towards each other in the community and more would opt for volunteering roles increasing connection and adding strength to worthy causes.


Summing up, you can’t just look at the monetary gain or loss with a Universal Basic Income benefit. The ripple effect of raising the bottom end of society out of the gutter has a far reaching effect on society as a whole. The Swiss referendum resulted in 23.1% saying YES. The idea may be a little ahead of its time but the fact the discussion has now really started to open up is a big step in the direction of a healthier, happier, more evolved society.

– Annabelle Drumm

Update 15 July 2016

Just noticed this video of Yanis Varoufakis speaking on the necessity of Unconditional or Universal Basic Income

Click here to see another video on Yanis Varoufakis discussing the collapse of the Euro with Noam Chomsky in New York.



Universal Basic Income: What do you think? – The Local http://www.thelocal.ch/20160602/unconditional-basic-income-what-do-you-think

Basic income: A 500 year old idea whose time has come? – Swissinfo http://www.swissinfo.ch/directdemocracy/welfare-_basic-income–a-500-year-old-idea-whose-time-has-come-/42122622

Guaranteed basic income for all rejected in Switzerland – AFR  http://www.afr.com/world/basic-income-to-cover-for-digital-revolution-job-loss-rejected-in-switzerland-20160605-gpc796

A basic income for all – the issue before Swiss voters – Swissinfo http://www.swissinfo.ch/directdemocracy/an-end-to-poverty-_a-basic-income-for-all—the-issue-before-swiss-voters/42096442


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Barbara Marciniak: World Shift Predictions 2016

spirit channeler Barbara MarciniakThis is a summary from a channelling Barbara Marciniak performed in January 2016 covering world financial crash, USA elections with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, Iran, life after death and many of the rumours we all question. I know it’s not the big 4 hour one I was going to do but its a good start. I have put my comments in brackets and italics, audience questions in italics and links where appropriate.

I’m not an avid follower of Barbara but she does have a large audience who love her work. Barbara’s channelled messages mostly match with the content of other channellers though there are often little bits and pieces which do not feel comfortable to me – not because they are yucky or scary, but because I cannot feel the truth in them, can’t relate to them. I record all the details from the video for you below anyway as I may feel differently about those bits tomorrow.

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There will be more summaries from Barbara’s work to come and there are links to other posts I’ve done on Barbara’s material at the bottom.


Channelling session from the Pleiadians via Barbara Marciniak

Looking into 2016

Recorded in North Carolina, 7 January 2016

Here is the video and my notes with the time code are below so you can scrub forward in the video to find the bit you want to hear. You might want to open the video in a separate window so you can follow the summary and scrub at the same time.


What do you want to add to the adventure of your life in this year?

What do you want to manifest?


Moon is in Sagittarius = expansion of ideas, the big picture. Moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days, so you get different feelings and understandings every few days. Moon is a base for ET’s and contains much technology and machinery but you are deeply affected by the moon itself emotionally.

How do you process your emotions? Look to which sign the moon is in to give you some guidance.


Pluto in sign of Capricorn to undergo deep transformation without literally dying.

Personally you can use it to “die” from the old way you’ve been doing things/thinking about things and use it to “rebirth” introducing a new beneficial way to do it.

Globally since 2010, the breakdowns of governments and institutional processes you thought would never die are going. Major changes to do with re-estimating what governments can do along with worldwide revolution leading to various forces who would not normally be on the same team uniting in defiance against the Plutonian Capricorn Big Brother “I know it all, this is the way it’s going to be” mentality.

Rebellious year ahead.


Jupiter in sign of Virgo in retrograde in alignment with north node until May 19 = take the piety inward. Best for all people to move into. Lots of people want to retreat to illusion and escapism. Move inside, look at your own health. May experience deep spiritual realisations about your health or of others around you.
If you are trapped in a quandary or stuck in victimhood, your realisations have not yet occurred. Use your intentions to clearly ask for more revelations to be brought to you for clarity of the why and wherefore regarding health.


