22 May 2014

A Tail of Tales: Releasing your baggage

22 May 2014

Carrying your past baggage prevents moving forward Law of Attraction ruleHow many tales do you tell yourself about your past that you continue to carry around with you every day? How can you cut off those long winded tales from your past so they no longer prevent you from moving forward?

I was given a beautiful analogy the other day about how these tales, or stories, get attached to you if you choose to allow them. They string themselves out like a tail behind you. The more of your history you continue to give your attention to by thinking about the tales, speaking about them or behaving as though they are still current and appropriate, the longer and heavier that tail gets.

I’ve certainly seen people who’s tail of tales is so long and heavy they CANNOT move forward at all. They are stuck. Crippled. The tail stretches out like some oversized Anaconda behind them. (like the picture?)

They can see where they’d like to go. They lift their foot to move but are unable to step out.

Sometimes they can convince others to help carry it but the others eventually drift away or collapse under the burden because each has their own tail to carry.

At some point you have to realise that the only way to take that step forward is to CUT OFF one or two tales from the tail.

What sort of tails might they be?

  • My mother/father/uncle/guardian/bloke next door did this to me when I was a child and I am still damaged
  • Every partner I’ve ever had has behaved this way
  • It happens to everyone in my family so it must happen to me
  • It happened to me once so I now I’ll never trust again!
  • I saw it on the TV happening to someone else so it could happen to me
  • I never get past this / achieve this / understand this / can figure it out

Many of these tales above make you the victim. This is a convenient excuse to give your power away so you “can’t” save yourself. BUT, this is all in your mind.

You, in fact, are the only one who can save you.

Why are tales like these a problem?

The words in these tales set a belief pattern in your mind which becomes real for you. That tale may not necessarily be true for everyone else in the world, but it’s true to you. The more you believe this tale the more evidence of the same you will find in your present and future – that’s basic Law of Attraction.

Cutting off the tales

So what if today you noticed a tale you think about all the time that holds you back? Becoming aware of the tale is half the battle won.

How are you going to cut it off?

1) Just decide

Some of the tales, no matter how dominant they’ve been in your mind, for however long, can be simply decided against. Just do it. Cut it off. “This tale is no longer mine. I am over it! There are more precious things I can spend my time thinking about.” Each time that tale appears again you can laugh that you now recognise it and give it the drop-kick each and every time until it doesn’t come back.

2) Physically cut it off

You may find your own way to physically removing that old tale. Some people write the words on a piece of paper and then set fire to it and watch it go up in flames. (Let’s not do this midway through an Australian or Californian summer!) Others go down to the edge of the water, imagine the thought or person as something which has many ties attached to you. In your mind, take a great big sword, cut those ties and watch it float away on the wind over the water like a lost balloon. Say goodbye!

3) Swap it with a new thought

Affirmations work well for some people. This is when you notice that old tale, catch yourself and say your affirmation as a new tale in its place. This is given great power when you add emotion to the new tale seeing it as true and a part of who you are now.

For example: My teacher fondled me when I was 10, so now I can’t have a loving relationship with any man.

Swap that to: I love myself. I am worthy. I am loveable. I am equally as precious as all other Beings on this planet and attract in the perfect partner/a selection of worthy partners I can choose between who see me as loveable as well.

4) The wormhole

Sarah Biermann, a lovely coach, medium and mentor frequently talks about the Uncreate Wormhole. Here is where she takes all garbage or thoughts and feelings which don’t serve you and imagines throwing them up in the air where the Uncreate Wormhole sucks them up like a vacuum cleaner and they dissolve inside the tube. Quite fun.

There are all sorts of ways to do it. For me I use a variety – whatever feels right at the time.

What’s also important is to not try and cut the whole tail off at once. Take it easy on yourself. Notice the tale that is serving you least and just work on cutting that one off. Then celebrate once it’s gone.

What may not work about celebrating in this new epoch is that we remember less and less of our tail anyway. If I am living completely in the moment, sometimes I couldn’t even tell you what I did the day before. So celebrating may not always work but you can certainly feel how RIGHT NOW you are walking forward a little easier and lighter with a shorter tail to hold you back.

What other ways do you use to cut off the tales?

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