Anytime Fitness Evening with Kitegirl

Annabelle Drumm High Performance Executive Coaching Sydney AustraliaHi I’m Annabelle Drumm, a Business and Life Coach based in the Inner West. Thanks for lodging your interest in having me come and speak at Anytime Leichhardt gym.

I’ve been coaching a long time now and am passionate about broadening your perspective and moving you in a big way in your life or career.

We can talk about finding your sexiness, achieving goals bigger than you’ve done before, working smarter not harder, improving your relationship with your partner… there’s a bunch of ideas here.

Fill in your details below, what times and days during the week you are available for the talk and what topics you most want to hear about.

The guys at the gym have suggested that if we get enough interest to continue we could look at doing some group coaching in the gym over several weeks so, even if you can’t come on the night they choose, you can still hear about the group coaching if it goes ahead.

PLEASE NOTE: The details you fill in here will be kept separate from my mail list. I will only use it to contact you about evenings at local Anytime Gyms. If you want to hear about other things I do – articles, interviews or product discounts – add your details to the blue form in the top right of your screen. (Sorry I know it’s a wee bit more typing but this is the best way for me to keep the lists separate.)

Deadline for filling this page in for the first talk will be Friday 15 August 5pm. Any forms completed after that we will keep for next time.

Thanks again for your interest. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Kitegirl Coach Annabelle Drumm

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