Deeply immersed throughout 2016 in Saturn Neptune squares = getting clear between karma and what you have to change. This is a time of tremendous confusion, psychic activation = 1) new abilities but also 2) mental instability. If you see outrageous and nonsense behaviour that wasn’t there before it may be the Saturn Neptune square influence.

Saturn = authority or anyone who dictates your beliefs to you will be giving it all they’ve got to keeping up the illusions. Everyone is going to be hard pressed to figure out what is truth and what is fantasy. This is no easy task because you are trusting.


You have global leaders who truly are perverted criminals, a cabal with very dark energies which have agendas such as forced medications, mandatory vaccinations. They will force things on people that will make many angry.

How do you think European women are feeling about being raped by men from “other cultures” recently introduced to Europe who are not used to the freedoms of the Western world? When they are displaced into another culture where no one is looking over their shoulder, they begin to experiment.

(Note here that the channel does not judge the behaviour but asks us to see it from the view of the displaced one. That does not condone the behaviour but it does explain it. Understanding is the key to resolving many of these cultural issues which is why threatening punishment will never resolve temptations.)

On a bigger scale you are experiencing a clash of cultures. This clash is being “agendized” to deliberately create more turmoil in the world. Still even those who are fighting each other right now may unite to fight the cabal once it is understood.

From 1987 through 2012 and onward are years designed to stir up the need to question everything. This is why so many billions are here.


Financial turmoil

Mainstream media says “Unemployment is low. We are in recovery.” Yet many financial analysts conclude that things are about to blow (date not confirmed though it could have been Sept 2015) there are a few windows of opportunity this year in June and September again in the Saturn Neptune squares. Wall St is in bigger trouble than you can imagine so Bain St is in even more trouble. When financial turmoil comes it will be 1000x worse than Lehmann’s crash 2008.

(Mercredan explained some years back and many groups are joining in saying it is sensible to have at least a month’s supply of food, water and power off the grid you need to heat, cool or cook without any piped in resources into the house. This may sound like a warning for weather disasters but then, if the collapse is so big – think Greece last year – and the banks close, then the shops close temporarily too.

No fear is needed while you organise this, just get it done and treat it like insurance. Ignore people who scoff at you. Live and let live.)

Pluto moved into Capricorn and began the great pruning. In the next 2-3 years, there will be a worldwide financial collapse. US dollar will be worth less and less. Be aware that this election year, same as the last election year 2008, is all about loss.


On the upside it (thank goodness there’s an upside) will be about people helping others out.

(Take a look at this article when Hawaii was out of electricity for a month.)

Psychic energy bumps up and makes you more creative/innovative. Every New moon/ Full moon, write down what you want to experience. Not HOW only WHAT.

Examples of areas to focus on:

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Health (optimal)
  • Relationships
  • Type of people you attract
  • Where you live  etc.

Just because the “manure” is going to hit the fan including escalating potential towards war, be realistic. Understand, choose to be alive, observe the world today, help the understanding of why people are in a conundrum.

(Just like our example above, reacting with “shock” as all the magazines tell us to, anger, violence or revenge like the movies tell us to; those reactions will help no one. Violence begets violence, anger or fear begets lower health for you. Seek to understand and look for solutions to the CAUSE not the effect. This may be several layers back beyond what you expect.)


Iran and Saudi Arabia

Question: USA seems to be in cahoots with Iran. Israel seems to be very quiet on the issue. Are Israel seeking revenge by allowing conflicts between USA and the Suni Shiites?

You are describing a political boiling pot. USA is not a reliable friend. Their political system has been infiltrated by non-humans who seem to be under mind control disguised as humans. That means that the Constitution “land of the free, home of the brave” and all integrity went out the window since Eisenhower. The US is not a reliable friend to anyone in the world. Administrations are separated. Oval office is run by “hot dogs” and Pentagon run by old stabilising boulders and they are at odds with one another. US government is filled with blackmail, betrayal, crime and PERVERSION (that word capitalised). They make promises to one, then to another but no integrity backing it. No one is good on their word.

