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Trials begun on Universal Basic Income

A while back I wrote about the incredible benefits of providing a Universal Basic Income. Read the article here. At the time Switzerland had done a national Referendum on 6 issues and the Basic Income was one of them receiving a 20% vote to pursue. Not enough to do anything about it at the time but certainly a big enough vote for the rest of the world to see it as an idea whose time may be coming sooner than we think.

More recently Finland and and Ontario, Canada have begun real-time trials with groups living below the poverty line to test the results.


In Finland the group conducting the trial is Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland which is a government department.  Their experiment will run over 2 years with 2000 random people selected and no interviews or results collected until the end of the trial period. They have said they are not collecting data on health and well being – which is odd to me because this would have a ripple effect on the Healthcare costs for government, domestic violence, general crime… all sorts of implications. Kela are more interested in the employment rates to see if those receiving the benefit can or will go back into the workforce.

It’s not a lot of money, I don’t know how it compares with living costs in the areas of where they live, but to have that backstop no matter whether or not they are working – it’s unconditional – will be interesting to see what behaviour patterns emerge.

They are also addressing how much the government will save by offering a social security benefit that is not means tested. Every government has massive man power costs in constantly testing to see whether a beneficiary matches the criteria to receive a benefit. In Australia they are Newstart (unemployment benefit), Child Support, Solo Parenting Benefit, Family Tax Benefit, Veterans, Sickness benefits, Pensioners, Study grants, Day Care allowances etc.  By giving one benefit that is the same amount for everyone – adding a bit more per dependent or child the beneficiary cares for – means all those extra government personnel would not be needed in constant assessment and testing. It simplifies the process of distributing the benefits.

More information is on the Kela website on Universal Basic Income here.

Ontario Canada

A couple of weeks ago the Premier of Ontario announced a similar “Basic Income Pilot” trial in Canada involving 4000 beneficiaries from 3 different specific geographical areas over a 3 year period. This is great way to see the community and neighbourhood benefits that might result.

It’s not as cut and dried as the Finnish version. If the beneficiaries are a couple they receive less than two individuals – that immediately adds a means test for the ever changing scene of relationships for a start = more government staffing costs. If the beneficiary does get work the benefit cuts 50c for every dollar earned so it’s more of a soft experiment.

One thing that is important though is that they will get the benefit whether or not they are looking for work, if they work a lot or a little.

In Australia I know our Unemployment benefit – maybe other benefits as well – have a test that you can receive it providing you can prove you’ve applied for something like 5 jobs a week. Major disaster! Not only is the government now farming out the job to independent agencies at great cost to follow up on this test every 2-4 weeks for EVERY beneficiary, but for the local businesses it becomes a huge headache. Every time they put out a job vacancy ad they have literally hundreds more job applicants sending in CVs that have no relevance to the job at all just to keep up with the test. Each business needs to send a receipt of application which becomes proof the beneficiary applied so I believe the amount of time, expense and frustration this must add to the process of recruitment will run up a cost for local business well beyond the benefits of means testing. For a business that has heavy recruitment needs this adds to their costs considerably.

Ontario has only just announced their trial which will start fairly soon. They are looking from a slightly different point of view, not just about bridging the gap for those who are hard to employ but also gauging the effects on health and education… a much more rounded view.

More information from the office of the Premier in Ontario about Basic Universal Income Pilot here.

So both countries are offering support but they’ve stated their goal is to get more people employed. They aren’t addressing what Yanis Varoufakis talked about in his interview. According to him Futurists around the world expect 40-50% of jobs will be overtaken by technology in the next 10-15 years. That puts the need to support “unemployed” in a very different light. No point making people more employable if we don’t actually need them to work to provide the community with the goods and services needed.

I know that’s a totally Socialist view but one worth thinking about. When Australia’s government makes those who are unemployed feel humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed and not worth spit, the effect on wellbeing and confidence of each individual costs money! It does. It adds to the Medicare bill. It boosts addiction numbers. In some cases causes violence and crime, accidents… there are many things they never seem to consider.

Here’s the interview with Yanis Varoufakis about the benefits of UBI here.

There are other countries such as Spain, Italy and the Netherlands considering starting their trials but are still scrapping over the conditions of receiving it which pretty much nullifies many of the positive effects.

There is some excellent research and reporting on the website if you want to keep up to date with progress around the world in more detail.

San Francisco

Financial Times reported last week that the techies in Silicon Valley are also mindful of how their technology replaces human jobs. An organisation called “Y Combinator” didn’t even bother for the government to give them the go-ahead. They privately collected the money, chose 100 people, started giving them $2000 a month and are gauging their own results. They plan to expand this to 1000 people.

In the article they also mention eBay founder Pierre Omidyar contributed to the foundation GiveDirectly which gives cash to 26,000 Kenyans due to being aware of geographical areas in the world which have less opportunity for manufacturing or new industry due to globalisation.

Lawrence Quill, a political-science professor at San Jose State University has said “a basic income transforms the working poor into entrepreneurs in the making…” which I also wrote in my last article (link at the top of this post). Once you remove the stress of survival, each person’s stress drops dramatically and their mind is free to bring in new innovative ideas for improvements, creativity and inventions.

Imagine a world where every one has their needs met and is free to create what comes naturally to them. That’s when we will see real progress!

Here’s the Financial Times article.

