19 Dec 2013

A new perspective and Drop it meditation technique

19 Dec 2013

drop it meditation techniqueMeditation is a curious thing. Many of us sit there for hours desperately trying to think of nothing. But, of course, the “nothing” we think of is “something” so we get no result apart from frustration that there’s no result.

The advice I’d been given for those times when you can’t quiet the mind is to “drop it”.

“Drop it” Meditation technique

I thought I would try this with a very simple visualisation which you can try too. It only takes a minute. I would see myself on top of the highest building in the city, up on the roof where I could bend to look over the edge at the streets below.

I would hold my hands outstretched in front of me and load them with all my current thoughts and emotions. It might be the feeling of frustration, self doubt, confusion, something I didn’t finish at work, a conversation that didn’t go well last weekend… whatever is on your mind.

Once you see them all loaded up in your hands, simply let them drop. Now watch them fall, fall, fall and splat in a little cloud of dust on the pavement way below. Then open your arms, lift your eyes and take a deep breath.

What does it feel like to NOT have those thoughts and emotions? You are relieved of them. They are not there anymore.

You don’t need to feel happy, excited or anything overly positive. Just feel the emptiness of removing the negative stuff and the busy-ness so you can quiet your mind. By doing this and taking yourself back to neutral you are now a lot more open and ready to hear your intuition for answers to your questions.

I’ve found it works well.

Let me know in the comments section below what results you get.

My new view of the world

The other day I felt compelled suddenly to go to my room for a quick meditation in the middle of the afternoon. I sat down and almost instantly moved into a very deep state where I saw in my mind’s eye something amazing. All my studies through this year and last were filled with phrases like “we are all one” and “we are one with the earth”. Quantum Physicists talk about every atom in the Universe being 99.9999999999999% – or thereabouts – energy and only a tiny bit of matter – ie. the actual chemical element – whizzing around inside that little sphere of energy.

That meditation day I saw it as it had been explained. Everything around me, my bed behind me, the drawers in front of me, the floorboards and earth below etc, even my own body, all as SPACE with the matter barely visible. As if I had stopped time and the matter had stopped whizzing around pretending to be solid.

To see the floor I was sitting on as “space” was a little weird and I had to check several times to see if I could still feel it pressed against my bum and ankles.

I couldn’t see very far. Like being in a sphere myself about as far as my arms could reach. That size view was probably more than enough for me to manage anyway. Any bigger a view would have blown my mind.

Since then, whenever I focus my mind into the present moment I am reminded of that meditation. With every atom being mostly energy which is connected and affected by the energy in neighbouring atoms, I see clearly in the Theory of Law of Attraction how loving thoughts, doubtful thoughts, fear or anger affect everything around us. Everything! Not just people, but plants, animals, solid objects, technology…

You can see why so much tends to fall apart and go wrong when we choose to be in a bad mood; and why extraordinary “luck” can come our way when we sustain a high vibe like when we’ve heard some good news or are newly in love.

Making the choice to lift your thoughts into the positive makes a far deeper impression on your surroundings and the life you create than you could possibly imagine.

Life changing stuff…

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