(The source of Barbara’s channellings often brings up the topics of sexual perversion and pedophilia more than any other channel I follow. )

  • Saudis have not stopped pumping oil and it is making everyone angry. They are running out of money.
  • Russia is in a bad position because they are switching away from oil.
  • Chinese economy is grinding to a halt – auto, steel, buildings.


The struggles in each country leads to aggression. Gap between economic collapse in 1929 and war in 1939 was 10 years. Gap between economic collapse and war nowadays is getting closer /faster.

Solution to economic problems in the past is to get the machinery of war moving things again.

Ancient prophesies point to Persia/Iran as the leading factor in creating the Armageddon war and they’ve just been given the go ahead on nuclear weapons.

(So now you can see starting a war with Iran makes a lot of money for the cabal and generally gets the economy moving again. These leaders do not care how many lives are lost in the process. This sounds horrifying yet, there are other channels who have pointed out that other ETs or higher forces have prevented successful launches of nuclear weapons many times already so keep your mind focussed on those who can help with your permission.)

You are finding evidence of nuclear wars on Earth as well as on Mars. The globalists have meetings but then betray each other. They don’t trust one another. They only make deals because they have to. You are dealing with a mass psychosis that could accelerate for a number of years. This is why 2013-2027 are called the Changeover years when things are completely re-organised and have to be tided up.


Climate Change

Question: Is the Sun heating up the source of Global warming? Is it contributing to the global turmoil?

Sun cycles are larger than your lifetimes – tropical ages, ice ages – and automobiles didn’t contribute to these. Eg – There is currently a methane natural gas leak near Los Angeles giving off as much pollution as 7 million automobiles each day. Different factors contribute to planetary changes. Sun changes do affect the solar system and will continue for a few more hundred years.

(Here again I would point out, as I have in other places on the blog that yes, cosmic influences make climate change but we still need to continue cleaning up the mess we’ve made in our environment.)


The Elite

Question: Does the Planetary Elite have a Central control like head of state or is it like a head of snakes?

When planetary elite look to the top it is not one person. It is a committee that secretly works inter dimensionally with “other forces” which are, in general, branches of the Annunaki family. The Anus are under the greatest Systemic threat of losing their colonies through mutiny.

Question: How do we get humans back into balance?

2016 is about the word “imbalance”. Jupiter stays in Virgo till Autumn. Late Summer, early Autumn Jupiter = makes everything bigger, moves into Libra = balance/scales. The world is completely off balance so, by Autumn before elections it will become readily apparent to the whole world how very off balance the USA is. Libra is the sign of “open enemies”. There will be groups unifying against the system but where is the head of the system? That is the problem. People will become suspicious of their corrupted leaders as if the leaders caused the problems.


There is much talk about building sports stadiums costing 1-2 billion dollars. More technology and luxury while you watch sports people banging their heads together, hurting each other. This is your priority? This is during a time when use of Glyphosate – Round Up pesticide sprayed on our wheat and corn (modified Agent orange from Vietnam) is producing DNA markers which speculators say, within less than 10 years, could cause 1 out of 2 children to have autism and mass Alzheimers Disease.

Vaccinations are also a contributor to this. And you’re talking about sports stadiums? A big distractor! The big issue is that people are willing to invest their attention in distractions rather than deal with very painful truths.


January 2016 Mars (go after things) is in the sign of Scorpio = strength to look at difficult things.

Mars is making a Tri with Neptune = potential for many around the world to look at hard truths about every aspect of sex, finance and death. It will be liberating. Sports stadiums are not the answer.


Question: For those of us working for change and looking for truth, how are we doing? Are there enough of us? Are we working hard enough? What more can we do to improve? How did we do in 2012?

It’s not hard work that wins this. You are applying the same misconception that is used for the war on cancer/terrorism/drugs. Wars don’t win anything. It is full of mind control. Look in your own life. Is your life functioning? Are things working out for you? Do you feel safe? Do you have a flow of income? Are you responsible for your actions and thoughts? Are you grounded and present in the moment? Is your larger picture of reality expanding? It is about individuals.