So it looks like the movement towards Universal Basic Income is finally kicking into action. Like all good movements there will be the trail blazers who discover and point out all the benefits nobody thought to consider, then the early adopters. Then everybody else will look like bloody losers if they don’t pull their finger out and implement it as quickly as possible.

Will that be America and Australia? Very possibly.


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Kryon: World changes are already happening 2017

Here’s another great post from Lee Carroll channelling Kryon below about world changes heading for a very bright future. This is due to the changing consciousness of Humans being the catalyst for changes slowly being reflected in the physical world. So often I see those with an optimistic attitude stifled by the nay-sayers around them yet, there are less nay-sayers every day. The more people wake up to the great potential of what world can be, the faster the change happens.

This transcript has a good description of Fractal circles of time and how our old idea that history repeats itself is no longer a certainty. We have the capacity to turn away from old negative patterns and not only avoid repeating them but actually change whether they were imprinted into history as a certainty. Mercredan has also talked about our power to change history which is so constantly fluid we will find our history books eventually become obsolete.

Although this doesn’t make sense to those who only see Time as a solid, linear pathway, once you learn to think more broadly about directions of potential and parallel pathways you’ll see how flexible the whole thing is.

Kryon mentions how he told an audience in Israel it was up to them to make peace in the world. There’s something really important here to note. When we look at the leader of a country we cannot judge every soul living there to match their opinions or behaviour.

I realise Trump is an obvious exception with whom people just love to disagree but, look at all the other countries and see that the leader in each can also be just as opposite to the views of the majority.

Kryon talks about many of these leaders being of the old energy. They will eventually be replaced with those who are free of history’s baggage and can create something completely new that does not relate to the past but is solely focussed on what we want now.

Law of Attraction: The more intently we focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want, the quicker we can make it come to pass.

Enjoy the post and, as usual, if you have any comments feel free to discuss your perspective on the Facebook page.


Kryon session transcript: Change

Channelled by Lee Carroll for a public audience.
19 March 2017


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Every time these messages begin, there are a few moments of adjustment [speaking of a pause that occurs after the greeting]. The adjustment is for my partner, not for you. It is because truly the messages are given almost in another dimension. It’s difficult for a Human Being to really switch gears and stop listening to a Human in a chair, and instead listen to a multidimensional message from the other side. However, this is where the message originates.

The message for today is a little different than before. I start again with congratulations for the Human race, for you pulled it off. This is a colloquialism [a phrase of the culture] that means you really did something amazing. Almost at the last moment, the timing of the stars brought you to the end of a profound cycle, and you went through it without another and ending war. You went through it without horror and strife or the projected termination of the planet, and yet you really don’t know what you’ve done and today you find yourself in a brand new energy. Since 2012, many things are reacting and changing, not just you, and and that’s what I want to talk about.

Changes in the Crystalline Grid

Let’s start with one of the basics, the Crystalline Grid of this planet. I have discussed with you that this grid is a “remembering grid”. I have told you that it is one that is active [always shifting] and activated by the emotions and the compassions of Human Beings. I told you that it is a fast-track grid – that is to say, if it changes, then Humans who are placed upon it will feel that change. Up until now, it has had input from humanity that is overwhelmingly negative, because that is what Human nature responds to. That is the primordial emotions – fear, suffering and horror. If you don’t believe me, watch your news. It seems to be what Human Beings are most attracted to and interested in. Horror and drama are the emotions that often drive your marketing, films and books. That is Human nature we speak of, and that is starting to change. So a grid that “remembers” humanity’s emotions gives you the feelings of horror in a battleground or the sadness at a grave site. It remembers what is inputted into it.

What happens to the Crystalline Grid of this planet in the new energy? Oh, I think I gave you a hint before. Dear ones, it’s almost like it was rebooted and the negative and dramatic things that it remembered before, and the places that remembered them, will start to diminish and disappear. It’s almost like the timing created an entire different physics for you for the planet. It’s a fast-track grid – that is to say, you are now freshly imprinting it. When you reboot something, all that was before goes away. Then it starts again fresh and, dear ones, that is what’s going on right now. The proof is what many are going to start feeling in places that used to be dark, for that will be changing and the sensitives will notice it first.


I have started with a simple linear concept, for the Crystalline Grid is an example. It’s fairly linear and you can understand it, but then there are those who have asked esoteric questions about time. Does time itself change in this new energy?

Now, if you have not been part of the seminar today, this may be a difficult concept to grasp. The seminar gave the circular concept of time credibility and the knowledge was displayed in a scientific way. The circle of time is not anything that you feel because to you time is a straight line like a railroad track. You only go one way, and that is past present and future. But the reality is that it’s fractalized. It goes in a circle and has energy placed on it, which it reacts to. The “fractals” are the pieces of it that are part of the whole, but which leave similar pieces of itself along the way.

Fractal time may seem esoteric since it’s not how you live, but it does affect how you perceive things. As events happen on the planet, they create bumps on the road so that when you go in the circle again, you feel the bumps or sense they are coming. This often creates that very thing happening again. It’s responsible for the phrase “time repeats itself”. In a certain fashion, it does. That’s fractal time. This affect has been studied, and there are suspected atomic particle physics behind it [The Higgs Singlet]. So here is the question: What happens to the time fractals in this new energy? Are the bumps in the road the same, or different? What happens to the events on the timeline of the past that might trigger the future?

