05 Sep 2012

An eye for an eye vs. Turn the other cheek

05 Sep 2012

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I always found it curious that the Old Testament would talk about “An eye for an eye” but then Jesus decided to change the rule with his “Turn the other cheek” principle in the New Testament.

It wasn’t until I’d been studying Law of Attraction for some time that it occurred to me what was going on.

If we look at “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” in terms of the Law of Attraction it makes perfect sense.

Let’s take an example. If you get desperate and decide the only way you’re going to get something is to steal it, you are confirming in your own mind that you have Lack. That is, Lack of the resources, funds and skills to honestly draw it into your life.

Law of Attraction listens to you and says “Sure, whatever you say.” Then makes sure you don’t have the resources, funds or skills. This is to match your belief. In fact you’ll continue to have a lack of resources, funds and skills until you change your behaviour and way of thinking.

Because of this new belief you’ve now set in your head, and because you now stole something, you can bet you will lose something of equal if not larger value in the near future so your belief in Lack is fulfilled. Do you see how that matches An Eye for an Eye?

If you take from someone else, you will lose something yourself.

I think the problem arose when the people misinterpreted this to mean they would be the judge of what would be taken away as punishment. Two things go wrong when you do this.

Firstly the people may judge wrongly.

Secondly, the potential thief figures they can steal if they can get away with it. They don’t stop themselves because something will be taken from them. They only stop themselves from fear of being caught and judged by the people. So morals and ethics go out the window.

I think Jesus decided to frame the new lesson as Turn the other Cheek because this mis-interpretation gave the wrong result.

Turn the Other Cheek is also about forgiveness. Many of us need to work on that skill as well.

Let’s use Jesus’ example and say someone is trying to pick a fight with you and throws the first punch. By ignoring bad behaviour and offering good vibes in return, the protagonist cannot continue to give you bad behaviour. They might try for a while but they just can’t keep it going because you refuse to put your fists up and make the fight they are looking for.

And asking for a fight is often because the protagonist has low self worth and feels they need to be hit. (This is why I believe many choose to become meter men and meter maids – because they feel they deserve to be abused.)

So all in all, the lesson has remained the same even if we have interpreted it wrongly in the past.

If you can’t afford that thing you are considering stealing, turn it around to childish dreaming of having and owning that thing. No need to steal it. If you imagine it strongly enough in your possession and you have faith that it will come, then your chances are high and the Universe will go to all lengths to bring it to you.

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