More are awakening and that is the destiny of all human kind. All the things you have learned are stabilising you and paying off. Each of you broadcasts out your own success. If you want to know how the planet is doing, look at your own life.

(This matches Mercredan’s “Start with self” principal. There is no need to be glum that you cannot change the world but the butterfly affect of sorting out your own life has unlimited potential in helping others as the affect ripples out. Don’t underestimate the power of one.)

It’s a nasty job to have to wake up, see you are kidding yourself and have been living in illusion.

(We are the bold ones for taking on that job on behalf of the collective consciousness. Be bold! Find each new truth and react using the intention of a better world using your creativity.)

Propaganda will reach new heights of absurdity this year. Someone who is a psychopath will have no emotion, remorse or conscience that would leave them feeling discombobulated because they told lies. Psychopaths are the ones who are running the world. Don’t try to find them, just raise your own vibration.


Improving your own life is contributing peace to the world. Things won’t settle down just yet. You may be in turmoil for another 10 years – around 2028. There are so many things on the list for things to wake up to.

How do you lower stress levels?

Don’t make yourself nutty.

Stress reduction several times a day.

Rest your eyes on something serene – vase of flowers, look out the window, birds, sunrise, sunset, snow, rain. Have a Soft focus. Rest your head in your hands and daydream. This rests the brain. allow things to slow down. This is so important!! Turn away from the media news. Smell some Lavender, Lemon, Vanilla. Go for a walk. Get rid of the electronics for a while. Be with yourself in nature. Stress levels are going to rise otherwise.


You, who are conscious of the awakening, think you have to go out and save the world, like it’s an obligation or duty. Yet you already affect the world. Just live the best life you can and be an outstanding example. You will get more and more good days compared to bad. There is a way of working things out. Loss is often opportunity on the other side.

Aries, Libras, Capricorns and Cancers are going through the biggest changes this year.


Question: The great forgetting in the time of Atlantis: can you explain that more?

After Atlantis Humanity went through “disociation” due to great trauma. When there is a big trauma, there is a forgetting to help consciousness move forward. Amnesia can be quite beneficial if a group of individuals go through massive trauma. It is tucked away, stored as a memory time capsule in the ethers, in DNA capacity of all life forms in our library.


Future Speculations

In 10 years: Criminal cabal have RT-intel to just do whatever is necessary to get an agenda done. There will be a population decrease eventually and it is less likely by a single event. Everyone being born right now is exposed to radiation, toxicity, Wifi that are damaging the human bio-sphere. The hidden rumours will come out from behind the curtain and will be exposed

e.g. – 5 metre (17 foot) human skeleton recently found at Ayers Rock Uluru. So much information is there that the internet will “let the cat out of the bag” and true history of the earth with ETs who seeded you and the race of giants to manage humans etc. will flower into all manner of controversy. Controversy will be cleared up once some of these giants will be exposed in the living flesh.


Financial flow

There will be recognition about cosmic connections. We see extreme stress on the population and its becoming harder for more people to work on that root chakra and survive. Give thanks if you know how to manage your energies in this area. When you are argumentative and don’t share appreciation from where the source of energy comes from then you are cutting yourself off.


Question: Spinning 33 times, can you explain further?

Spinning can balance the two hemispheres of the brain. Spin left to right 1-3 dozen times balances the chakras. Whirling dervishes and spinning in other cultures show that twirling and spinning and create a vortex of energy. Children love to play on the rides that go around or to be picked up by an adult and twirled around. It leaves them exhilarated and boosts the function system and puts things in alignment.


Life after Death

Question: What became of those who were killed in Japan? (Atomic bombs WWII)

Nuclear explosion deaths are common in the cosmos because it is Annunaki who brought nuclear energy to the colonies just like water. The souls did not know what occurred to them. When souls go out that way, there are special guardians and advisors that help them through the trauma. It is a quick death but takes a long time to process. Any quick deaths where people go together can make the soul shy and skittish because it appears there was no control.