I’m here to tell you something: The whole timeline, all of the fractals, are starting to be rebooted [freshened], and when they disappear, dear ones, time itself starts to change. Why would this be? Because Human consciousness is part of it. If you reboot fractal time, it means that the things in the past will not affect you today or tomorrow in the future, like they did in an older energy. In the old energy, you kept tripping on them and they kept coming. This led to war after war after war. Then humanity would rest for awhile, and do it again. It happened because this was expected. This was Human nature. Many say, “It’s what Humans do.”

Now, if this is the case and the timing of things start to be different, it means that you are writing a new timeline. You’re creating new bumps, but the bumps may actually be positive ones instead of the dramatic negative ones. Fractals are that way. They are going to work the same no matter what you do, except that the old ones in the old energy won’t be here. You might say you’ve cleaned it. Controversial? Yes. It’s also controversial in physics.

Time is time no matter what happens. The process of the fractals is also the same and has been for eons. I’m telling you that it’s being changed. Why? The catalyst: Consciousness of the New Human.

The Volatile Effect of the “Bumps in the Road” – The Past

So let’s go one step further. If the fractals are changed, would that affect the reaction of Humans about the past? And the answer is oh yes! Read that again.

Suddenly this may very well be the beginning of an entirely new reaction to history. Seed planting of peace between former enemies is at hand because the past will not have the effect it used to. But the ones who will feel this the most are the young, for they never actually experienced the history. They are only reacting to it, and what they have been told about it.

Where do you see the effect of history on the planet that is the most profound? The answer is the Middle East. Middle Eastern people and their current cultures do not expect the truth of what I’m telling you. I was in a large theater with my partner, sitting alone on a stage. The light was focused on him in a chair, with 900 Israelis expecting to hear a message from Kryon. Hopefully, it would be about their land, but they never know what Kryon is going to say. Then I told them.

I told them that they were being “tasked” or chosen to bring peace to their region first, and second to thereby create the beginnings of peace on Earth. They were tasked to create this because they were the only ones who could do it. The solution to “the situation” simply would not come from the outside. It would not come from the west, but rather only from them.

The reaction that I got, the consciousness that I could feel, was “How?” For eons this is what they all wanted! Since the 1940s when permission to return to the land and create a nation was given, that’s what they all wanted. But due to actions on both sides, it just got worse. How? “How do you turn a magic switch, Kryon, so that suddenly we can have peace in this region with all those around us?”

The answer was that they have already started it, and they did it on December 21, 2012. The reset has begun with the perception of the past, because the fractals are gone or being rewritten and there are going to be children who ask the question, “Tell me again, father, why it is I am supposed to hate them? I’m not truly getting it. Tell me again what happened in the past that is supposed to control me now? Tell me again, father, why we need to emulate everything that was dysfunctional in the past? Tell me, father, why we can’t wipe away the past that didn’t work for us? Tell me why we can’t begin a process to look into their eyes and say, ‘Let’s drop everything that was, and create what is?'”

For a future generation, I say watch for this! There will come a time when the old leaders are gone on both sides, and there will be a lot less emphasis on who did what to whom and instead there’ll be a consciousness of a clean start. The past won’t drive the future. What a concept! This is the catalyst for peace in the Middle East and it would not have a chance if you had not passed this marker.

Why is it that world wars have come and gone and enemies who experienced it have all come together in the past 60 years as good partners and neighbors? What is it about the Middle East that continues a very old and ancient fight and never seems to move off the peg of “who did what to whom for more than 1,000 years”? The answer may surprise you.

It was the Middle East that would have brought civilization to its knees if you hadn’t passed the precession of the equinoxes – the 2012 marker. It was the Middle East that would have triggered the Battle of the Armageddon that was prophesied by your scripture and other scholars of the ages, from ancient times right up to the 1980s. It was needed to fulfill this prophecy and would have played its part in the end of time.

Then, it didn’t happen. Many still feel it will, for they are invested in the doom of the future, and have spent too much time cognizing that it is certain. This is why it will take the young people to bring this about, for it isn’t engrained in them, as it is in the ones who spent their lives expecting it. There’s more.

Light and Dark Balance

The light and dark balance on the planet is starting to rearrange itself and is going to create more wild cards. Wild cards are “unexpected shifts”, things that are often shocking in ways that are not positive or negative, but rather are changes in the paradigm of what was. They often push the future, both in consciousness and science.

There are several coming in the form of Human Beings making changes in ways and in places you don’t expect. There’s one that is way overdue in New York City at the United Nations. It’s an old organization with wonderful ideas about helping the planet, but stuck in its own old-energy politics. What will happen there? If you don’t see much soon, it may actually cease functioning. Wildcards are not guaranteed. They are timed to match the free choice of those around them. That’s what makes a wild card – totally unexpected events. Think of this: An organization set out to create peace on Earth may become more dysfunctional and even fail, or a wild card may come and restructure it all at great controversy and almost no funding. That’s what wild cards do.

You may find it in business, in banking or in politics. New ideas never tried before that are radical may exist soon. Expect these kinds of things, but they have to grow on you. There may be some starts and stops. There may be seed planters who don’t make it. Then others may come in and make the seeds start growing. That means ideas that were not accepted yesterday may actually be accepted now or in the future. This is because as you evolve, you will see the new wisdom in them. This is all part of the growth process through time.

So this is where you are currently in the change pattern. You are at the beginning of the growth process. All this with a new grid, with very few time fractals to undo, and with a clean slate from historic energies. Are you ready?

