21 Nov 2012

Attract In What You Want By Letting Go

21 Nov 2012

Here is Part Seven, final part of the latest Mercredan session. I’m separating it into different topics. We got through a lot in this session but I’ll link to the other parts at the bottom of each post so it’s easy to navigate.

If you have any questions or want to discuss it at all fill in the “Leave a Reply” box under that part of the transcript.

I don’t always have all the answers but will do my best to clarify.

A = Annabelle
M = Mercredan

19 November 2012

Part Seven (final part) – Attract in what you want by Letting Go, Three Keys to a Better Life and Advice for Workaholics and Over Achievers

Attract in what you want by letting go

M: Letting go of one’s stress. Letting go of one’s motivations. You understand? This is the common idea that one has to do so much. But the idea itself holds underneath it the idea that one cannot have by letting go.

A: Right yes.

M: So one is trying to attract. One is trying.

A: Trying too hard, yep.

M: Whereas letting go, truly letting go is shall we say, ordering at your takeaway and waiting for it to turn up.

A: (laughs) Yes. Yeh! A night off. I have explored that idea but I’m not sure if I’m that good at doing it myself.

M: Then practice is what is important.

A: That’s right.

M: Letting go is a quality of release. One releases the attachments. One also has to release one’s paranoia. One has to release one’s fear of not enough. One has to release all of the things. One cannot just release the motivation, to give up on motivation, and still hang on to damage control and so on.

A: Yes that’s right. So you can be inspired but you’ve got to let go of the obstacles, or the potential obstacles that aren’t even here yet.

M: And of course if one truly wants to let go, one lets go of it’s importance.

A: You mean the importance of what you are striving towards?

M: Of course. Even one’s own self importance because one so often thinks that you are highly valued. You understand? In the lifetimes thread one is simply a little bit of a blip.

A: (laughs) We’ve got to remember that, don’t we.

Three keys to a Better Life

M: And once you remember that it isn’t that important how everything goes. So there are three keys if you like, to let go of. Self indulgence, self importance and thirdly, self pity.

A: (laughs) Yes, very wise words.

M: And as you move into those realms, that is when one starts to make lists of each one, how you do this thing, then you will see how it determines the outcome of your life.

A: Mm. Thank you.

M: I want to say very important is this, because time as you understand it is so short and yet in the moment so much can be accomplished. It only takes a single effort to let go and then you can go beyond the personality. And in letting go of the personality no longer be controlled by it.

Advice for Perfectionists, Workaholics and Overachievers

A: What’s the biggest thing for me to let go of in order to get to that stage? 

M: I want to say the striving. You want to strive and yet one has to try to define what it is that one truly wants. That is when one ceases to strive as such. Then one is willing to play one’s part. Do you understand what I mean?

A: Yes I do.

M: So you are tapping into the impersonal. That is, then your motivation is for the whole and I want to say you understand this because you have been so close to the verge for so long.

A: Ughhh! (so close, what torture!)

M: I want to say then one becomes more inherently happy when one ceases to strive for perfection. You understand what I am trying to say?

A: Yes, we have talked about perfection before. I feel I’m getting there. I find that what I do on a day to day basis is more now about helping other people but are you saying I’m striving to do that too much?

M:  Let us say perfection eats away at the inside. If one looks to what is ready, that is like your cake in the oven, one looks at each one and decides which one is ready. That is the one to put your attention on.  Not in order to be perfect but in order to distribute. You understand? So the motivation changes from having “lack of” to having “always enough”. You understand what I mean? So one ceases then to be in doubt.

A: Mm

M: Do you follow what I mean?

A: I guess I need to stew on your words a few more days. To look at myself and know when I hold myself up. I know in my writing I may be holding myself up.

M: Mm, and what for? You understand?

A: Because I want to make it as clear as I can so it’s easier for people to understand. If I say the wrong thing are they going to come back and say “No, that’s not right” and therefore put the rest of my work in doubt.

M: This is the point. Understand, what is the word to strive for is Exuberance.

A: and not perfection.

M: Not perfection. Exuberance! It carries the concept, the underneath that is that which is being carried along. Exuberance brings life.

A: Yes. That’s a lovely way to live. An exuberant way. OK, thank you.

M: Thank you for your time and your attention. We look forward to another conversation. I want to point out that such conversations are not as such teachings as you would have it but shall we say an interaction with the higher self. One is stimulating within consciousness that which you are most ready to hear. Then let us finish on those words. Thank you and good morning. I hope it stays that way.

A: (laughs) Yes. Thank you.


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