Understand that when you do pass over there’s always assistance of some sort depending on the beliefs you take with you.

eg – say you are of Islam and you are a bit fanatical and decide to be a suicide bomber. You strap on your bomb and blow it up in the name of religion meaning you will go to glory. That predominant belief will be carried over with you and the guides that support that belief may be the ones that the soul will find most comfort from. You won’t be open to a death experience that says “you wasted your life and got it wrong”.

You might be shown a bigger picture and be met by larger forces (which opens the opportunity to learn) but, many people choose to ignore this just as many choose to go to sport stadiums. The advances you make in the body are what are propelled and opens the doors on the other side.

(So if you ever get to the point where you wonder if life is worth hanging around for, just hang in there another day. Focus on “wouldn’t it be nice if…” to lift you into a slightly higher vibe. You don’t have to be tap dancing by the end of it. Just a bit higher and a bit higher. Like she says, things have a way of working out. )


Question: Has anyone in this room been to your planet?

We don’t have a planet.

(This is an unusually blunt, unloving answer. A difference of opinion too. Lee Carroll’s Kryon says the Pleiadians had 3 planets and corporeal bodies living on them. See here at around 7:50 time https://youtu.be/kvJd41gN788)

Question: Will the battle with law enforcement come to an end soon?

No because it is part of the “divide and conquer” issue people must learn to work through. The only way is for people to become more of themselves. That usually involves being more psychic and self referring via intuition which your education systems do not train in you. When you are willing to see corruption and to demand goodness, that is when these things will end.

News Propaganda

There’s so much propaganda that is not true and so much psychological warfare today in mainstream media, if you went to another part of the world, the news about the USA is more informative and expansive compared with what you get here (in the USA). It’s like living in 1984. There is so much propaganda that you still have fears about Russia and communism yet you are living under worse in the USA. They debate issues that are ridiculous because they cannot see what is true and what is not.

Pluto is going to be in Capricorn until about 2024-25 so there will be systemic breakdowns and clashes until then.


Question about Astrology: we look at planets from our own position and they mean certain things. From other planets in our solar system, what does Earth represent to them?

Earth is the living library, a source of love, heart, conflict and life.


Hillary Clinton

Question: She seems to have more lives than a cat and is doing good. Is that for real?

After her husband finished her terms around 2000, she moved to New York state to run for the Senate and set it up. Someone ran an article on her including about 30 photos speculating in 2000 the many faces of Hilary – how could she look so different in so many different places during the campaign. After she got into the Senate she settled into a sloppy hairstyle which she is well known for. Those working at the higher blackmail level were warded with doubles, with RT Intel, with cloned versions.

She said recently “I am not a witch. I don’t have horns. I’m actually Human.” Why would one make those exclamations about themselves?

She is a highly suspicious character with many problems. Skeletons in the closet that would go around the Earth’s circumference. This is a person who has very very mixed intentions and it would not serve the World well at all for her to be given an official position of prominence. You all best wake up very quickly in regards to what’s going on in your country.


Question: Would Trump be any better?

In a larger picture you have no choices, you understand that. Things aren’t what they appear to be.  There are hidden agendas, hidden agreements. As you look into the future the USA is not in a good position. Let’s just say Donald Trump would do what he says what he’s going to do and is what he says he is, let’s just pretend that. Say he gets elected “I will make America great again. I will do this and this and this.”

Donald Trump is a delegator. You do you do and you do. Don’t bother me until it is done. Not the way to run the United States. A company perhaps but not a country. Is Donald Trump going to be better?

Here’s the advantage with Trump. He is a Gemini and Hilary is a Scorpio. Remember that.

We “believe” she is a Scorpio so there’s a lot of secrecy and underhandedness in Scorpio signs. There’s also a lot of resilience, strength and high integrity with Scorpios. You decide which one Hilary is playing. We also believe she has a Pisces moon = artistic, compassionate, also the sign of self undoing. When Pisces is predominant in a person’s chart the person ends up screwing themselves. They mess it up for themselves. That is the nature of it. It is part of the game.