Listen: No prophecy at all has been written about what is happening on your planet now. Zero. There are no elders anywhere or channellers anywhere at the moment giving you good, solid prophecy about what’s next. This is because you just went through the tunnel of old energy, the old prophecies, and are barely free of them. This is a new energy that you have never experienced before on the planet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read the prophecies.

According to the best and most popular and accepted prophecies of your time, where are you supposed to be right now? The answer is “dead”.

Where is the earth supposed to be right now? The answer is “radioactive”. No one can exist on a planet that has had a massive nuclear exchange, no matter what your movies say. It’s “goodbye” to Humans on the planet. The whole idea of a post-apocalyptic earth is a fantasy. You don’t live when there’s that much radiation. It affects everything in the air, in the oceans and the very dust that would have been kicked up by thousands of nuclear explosions would be circling the planet and blocking the sun for decades. Dark – life gone.

Dear one, that is the apocalypse that never took place. Instead, you stand here with your kids and a new planet with hope. You may wonder why I’m enamored with all of you, but you don’t really know it, not yet.

In a generation or two, somebody will raise a hand and say, “I couldn’t help but notice we’re different from those before.” This is how long it takes, especially to rewrite the old consciousness of expected doom. Two generations may have to go by before someone raises a hand to say, “Look, the sun’s coming out [a metaphor]. It’s different.” Humans are slow to change, but they may notice attitudes changing and that they have a new road to walk on.

So you want to know what your task is at the moment, dear old soul? Your task is to encourage those around you using your compassion and balance. When you hear them talk about the fact that they cannot get ahead, or that things are horrible on the planet, or what the news said last night, speak up in a loving way. When timed correctly. you can say, “I’m really not onboard with that. I feel we have a positive time ahead. Things are different. Can’t you feel it, can’t you see it? I think we’ve got a brighter future. We just need to be patient with it and stop wallowing in the drama others are giving us that influences us and makes us fear everything.”

Listen: That is called “seed planting” and they may laugh in your face. However, the planting of the seed that you do has a compassionate, balanced residue that sticks in their consciousness. It’s attractive. They may come back to you later when you are alone and say, “Tell me, why do feel that way? I remember what you said, and I like it. I just don’t know why you feel that way.” Then you can tell them a little more about the precession of the equinoxes, or perhaps what the ancients had to say and that it lines up with our time.

Give them some of the history of the planet that is seemingly unknown in the west, which was presented by the ancient calendars. Ask them to do some research and get them going. Tell them that there is real hope and to look around. Ask them to notice that civilization went through the change of the millennium, and now 17 years later, none of the doom and gloom took place. Tell them you believe in what the ancients said, since that’s what actually has happened. Plant the seeds that there is the chance of positive change ahead.

Young people will come to you sometimes confused about what their parents have told them about the future. You may be the only one who may say to a young person, “It’s a lot brighter than they know, and they’re still kind of ‘in the shadow’ of the past.”

I’m sitting in front of 900 Israelis on stage, alone with my partner, and I told them: “The world for you has been in black and white. Israel has been in black and white, but color is coming.”

The whole idea was foreign to them, because it never had been there before. It had always been a black and white Israel. Then I told them, “It’s up to you.” Now I’m telling you why these things have a propensity to change in a new energy. The potential is ripe for that change, however, and the timing of it is up to the Humans who are here. Did you hear that? Spirit is not in control of your free choice or of how fast you adapt to this change.

How long will this take for the Israelis and you? How do you receive this message about them? Many are going to pick it apart, discuss it on YouTube, comment how stupid it is or how absurd. This is free choice, but let me tell you something: If you see that kind of reaction, it’s a Human Being who has not escaped the whole idea of doom for all. That is the consciousness of what must be rewritten first. How many decades need to go by before someone realizes that the prophecy of what should have taken place almost 20 years ago didn’t? Then perhaps they will even ask why.

What do you personally expect? Dear old soul, I want you to leave this place with those questions in your mind. What do you really expect? Do you expect the sun to come out and the lighter energy to win here on your planet? Will you expect that which is unexpected in the Middle East? Can you see what the wild cards are doing and not be fearful or worried? If you’re in that place, that’s the first step.

Try to cognize what is really going to happen here. There is a new planet with new consciousness and new ways starting to grow and evolve. It will eventually be the end of war. It will be the beginning of something you don’t even expect is coming. Color is coming. That’s the message.

Personally for the individual

It’s a wonderful message. Do you believe it? Don’t be confused because your life is not necessarily cooperating with everything I’ve said. The timing of your awakening and recalibration is unique to you. Did you hear that? We don’t have a group of old souls all taking one pill. Each one of you is so unique and so different and will awaken and evolve at different times for different reasons. Sometimes the synchronicity of what is coming will not allow it yet, and you’re jumping up and down saying, “When? Why not now? I don’t get it?”

Dear ones, as I said before, you’ll find out when the train arrives. Then you can get on it. But if you wake up too soon and go to the station as soon as you can, you’re going to be frustrated that the train isn’t there. Let synchronicity work for you, not against you. Be patient with all things.

What do you do while you’re waiting? Why don’t you sit there and say, “Thank you God for loving me.” Think about what kinds of positive change you can make while you’re waiting. This starts to clean up the fears and the anxiety and all the things that are not compassionate and beautiful. Perhaps this is why there is a delay to begin with! Do you feel worthy?

I have been accused of being a Pollyanna channel. I admit it, I am. This is because I know what’s coming and I’ve seen it before. Free choice is the key, and you can do with it what you wish. However, I’ve seen it before. I know where it’s supposed to go and you’re well on your way. Dear ones, you just started and this is just the beginning. What are you going to do with all of this? Some cannot digest all of what I’ve said, but later you’ll realize it. You’ll see it and you’ll understand it. Others of you get it right now. Again, you’re all on different paths.

