The Alchemy of True Success: Book Launch Bonus

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Congratulations on purchasing ‘The Alchemy of True Success’ by Jaden Sterling.

We know you will get many insights from this expert author. Once you’re finished, we encourage you to review his book on Amazon and other book review sites to help spread the word.

4 Minute Break water meditation music CD and mp3

As a bonus for your purchase we have offered you two tracks from one of our upcoming CDs ‘4 Minute Break: Water’.

The tracks are designed to use in the middle of a busy day to give you a mini-meditation. Four minutes to calm down, clear your mind and find your intuition again so you can cope better with the rest of the day.

The Alchemy of True Success is very much about training you to choose your mindset and using Law of Attraction to draw in all that you desire. Here on the Kitegirl Coach website we’ve studied for many years now how powerfully you can change everything in your life using these same principles.

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By consciously choosing your mindset on any given topic, be it your health, income, happiness or love life, it will start changing immediately.

Things just start falling into place.

Some things you’ll see straight away, other things take time to arrive and once they do, you’ll marvel at how their journey started towards you from the moment you asked for them.

Buying ‘The Alchemy of True Success’ is taking a big step in the right direction. Good for you!

As back up to that book, we can help you too.

What more can Kitegirl offer you?

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Download your FREE tracks here

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Please exercise caution when listening while doing activities which require your full attention.

cheers, Kitegirl Coach 🙂

2 Time out

10 Lake of perspective

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