If you go for Hilary, and there’s no guarantee she’s going to get the nomination because between then and now, oh wow, a lot of stuff could happen. They (her staff?) are already dancing like a marionette in the background in case she gets indicted for high crimes and misdemeanours. What do you think the Clinton Foundation is collecting money for? To help everyone feel healthy or get big blackmail? You decide.

For Trump, we do not see him pulling it off. We see that someone’s going to eliminate him if he keeps going the way he is going.

“Vaccinations – we’ll have to look at that.”

“911 – we’ll have to look at that.”

and then the golden ring…

“How can you look at Hilary as a president? Her husband hangs out with pedophiles. Her husband has done things just as Bill Cosby has done.”

Vaccinations, 911, Bill Clinton being a pedophile? What do you think folks? Very dangerous ground.


What does this mean in summation? It means things are going to heat up big time this year. Your challenges grow greater on a soul level which is why you’ve come to the planet to get really clear and we will say that out of thousands of lifetimes, you will have the chance to make massive advances in this one because of the conundrums and the challenges that you face.

Nothing at this point is predictable. Everything is going to be sudden changes and a lot of confusion this year. Watch for it.

Back to our opening statements: Set your goals, use the power of your mind. The power is growing greater. Remove yourself from too much electronic addiction. If’s fine to look now and again but there is so much psychological warfare that if you think you are going to surf the internet to figure things out, you won’t.

If you have to read things print them out, turn off all the electronics, light a fire or a candle. Invite some friends around, have a conversation, cook some food. Have some real experiences and slow down. When you go slower you start to figure things out. Remember the tortoise and the hare. It’s a good motto for this year.

We bid you the very best and you can achieve it in 2016. Remember wise choices are the theme this year. Pleasant journeys and good evening.

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What is Channelling?

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Who was Maslow from the Hierarchy of Needs?

Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of NeedsAs I’ll be using the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs as part of my new project I wondered who this guy actually was. It turns out Abraham Maslow, from Brooklyn New York USA, was a psychologist who loved to question the status quo and find the brighter side of individuals looking holistically at all areas of life.

Here’s his bio on Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Maslow

The needs diagram so familiar to many of us (I’ve put a copy below) has the levels we go through to get a supreme state of being. He calls this level Self Actualization.

Maslow's Hierarchy of human need

The bottom level is the most basic requirements of survival. (My son would include KFC there as well but I disagree.)

Once your basic needs are met, Safety is the next biggest need. This is why in my Stress Management course I point out that one of the biggest causes of professional burnout comes from employees feeling unsafe in their job. If there is any kind of threat that in a frenzied moment could lose them their job they will be on edge. Some managers think this is a good way to “keep people on their feet”, yet it has been proven many times over that an employee in this state of mind cannot make wise decisions, makes more mistakes, gets sick more often, is less enthusiastic about promoting the company = might be more tempted to pull a swift one and has little opportunity to open their intuition to allow in great new ideas and solutions that could benefit customers, staff and the organisation as a whole.

So! Safety is underestimated too often in the workplace. Make employees feel secure and valued, you’ll get better results from them.

Love and belonging follow this. On the journey of self development many are naturally tuned to isolating themselves from their families, friends and others in the community. Sometimes this is in order to go through their “days in the desert” as they were called in the bible. Other times they feel the need to cut off the old relationships they had in order to reconnect as the new person they become.

This is particularly important if their previous view of themselves was in fairly low esteem which encouraged others to treat them badly. If you go into your chrysalis, find yourself and emerge as the new confident you, you are more likely to get new behaviours from those around you rather than expecting them to bend slowly to match your speed of development which they won’t understand and find confusing. After all, it’s easier to know what to expect and just treat you the same as yesterday rather than checking in to see who you are today, noticing the changes and reacting accordingly.

The Esteem level I’ve included in the belonging level description. This very much applies to the workplace as well. Acknowledge achievement and offer respect no matter what disaster that person has caused. You will always get a better result in resolving problems when you approach the conversation with respect in mind.