Spirit knows who you are. Spirit knows your name, and you’re not in the dark. You’re not without support at all. How does that make you feel? From the beginning of the channelling 28 years ago, I gave you the metaphor I continue to give: I dare you climb into the closet, shut the door, and turn off the light – and try to be alone! You can’t! The benevolent angels who came into this planet with you are still with you. You can’t get rid of us! That’s the God-in-you surrounding you with the magnificence of the other side of the veil and the Higher-Self that you carry around, pretending you don’t have it, all while you think you are alone.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


Visit Lee Carroll’s website here.



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Dana Mrkich: Trump and the USA Election

solar flares affecting your healthAnother excellent opinion piece, this time from Australia. Dana Mrkich’s perspective on how Donald Trump ended up the winner and looking from a higher perspective at the big picture of what is happening as a consequence.

It’s true that many people put aside his obvious contrasting flaws and voted for him because he claimed he was the rebel to take on the establishment under which we are so tired of living. Also that he changes his tune often enough for us not really to have any idea what his personal beliefs are or what he’ll do once he realises how little power he has in the President’s chair.

It’s beautifully written and well worth sharing. Thanks, Dana.


Shock, Shake-Ups and the Social Revolution

This US election was never about which leader would create the best policies, deliver on their promises or help the most people. This election, more than any other before it, was about people, regular people, stepping into their power and realising: “I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of the system, the lies, the corruption. We deserve better!” That’s why Bernie had such a huge following. That’s why Trump is President-Elect right now. Not because he’s going to miraculously change all of these things, but because the way he portrayed himself represented the rebel, the ‘I’m not going to play by your rules’, the ‘something different’ that people so desperately are yearning for, while Hillary represented the same old same old, business as usual. And people are done with the usual.

This election, or perhaps more accurately the upcoming post-election period, is about people realising: “The President is not going to save us, at least not under the conditions of the current system.” People are protesting Trump right now, and if Hillary got in people would be protesting that, when actually the problem is way bigger than either Trump or Hillary. The problem has deep roots that have wrapped their tentacles around every aspect of society. It has created a political system that is answerable to corporate and other power interests while ignoring, or bulldozing over (quite literally in the case of Standing Rock), the rights and needs of people and planet.

It has created a political system where it is normal for us to be debating over which candidate will give women more rights over their bodies when the real question should be why the hell is a woman’s decision over what she does with her body even in the political system?? We are scared that one candidate over another will repeal same-sex marriage, when the real question is, why do politicians get any say whatsoever in who we marry? The old political system is designed for a world where the citizens are treated like children, and the world is ruled by an elite few who get to play parent. The citizens have to abide by ridiculous laws, they have to live with the consequences of reckless decisions made without their wellbeing and sovereignty in mind, and people don’t want to live like that anymore.

As long as the core problem exists, we will never have the leader we deserve (if we need a leader at all). The bigger picture goal here that is of immediate priority for the long-term wellbeing of people and planet is: we need to rip those roots out. And the energy on this planet right now, the energy within us all that is ready to claim our true power and right to freedom and right to live a good life, is stronger than it has ever been. And that energy rules above all other rulers, it leads above all other leaders. And that energy, in thinker pose, said, hmmm, which outcome would cause the biggest shake up and wake up here? Which election outcome would take us to the destination we deserve via the quickest possible route, in the best way possible? Not because of what the leader does or doesn’t do, but due to how people respond. And the energy decided: Trump. Trump would have the biggest ‘dramatic’ effect. The old building is falling either way, whether brick by brick or a full-on implosion. And as you may know from personal experience, an implosion is sometimes what we need to trigger deep, absolute change.

When a band-aid needs to come off a wound, you can rip it off quickly or do it slowly. The American political band-aid had to be ripped off quickly because quite frankly, we don’t have time to do anything slowly anymore! The band-aid has been ripped off, and a lot of what we are seeing and will continue to see isn’t pretty. But you know what, protesting Trump and installing Hillary isn’t going to heal the wound. The wound has to be seen and acknowledged. To be clear here, Trump isn’t the Nurse or Doctor in this little analogy! We are. The people are. Trump’s role was to shake everyone up in one way or other, because things needed shaking. The wounds need healing. The wound that is the reality of the rotten system. The wound that is the hurt, anger and pain that exists in rural America that most people in the cities didn’t realise was there, or there to this degree. The wound that is the racism, sexism and homophobia that still exists. And do you know what is one of the silver linings here? This is an opportunity for us all to step up as wound healers in whichever ways we are called to do.

To many people, even though Hillary wasn’t the first choice over Bernie, she at least seemed the safer and more sane choice over Trump. But had she won it would only have served to keep the illusion of safe and sane alive a little longer. And after some cheering, soon enough there’d be yet more drones dropping yet more bombs, and Wikileaks would reveal yet more truths, and then there’s that matter of millions of Americans still feeling totally ripped off, hurt, angry, forgotten and tired of it all. Trump is by no means Mr Safe and Sane, but what he is is a good salesman, and boy did he sell his heart out that he would be the revolutionary change-maker of a lifetime. And, on a soul level, he is playing that part well insofar as this will trigger a revolution. On a political ego-level however, I don’t think it will go the way he sold it or even the way he’s planning it.

