25 Jun 2014

Autism and Communication Methods

25 Jun 2014

Lee Carroll Kryon ChannellerHere are two great articles via Channeller Lee Carroll from the entity Kryon. I put it here for future reference as there is plenty of great explanations in here.

The articles are rather wordy so below these links are my notes in summary:

Click here to read the full transcript for part one

Click here to read part two

Part One


Linear communication is how we humans communicate most of the time with each other. We speak words one after the other, play or sing notes music one after the other, read one word at a time on a page.

Non-linear communication is when the whole message is already complete and available for you to see all at once. A little bit like “a picture is worth a thousand words”. You can take it all in at once without the need to look at individual colours, shapes, composition or contrast, one thing at a time. Non-linear communication is received through our Pineal Gland. It is how we receive our intuition.

Autistic people are non-linear communicators. They see that whole picture straight away which is why you can ask them what day of the week it is 15 May 2035 and they can tell you straight away. They are not calculating it. They simply see what is already there. Being non-linear also can make it difficult to communicate in a linear world stringing words together and slowing right down so the rest of us can understand them.

How great it will be when more people understand Autism is a gift, not a problem? It appears they are the forerunners to what humanity will become. Once we’re all communicating that way, the message will flow instantly from one to the next without mis-interpreting the message.

Free will

The channeller in this article is well practiced at seeing messages from his source as a non-linear communication. When he first started, he could see the whole message, he just couldn’t remember it all to tell his audience – which, of course, needs to be done in a linear communication. So he asked Source to continue to REPEAT the message until he got the whole thing communicated to his audience.

The message from Source here (or God or the Universe or your Angels… whatever you prefer to call it) is that we live on a planet of free will. It is not normal for Source to repeat itself but you can ASK for the message to be repeated until you fully understand it. Fantastic! How very simple.

I know there have certainly been times when I’ve got a whiff of the message through intuition, like hearing a conversation in the next room, but missed the important part and been frustrated with myself because I lost it. So, you can bet I’m now asking already for the repeated message. 🙂

Communicating with animals and trees

Animals are also non-linear communicators. They can talk to you without saying a word of your language. Some people are better are understanding animals than others but everyone can tune into it if they are interested in improving their skills.

Trees and plants are a part of Gaia which is a soul just like us. When you walk undisturbed through nature you will get a feeling or communication from nature around you. Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what you get from plants and animals but having the message communicated as a “feeling” is enough.

As humans evolve we will use this communication a lot more too. I expect, once we start to do that, we will treat animals and our planet a whole lot better. We’ll also be better at opening communication with many more entities that are not Human.

Religion and talking to God

Confirmation again that you can talk to God/Source/The Universe however you like, in your own words, in any stance, in any place or time, facing any direction. It is important, however, to not judge others if they choose to talk to God by following their own rules. Live and let live.

Although affirmations, thoughts in your mind and the words you speak – be they beneficial or not – will draw more of the same to you, it is different when you communicate with Source. Source sees the non-linear message. You don’t have to read out lists of what you want because they already know what you want.

So you can read the lists to yourself to check that it’s the same as you wanted yesterday, but when communicating with Source you are better to ask “What do I need to know today?” and then wait for the answer without expectation of what it might be.

Sometimes the message is less sensible than you’d expect. One time I did this a month or two ago and a 5 year old version of me piped up saying it was time for me to eat more ice-cream! It made me laugh – maybe I needed that at the time – and I really enjoyed a few ice-creams after that until I didn’t need them anymore.

Opening up your potential to communicate in a non-linear way without being scared or considering it too freaky to talk about with other people will help you evolve. You can’t force others to evolve with you but you can find others who are at the same level if you look out for them. Like attracts like and by gently striking up a conversation around what you are learning can bring surprising results as to how many others around you are on the same path.

 Part Two

This article focusses more on the communication between you and Source / God / The Universe.

Being on a planet of “Free will” means only we can determine the experience we have here. If we choose to not ask for help from Source they cannot give it. If we choose to not be protected, to not trust that we are always safe and the answer will always come, then they cannot offer it. We have to go without.

Each person must find their own way to ask for these things. The hardest part I guess is looking at humans that are taught there is no-one to ask. Or worse, you can only ask through another human being who is more important than you … apparently. Each person’s reality bends to match the creation of their own mind.

You can ask these sorts of questions if you want to fast track your own evolvement and the evolvement of those around you.

“Is there more?”

“Can you help me with this?”

“Is there the faster, easier, more fun way to solve this problem?”

Opening up to whatever is on offer rather than asking for it to be solved your way will always bring about the most efficient solution.

There’s more in this article – I’ve just run out of time to finish it. Feel free to read the article yourself if you want more. 🙂

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