Self actualisation level: To me, this is the ultimate goal of my project. When all the other levels are filled in for a group of people in a community, they relax, become happier, grow in confidence, stress levels drop, connect on a deeper level together so the sense of belonging is there (something the vast majority of my clients find are missing in their neighbourhoods) and the intuition opens up. Feeling safe and secure in that environment their gifts will be revealed.

Can you imagine a whole community of people who respect each other, care and offer a sense of belonging, appreciate diversity and encourage each other and feel the freedom to express their gifts? How many more inventions would come about? How quickly would problems be solved? How little crime would there be? How much healthier would they be?

It completely changes that community, their way of life and, even if their gifts are to simply make other people feel better, they feel confident and free to do so while appreciated in return.

What does a Self Actualised person look like?

I’ve copied this from the Wiki page:

He realized that all the individuals he studied had similar personality traits. All were “reality centered,” able to differentiate what was fraudulent from what was genuine. They were also “problem centered,” meaning that they treated life’s difficulties as problems that demanded solutions. These individuals also were comfortable being alone and had healthy personal relationships. They had only a few close friends and family rather than a large number of shallow relationships.

Self-actualizing people tend to focus on problems outside themselves; have a clear sense of what is true and what is false; are spontaneous and creative; and are not bound too strictly by social conventions.

Maslow noticed that self-actualized individuals had a better insight of reality, deeply accepted themselves, others and the world, and also had faced many problems and were known to be impulsive people. These self-actualized individuals were very independent and private when it came to their environment and culture, especially their very own individual development on “potentialities and inner resources”.

According to Maslow, self-actualizing people share the following qualities:

Truth: honest, reality, beauty, pure, clean and unadulterated completeness
Goodness: rightness, desirability, uprightness, benevolence, honesty
Beauty: rightness, form, aliveness, simplicity, richness, wholeness, perfection, completion,
Wholeness: unity, integration, tendency to oneness, interconnectedness, simplicity, organization, structure, order, not dissociated, synergy
Dichotomy: transcendence: acceptance, resolution, integration, polarities, opposites, contradictions
Aliveness: process, not-deadness, spontaneity, self-regulation, full-functioning
Unique: idiosyncrasy, individuality, non comparability, novelty
Perfection: nothing superfluous, nothing lacking, everything in its right place, just-rightness, suitability, justice
Necessity: inevitability: it must be just that way, not changed in any slightest way
Completion: ending, justice, fulfillment
Justice: fairness, suitability, disinterestedness, non partiality,
Order: lawfulness, rightness, perfectly arranged
Simplicity: nakedness, abstract, essential skeletal, bluntness
Richness: differentiation, complexity, intricacy, totality
Effortlessness: ease; lack of strain, striving, or difficulty
Playfulness: fun, joy, amusement
Self-sufficiency: autonomy, independence, self-determining.

Here’s an interview with Abraham Maslow which looks like it’s from the 60’s explaining why he wanted to cut a new pathway through the practice of psychology. Nice to see him talking. Footage is about 5 minutes.

I love his glass half full approach where he says

Human Nature is wise. Human Nature can pick for itself.

Each person can find their true Human Nature when they’re no longer in survival mode at the bottom level of the hierarchy.

Always remember this when you see someone being nasty, arrogant or rude. This is not their “true colours” at all. This is survival mode. Instead of being insulted, take a look at their situation and see what you can offer to make them feel safer.

And here below is an audio version of his book “The Theory of Human Motivation” originally published in “Psychological Review” in 1943. The description from the video

“Maslow describes humanity as a “wanting” species, and traces a chain of needs from the most basic (hunger), to the most self serving (personal safety, financial security), to the most social (esteem) and finally to the most transcendent (self-actualization). This conception of linking human growth to a final goal of living up to personal potential was a key development in later, more expansive psychological examinations of human happiness and self-fulfillment.”

Audio book is about an hour long.

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