It was a surreal moment, watching Donald Trump and his family walk out on stage the other night as President-elect. It felt like we’d been watching a Hollywood movie for months where a brash billionaire with no political experience and no qualms about saying offensive, outrageous things, decides to run for President and actually wins. And then suddenly, the movie screen widens, and widens, and the actors walk out amongst the people, and you realise, this is actually happening. The movie is real life! So on that level it was a shocking moment, yet it also wasn’t surprising.

People are tired of a system that is broken and corrupt, a system that ignores the needs of everyday people because it has to answer to other power players. And a lot of people, Democrat and Republican alike, saw Hillary as representing that old system. For Hillary voters, this may not seem fair. Why should Hillary pay for the crimes of a system that is bigger than her, when other Presidential nominees haven’t had to? While some people feel she was judged differently because she was a woman, and there’s definitely that element, I think a lot of it (aside from how people felt about her personally) had to do with where we are at in this stage of our awakening: moving from feeling disempowered, lied to and oppressed, to knowing our power, wanting to embody it in our daily lives (from the simplest of ways like having work that supports us, ideally work we enjoy, to large-scale social overhauls,) having greater access to truth, and wanting freedom. For a lot of voters, Trump was far from the ideal other choice. For a lot of voters a vote for Trump had nothing to do with a vote for actual Trump or his views. It was a vote against the establishment, against the same old, same old business as usual, against the elite lording it over the masses.

There is of course massive irony in that sentence, because you can’t get much more of a symbol of an elite lording it over the masses than Donald Trump sitting inside at the top of Trump Tower. But somehow people were able to get over that lifestyle detail, (were inspired by it even) and get over the offensive things he has said, because they resonated so much with the energy he stirred up: that of rebellion and anger against a system that is not working for people. He didn’t create this energy, it was already there. He just lit a match among dry grass and watched the fire burn across the country. He is like a circus ringmaster that knew exactly what to say to get the people rolling in.

And then came his victory speech. Different tone, different language, different vibe altogether. It’s going to be an interesting day when those that voted specifically for his inflammatory words start asking “When do we get started on the wall?” and Trump responds, “What wall?” I don’t know how much of what he said is policy he’ll actually stand by, and how much was just strategy to achieve a goal.

People now feel sick and in fear, feeling as if they have woken up to find they live in a country where hate, violence, racism, sexism and discrimination have been validated and endorsed. While there are sadly those who will see this result as permission to abuse others, most Trump supporters are surely not so easily thrown into that category. Women, Latinos and Muslims voted for him. Conscious, kind, warm-hearted people who champion the rights of minority groups, who strongly disagree with wall-building and pussy-grabbing voted for him. Silently, secretly. So before taking to the streets to protest, the question has to be asked: Why? Why did so many people vote for Trump? The Electoral College Electors could all vote for Hillary and change the result, and if you are someone saying yes, woohoo, fantastic, it’s still important to address the pink, well red, elephant in the room that is not so silent anymore.

If Hillary was President right now, you are still left with half the country feeling upset, angry, disempowered and protesting. You are still left with massive hypocrisy. Hillary was a champion for many who believed she stood for women’s rights. If you watch the video of her Nov 4 Rally concert, and listen to the lyrics being sung by the rap artists, they are as far from empowering women as you can get. For parents who are wondering how on Earth they explain to their daughters how a man who says it is okay to grab a woman by the pussy is their next President, you also have to explain why a woman who was almost President had men on stage basically singing the same thing and worse? A lesson for Hillary and her team is that you can’t pitch yourself as one thing, and promote another thing in the guise of entertainment and expect people who already don’t trust you to vote for you. Again, we go back to the issue of voting for an illusion. We deserve better than more fricken illusions!!! We deserve better than misogynistic words coming from both Trump and the musical artists supporting Hillary, approved by her or her team.

Something we all need to learn from this election climate is to listen to the concerns of others without attacking each other. If someone posted something troubling about Hillary they’d be shut down with “Are you pro-Trump?” comments and vice versa, people shared the latest crazy thing Trump said only for people to assume “How can you vote for Hillary?” And there were good things Hillary said, and good things Trump said, but people who were committed to one camp or other didn’t want to hear any of those things. And so people shut down and stopped sharing or commenting.

My tendency is to see the whole spectrum of the rainbow and the bigger energetic picture playing out, which includes the light and shadow aspects of all people and situations. The next step in our evolution asks all of us to widen our lens a little bit, (or a lot), to try to understand other people’s points of view before automatically shutting down, or shutting others down. It doesn’t mean you have to change your ways or your beliefs, but diverse opinions and choices help us all be a lot more aware of what other people are feeling, fearing, going through, needing and so on.

In this election, most people in all camps wanted change. Not just an inspiring “Yes we can!” promise of change, but a complete and utter radical, revolutionary overhaul of the system that doesn’t allow change unless it serves the few who control it. It would have been interesting to see the numbers had Bernie been the Democratic candidate, because he was a much more positively-geared champion for the revolutionary cause and had a massive following. But the DNC wanted Hillary in there, and you have to wonder what the political agenda was behind that?

There is an odd sense of relief that comes when everything just gets laid out on the table once and for all. When a jar that has been getting stuffed with the same old dirt year after year finally cracks open from the pressure. Yes many are feeling broken today, but just as many are saying: ‘this system has been broken for a long time, our personal worlds have felt broken for a long time.’

Sometimes the day comes when a partner says ‘It’s over” and as devastating as it is, at the same time you have to admit that the marriage hasn’t been working for years. As you sit in your divorce half-way house ruled by a lecherous landlord who keeps trying to pat you on the bottom, it’s natural to think maybe the old marriage wasn’t so bad after all. But in your heart you know you deserve better, and your soul is saying “Don’t worry, this current situation is not forever. This landlord is not your new soulmate, and this house is not your final destination.”

I don’t know how long this new landlord will be around. Will it only be another 4 weeks, the full 4 years or is there some plot twist up ahead? Will he turn out to be an unexpected wildcard that actually progresses us forward in ways we can’t possibly foresee? Will he be ousted due to some scandal or oust himself due to boredom or annoyance that in this most powerful of roles he’ll find that he doesn’t have that much power at all? He’s used to having an idea and boom, make it happen. It doesn’t work that way in government. I have no idea what to expect from him, a man who says conflicting things constantly. What I do know is people are breaking free of the old, one way or the other. People are stepping into their power, one way or the other. Whichever route we choose, there is a reason for that route. And that doesn’t mean you can’t protest, it doesn’t mean the route can’t change. It doesn’t mean you have to accept decisions that don’t resonate with you. But every part of the pathway has a purpose, and it is to our benefit to open our eyes, our ears and our hearts to what this current outcome is showing us and telling us.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016. Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL is included.


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Brenda Hoffman: Trump and the US Election

Brenda Hoffman channeler usa

A very strong message from USA Channeler Brenda Hoffman this time. Usually the tone is gentle and loving like a great mentor but this time it feels like the voice needs to speak louder over all the hubbub that’s going on in the USA right now in violent protests against Donald Trump winning the US election and his own party backing off supporting him.

Two main points really stick out for me in this message. The first being to stop pointing fingers and blaming others for his win. When you take a look at the choices made through the years which support the kind of thinking Trump epitomises (e.g. – prejudice, fear, separation, business advantage over competitors, bullying, ego, serving self), you can see how he ended up on top of the heap. This was a major group effort.

The second point being, no one needs to lie down and accept this as the status quo for the next 4 years and, indeed, many are already on their feet. Rather than smashing some poor shop owners window or the nearest car though, turn your very powerful mind towards moulding and creating a new way you’d prefer to live. One of the most basic Law of Attraction rules is

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

Create what sort of leader or council of leaders you would prefer. How would you have them fine tune the organisational processes needed to run countries or the world as a whole? What sort of character traits would they have? Can you do it so that, rather than claiming they can make one country great again, can they make the world a great place to live as a whole? Mutual respect, trust, appreciation of diversity, collaboration.

By turning your focus consistently towards a new way of leading and talking about it with the people you are connected with, you raise the consciousness in a very powerful forward thrust movement towards that which you focus on.

Get to work! We need you.


Creating a Global Society

by Brenda Hoffman (website link at the bottom of the article)

Dear Ones,

You learned that 3D structures will fall only to be rebuilt in love and so it is you are now noting the crumbling. Let us address how structures may be rebuilt in love.

Perhaps you feel as if you are in quicksand for you want the structures you are comfortable with to stabilize instead of creating new ones.

Creating something new seems overwhelming for you believe those who created the structures now falling or failing – depending on your perspective – were geniuses or touched by the stars.

You fail to remember that past civilizations contained bits and pieces you might wish to incorporate into your current life.

Honoring nature and living as equal humans seem impossible to implement now. Such concepts were only possible when communities and nations were much smaller. Or, those who created such nations are no longer alive, and there is no one to pick up that love banner.

Beliefs you will soon discard for you will feel the need for a world based on love instead of competition, rancor, and fear.

Such does not mean you will become a statesperson, but instead that a new model is rising within each of you as you continue your personal search for love. And as each new philosophy arises, you of 5D will think en masse, “No.” Then, “No, not quite right.” And finally, “YES,” just as was true for the United States forefathers.

For the divisions now occurring throughout the globe, whether political or personal, are about feeling less than others. The new global model – and it will be a global model – is about equalizing all. Not just a few. Nor discounting large numbers of humans, animals and nature overall as is true for your current societies.

Some beg to differ – that the approach of your political candidate or you is all-encompassing. If such were true, the discomfort you now feel about others would not be possible.

You accept all if they fit within your acceptance model. Would you have invited Adolf Hitler to dinner following World War II? Or do you invite the dirty street beggar who smells of alcohol to dinner with your children?”

Even though you might not acknowledge to yourself that such is true, you have biases.

Such biases are shifting within you now. Not that you have to invite certain people to your house, but that you are comfortable with all being part of the world. For some of you would invite a street beggar to dinner but not the president of a GMO. And so it is that global events are pointing out how limited your acceptance of others and nature is.

Many in the United States believe the creators of the United States Constitution and related documents were geniuses. Yet, nearly 300 years following the creation of those documents, the US continues to be racially, sexually, religiously and financially divided. The founders may have written an outline of what was possible, but they did not believe in true equality any more than you do. In a sense, the Constitution and all written pieces surrounding it were a promise that is yet to be fulfilled.

You have lied to yourselves that you are an accepting nation. And so it has happened throughout the globe. Of course, there have always been some humans who accepted other cultures but they most often did so to nature’s disadvantage. And so it continued with each succeeding generation believing they were the “good” people and all who did not fit within their beliefs – including nature – were to be conquered and controlled.

You, of the United States, are focussed on global industry to produce financial rewards. So it is you elected the person who emulates that particular piece in your minds. And so it is those who believe they think differently are upset. Donald Trump merely represents your society’s focus for the past few generations.

It is time for you to focus on your beliefs about governance. Does that mean you wish to be of the elite? Or inclusive? Or that some should be included and others excluded?

Such is what you are grappling with internally. For hidden agendas are being exposed. And you have been as much a part of those hidden agendas as is every one of your culture, your society.

Political movements are not possible without followers. Even though you declare you are not part of a particular following, such is not possible. For the human you has subconsciously added to the mystery of governance for eons. You are you now – but you have not always been the same being. Adolf Hitler was not possible without society as a whole creating him.

This thought, horrible as it is to many of you, is what you are wrestling with within you now. For indeed, society for eons before Adolf Hitler came to power believed the Jewish race inferior – based on the hanging of Jesus Christ. So the scapegoating continues. Muslims, homosexuals, women, nature and on and on all to be controlled by a superior.

Scapegoating shifts with the times meaning scapegoating is a reality within human society, not a Universal reality.

Political happenings throughout the world are a mirror to you of what you as a society have created. Do you wish to continue the current model or create a new one?

If you wish to create a new model, you must first search within you to discover how you continue to support the current industrial/military model. How do you wish it to be different? Do you wish it to be different?

If you do not wish the model to be different, it is time for you to embrace what you have created over the eons. If you wish it to be different, you have as much input as anyone how the current model needs to shift.

Even though you are unique, you are part of the society in which you live. Take control of that power. Knowing that no one can lead you better than you can lead yourself. Stop giving your power away by telling yourself that you must accept things as they are. For by doing so, you neglect your being and your society.

What are you going to do with your power?

Many of you think you have little voice in governmental or even personal structures. You go to work every day for an employer you have little confidence in to earn a few dollars to pay the rent for a home you only mildly enjoy. Giving your power away minute by minute, day by day.

If you are a powerful creator, and you are, why do you feel you have less power than a president, chancellor, neighbor, terrorist, or cleric? They are all humans like yourself.

What kind of world do you wish to live in? That is now your focus, for once you love yourself, that love shines throughout the globe. Your light is going to change the world.

And you are going to change the world in ways that feel right within your new 5D heart.

Do not be frightened of that power, for you will likely shift your beliefs as you move further into 5D. But you must start somewhere creating the world in which you wish to live.

It is time for you to start imagining that world. It does not have to be consistent with anyone – it is your world. So it is that you are becoming the lights of the world – one beacon after another. So be it. Amen.

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A Shift That Will Change Everything

Apple tax haven royal commissionBashar, channelled by Darryl Anka said a few months back that in the Fall (Autumn) of the Northern Hemisphere there “will be a moment where everything will change”. Ever since then, I continued to wonder what that would be. A major meteorological catastrophe? Wall St crash? Euro crash? What would affect all the world at once?

Of course, from a higher perspective these channelled entities often see a tipping point which, once reached, allows us to start moving in a very different direction relatively quickly. For us little perspectives down here on Earth that tipping point may seem pretty insignificant at the time and we only notice the different direction as it becomes apparent later.

So, I’ve been keeping my eye on the news, scooting over the propaganda, to dig out what that shift might be and this might be it.

In this article from yesterday$20b/7801970 it is reported that the Royal Commission has demanded Apple Computers pay back taxes of $20 billion (reported today as being $14 billion but hey, whatever, it’s still a hell of a lot of tax). Further down the article you will see a simplified diagram of how Apple have so far got away with it. I’m very sure there are many other multi-nationals to use the same principal.

In the diagram it shows “Apple Sales International” was set up in Ireland to house all the sales income from Europe. The meagre funds Apple decided to keep there were taxed by the Irish government at 1 percent initially, then by 2013 it was down to a tax rate of 0.005 percent. The rest of the funds would be allocated to “Apple Head Office” which does not actually exist. It has no physical premises and no staff so is not taxed at all.

When Mercredan talks about the world currency being like the current of a river in this article, he says it is stopped by too many corporate damns along the way, there is barely a drop left for the populace to water their plants with downstream. Finding a way to remove some of those damns so the current can flow again is what we need to prevent a future worldwide revolution of starving people.

What could the Irish government do with $20 billion extra dollars? I assume it would be expected they would have to redistribute to the countries where the sales were actually made for a start. How many other big companies could be hit that way?

I read an article a while back about the Australian Tax Department pinpointing Media (Murdoch and Packer) and Mining (e.g. – Reinhart) being major players in allocating funds elsewhere as well. No matter what the Department Tax Auditors did the Corporate accountants would find a way to use the Tax Department’s own rules against them to make sure little or no tax is paid to the Australian Government. Curious no one would bother to close the loop holes for all these years, don’t you think?

Yet, it’s not just about each individual country cleaning its act up. Funds really can be shot around the world in the flash of a moment so to bring all governments together and make a global policy which means there are no places (e.g. – Panama, Nevada, Swiss banks or a Head Office like Apple’s which is nowhere) where funds can be allocated for tax avoidance would get the currents flowing a lot more abundantly. A big injection of funds back to any local government can be used to improve what we’ve all been jumping up and down about forever – hospitals, education and infrastructure.

Full transparency and accountability is where the world is heading. How fast we get there is dependant on how loud your protest is that Government and Court officials will be ousted if they hold back on making those decisions.

Here is a piece of the longer Bashar lecture mentioned above

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